So, you want to catch your Twin Flame runner. But chasing after them is beginning to feel very exhausting, isn’t it? Maybe a little frustrating as well? Many of us are or have experienced this at some point along the journey. It’s often known as the runner/chaser dynamic and it’s not a very loving or enjoyable pattern to be in. 

So how do you get out? How do you finally end this vicious cycle and be with your beloved Twin Flame

The solution is very juicy and the truth behind this dynamic may shock you.

What Is The Runner/Chaser Dynamic?

As briefly mentioned before, in the runner/chaser dynamic it looks like one Twin Flame is running away while the other chases after them. But what’s actually going on within us when we experience this dynamic in our external reality?

Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror. This means they will reflect all of the healed and unhealed parts of your one shared consciousness to you as well as the choices being made in your Union.

So if Twin Flames mirror each other and make the same core choices, how can one be running while the other is chasing? Well, they can’t. One Twin Flame can’t run while the other chases because this would mean they are making a different core choice. It only appears this way when we see ourselves as separate from our Twin Flame.

man in the water being pensive

The truth is, your Twin Flame desires to be with you as much as you desire to be with them. They love you very deeply and because they love you they have brought this pattern to your attention.

There is no chaser in the runner/chaser dynamic. You are not chasing your Twin Flame, you are running from yourself and they are mirroring that to you.

This may seem a little difficult to process at first and that’s okay. Take your time and be compassionate with yourself as you come into this new awareness of your experience. 

You actually are the Twin Flame runner. 

There is great healing for you here and an opportunity to love yourself even more. You have the power to heal and claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. 

Let’s go deeper and look at how you could be running from yourself.

“How Could I Be Running From Myself?”

Because Twin Flames make the same core choices there can’t be one runner and one chaser. This doesn’t make sense. 

You may wonder, but how can I be running from myself? 

There are many ways we can run from ourselves. An example is trying to get something from your Twin rather than giving it to yourself. It simply means there is something being avoided. 

We’re running from our own love and authenticity due to a fear of being in Union. This fear results in pushing your Twin Flame away and in turn they reflect this back to you. 

This pattern can be healed by using the Mirror Exercise to identify the places within yourself you are running from and give yourself love. Because Twin Flames are One and choose as One, you will find when you stop running from yourself they will reflect that to you. 

This doesn’t always happen immediately, though. Sometimes there are layers to an upset we are experiencing. You may find upon realizing this pattern that there are many places within yourself you are running from and that’s okay.  It’s important to move through each layer and love yourself. By doing this you will continue to feel better, deepen the love within yourself, and become closer to your Twin Flame. 

It’s important not to judge your reality by how it looks externally, what’s important is how you feel. Feeling is a very important piece of attracting your Twin Flame. Don’t resist the love within yourself, it is the key to healing this pattern.

The Feeling You Really Seek Is Within You

Your upsets will not go away when your Twin Flame stops running, they dissolve when you heal them and give yourself the love you need. Your Twin Flame coming back will not solve your problems. All we are ever searching for is love and you can give love to yourself. When you love yourself, your Twin Flame will reflect that love back to you. 

Nothing outside of you can make you feel better and you don’t need your Twin Flame to be next to you in order to feel good.

Everything you need and desire is within you. This journey is about healing and loving yourself. When we do this we dissolve the upsets we’re experiencing and find we already had everything we’ve been searching for. 

There’s no controlling your Twin Flame into Union and no amount of chasing after and grasping for them will make them come back. That is a very repulsive energy. There is a much better, easier and juicier way, attraction.

twin flames cuddling

“How Do I Attract My Twin Flame?”

By romancing yourself!

That is how you attract your Twin Flame. They can’t resist the real, authentic you, especially when you’re loving yourself.

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In the Romance Attraction e-Course, attraction is defined as: uniting by drawing in or inviting in the energy that you desire to have in or experience in your life. We cannot have intimacy with another if we aren’t intimate with ourselves. 

To have love you must give love. You can actually repel your Twin Flame with the energy of not loving yourself. Anything that you desire to have in life must first come from within you because that is where your source of supply is. Your Twin Flame naturally returns to your life as you love and romance yourself.

So, do you want to continue chasing after your Twin Flame while running from yourself or do you want to stop and give yourself everything you desire right now?

“How Is Loving Myself Attractive To My Twin Flame?”

Loving yourself is attractive to your Twin Flame because you aren’t trying to get anything from them. By giving yourself the love you need, that pressure is taken off your Twin Flame and they are given the freedom to just be themselves. In turn you are given that freedom as well. Freedom is knowing all that you need is within you and because of this you don’t need anyone else to fulfill your needs. 

Love never forces and is very intelligent, giving what you need and only what you need. The romance we desire exists purely within ourselves. This romance is then given and received within our Union, becoming externalized. Divine romance is a state of consciousness and so is harmony with your Twin Flame. Deepen the romance within yourself, that love is magnetic.

When you stop running and love yourself, you become magnetic to your Twin Flame. Romantic attraction is about self-love and seeing yourself as lovable and loving yourself as you are. This will attract love and romance to you because you are returning to your natural state of being.

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Harmonious Twin Flame Union is inevitable. You can find joy in the journey by loving yourself and you will attract more love to you, and this includes your Twin Flame. Read our free Twin Flame Ascension introductory course and begin your journey home to your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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