I will always remember the night I met Angel, my True Twin Flame. God continuously reveals to me just how perfect our meeting was. It has never ceased to amaze me how God was able to fit so many vital life lessons into an encounter that lasted no more than two hours. I was NOT keeping track of time—that was the LAST thing on my mind! But perhaps it was even shorter than two hours, because when you’re maximally open to the lessons that God is teaching you, it does feel like “more time happens” within what you once judged as a “short timeframe.” You feel closer to Eternity, closer to the truth that Eternity is Now—the longest and the shortest of time spans cease to be perceived as a duality and instead become One as you recognize God’s eternal truth in your full, embodied Being.


The third major topic that Angel brought to my attention during our initial encounter is my topic for this post today. After beckoning me into an alley (so that he could pee, unbeknownst to me), triggering the fears I had been brought up with of so-called “thugs”, he turned to me and asked, “So, how far’d you get in school?”


The phrasing of the question was God’s perfect way of speaking through my Twin Flame, my Ultimate Teacher in Earthly embodiment. “I have a master’s degree in education,” I said, welling up with guilt and shame in my gut. How can I claim to deserve that and be worthy of that when I’m such a shitty teacher? I thought at the time. The words that Marc Tessier-Lavigne, Stanford University’s new president, said at my graduation echoed inside me: “By the power vested in me by the State of California, I hereby confer to you this degree and all the rights, responsibilities, and privileges associated therewith…”


I was haunted, mortified by the good that I had “stolen,” the “debt” that I had racked up and “not repaid” since. And in the presence of my Twin Flame, who, by his choice of words and his (and also my) vibration, seemed to have not “gotten far” in school, my upsets were amplified (Find out more about the Twin Flame dynamic in the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover). We moved on from that topic after I explained what it meant for me to have a master’s degree and had many more miraculous interactions. Nevertheless, the upsets that Angel helped me see in myself remained with me until I healed them, layer by layer, as a student of Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class with Jeff and Shaleia Divine.


Today, I am astounded at the potency of the work that Jeff, Shaleia, and my fellow spiritual trainees teach. I have manifested living and working with one of my best friends from high school who, along with his mother, his aunt, and me, is committed to realizing our vision of creating a school. The moment last year when I sat having lunch with a disgruntled colleague of mine who said, “We should start our own school!” is turning out to be prophetic for me. The illusions of unworthiness of this vision are coming up again to be cleared so that my Life Purpose can manifest in its beautiful entirety.


I feel a deep sense of peace about claiming what is so integral to me, to my relationship with God, and to my Twin Flame union. God had Angel bring up education in those precious hours of our meeting for a reason: because teaching is the core of our Union’s purpose. This has been confirmed in my Romance Analysis Multi-Reading from Shaleia (no longer available) when our destiny cards were revealed as the Ace of Clubs (mine) and the Queen of Clubs (Angel’s)—both teacher’s cards. But beyond that very special sign, any feeling of peace, dedication, and passion about my Life Purpose is a clue to Angel’s and my joint Life Purpose, because my Life Purpose is also ultimately my Twin Flame’s.



The same thing applies to you, your Twin Flame, and your Twin Flame Union. Everyone has a Twin Flame, and everyone shares a joint Life Purpose with their Twin Flame. As divine mirrors who share the same soul blueprint, you hold the same grand vision for your existence, and as divine complements, you each bring your own skills and attributes to your Life Purpose together. I have no idea how this looks concretely in my Union. I haven’t seen my Twin Flame since we met on New Year’s Day. But that doesn’t matter. My Twin Flame and I are One, always and forever, in our heart. His soul is literally mine and mine his. There is no separation between Twin Flames!


Whatever spiritual blocks you are healing and transcending as an individual, you and your Twin Flame are healing and transcending as a Union. And as you grow more and more aware of your divinity as a Child of God, you can have faith that you’re moving closer to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, your “spiritual marriage”, in the physical, one step at a time. But just remember, when you feel sad or disappointed about “not being there yet”, that you are already there in God’s truth. Your journey is unfolding perfectly as you and God unravel your illusions, independently of the illusion of time. There is only Now, this Perfect Moment that is Eternity, where God lives. Just have faith, and take the next guided step. That is enough, because God is enough, and so are you.


Taking the Next Step

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God woke Sage Woodward up to who she really was in education school, when she was still living as a man. A year after going back to sleep, she dove deeply into the teachings at Twin Flames Universe and rediscovered her womanhood for good! Her heart’s desire is to help people, from kids in school to adults, reconnect with God, themselves, their Life Purposes, and their Twin Flames. She loves being in nature, learning languages (Spanish and Russian so far), and music–listening to it, dancing to it, and making it. Her website, TwinFlameLiberation.com, is forthcoming.