Why is it so important to feel your feelings to get into your Twin Flame Union? What is “Twin Flame numbing,” anyway? Learn what it means to “numb out,” and what you can do if this is happening in your life.

Twin Flame Numbing

To put it simply, numbing is when you can’t feel something within yourself. In order to be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union, you need to feel yourself completely at the Core. You need to acknowledge how you really feel.

Most of us on the planet have numbed out to how we really feel inside, and it usually starts in childhood. If a hypothetical child is told off for talking loudly and animatedly in a classroom, she might have misinterpreted her teacher’s reprimand, “Stop talking, this isn’t an appropriate time,” to mean, “Don’t share your gift, don’t shine your light, stuff it within and never bring it out again.” Then, this hypothetical child becomes angry and frustrated because she wants to express her gift, but now she made a choice not to, and so her rising anger numbs out the feeling of being blocked. As the anger builds, she doesn’t want to be angry anymore, so she becomes depressed. Then she decides that she doesn’t want to be depressed, so she puts a fake smile on her face. Do you recognize yourself somewhere in this story?

If so, you’re in good company. Most of us don’t realize this is happening, even though we all have this problem. Some are visibly struggling because they are numbed out to a huge degree. Others might look like normal, healthy, happy people, but even they are numbed out somewhere within. Jeff and Shaleia discuss numbing out and their potent spiritual technique for resolving it, the Mirror Exercise, in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

The Mirror Exercise and Twin Flame Numbing

What makes numbing tricky is that you won’t feel the blocked emotion. You probably won’t even know it’s there! To begin benefiting from the Mirror Exercise, Jeff and Shaleia have a decree for you. Say this out loud from the center of your heart:

“I choose now to feel all my feelings. It is safe for me to feel my feelings.”

This begins the path of feeling. When you say this decree with the consent of your open heart, a healing will unfold.

Remember, you might not be aware that you are disconnected from your emotions, but your numbness will still be blocking you. That’s why the Mirror Exercise is so powerful. The Mirror Exercise helps you identify the places where you are numbed out. Even when you don’t feel the trauma that you are numbed out to, the Mirror Exercise lets you discover these hidden emotions by revealing what upsets you in your external reality. Then the Mirror Exercise takes you one step forward at a time into your perfect Good with your perfect Creator, and you will be able to identify those places within yourself that have become numbed out. Be willing to be really present and patient with yourself as you feel through these old wounds.

The Consequences of Twin Flame Numbing

It’s really hard to be in Union with God, yourself and your Twin Flame if you are numbed out. If you refuse to feel your feelings then your Union will disintegrate, because your Twin Flame will reflect the places within yourself that you are numbed out to. Numbness will just create havoc, discomfort, and upset, which does not lead to a sustainable Twin Flame Union. “Twin Flame numbing” ends and your Union thrives when you choose to feel those uncomfortable feelings. Give yourself permission to feel whatever comes up, and do not judge your emotions. Then these old emotions will be released and gone forever.

For example, Shaleia used to be one of those spiritual people who thought anger was “bad.” But when Shaleia realized that she felt very imbalanced, she gave herself permission to just be pissed off. Shaleia remembers spending up to a whole day just being really angry, and she noticed that releasing that anger felt really good. Releasing anger can feel like you’re sitting in an upset, but the emotion is coming up to flow out. This is different from wallowing in the anger, which can become self-perpetuating.

Emotional Management vs Twin Flame Numbing

As you enter Twin Flame Union, and even afterwards, it is important that you should be willing to let your Twin Flame go through whatever it is they need to go through. Be willing to have deep compassion and be present with them. Don’t attach to how they are acting in the moment. Only stay with the feelings you feel in your heart. If you are upset, you heal it for yourself. If you’re not upset about anything and your Twin Flame is ranting away, let them. That’s unconditional love. This is your Twin Flame here! You don’t need to set boundaries with them as you would with a soulmate. You don’t need to be hyperaware of the balance in your Twin Flame Union either, like cutting the check 50/50 as you would with a soulmate. That’s actually control, and that’s not necessary with your Ultimate Lover.

God created your Union perfectly, because God will only bring you your perfect Good. Your Twin Flame is also just one part of the grander journey of the Ascension process, which is you becoming One in Perfect Union with God. When you’re in Union with God, with your Good, and with your Twin Flame, there is no balancing act like there is in the old relationship blueprints. The dynamics of a Twin Flame Union are outlined in more detail in Jeff and Shaleia’s e-Courses.  

For example, Jeff and Shaleia don’t divide chores and tally up the work on a whiteboard. They tried it in the beginning, before they got into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, because they thought that was the way to keep a relationship balanced. But this created so much upset that they threw that idea out! They decided to divide household chores by just saying to each other, “If you feel moved to something, then please do it. If you don’t, it’s fine.”

When Jeff and Shaleia released control, they noticed that everything would get done perfectly and nobody felt taken advantage of. The control and balance of a Twin Flame Union is in God’s hands. When you give your Twin Flame Union to God, perfection returns back to you, always.

Partnership in a Twin Flame Union happens in Love, not control. One morning, for example, Shaleia asked Jeff to take care of their dog Charlie, because she needed to do some work. She did not say, “It’s your turn to take care of Charlie.” This was an instance of open communication, not of balancing chores. In a Union you will only do what you are called to do, and Love moves through you to communicate with your Twin Flame.

To experience this joy, perfection and peace in Twin Flame Union, it is worth it to connect to your “negative” emotions instead of numbing out.

Feel Your Feelings, Claim your Twin Flame!

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Transcribed from the video “TWIN FLAME NUMBING!?? (is this happening to YOU?)” by Jeff and Shaleia.