Let us explore the meaning of a karmic relationship together; I am confident that by the end of this article, your dread of a karmic relationship will have subsided. The term karmic is derived from the Sanskrit word karma (Karman). Karma is defined as action. A karmic Relationship is any relationship that involves any form of activity, whether cognitively, physically, emotionally, spiritually, or energetically. In a karmic relationship, there is nothing to be afraid of. As I already stated, all relationships include acts. Every partnership is a karmic relationship. What acts you take in accordance with karma law will result in the same reaction. It is quite simple. What you give will be returned to you. This law applies to both self- and other-relationships.

Let’s start with yourself: if you sit, remain silent, or sleep, you are doing actions or karma on autopilot. Let me demonstrate using examples: Blood flow continues within veins, it’s an action, your heart is beating, you’re breathing, and so on, so even when you’re not doing anything, you’re performing actions or karma. You are living as a result of that karma. Similarly, whether you are thinking of someone, conversing with someone, or feeling for someone in any manner, you are engaging in karma with that person. That is a karmic connection.

This awareness displays all of our energy acts in our unconscious mind, and as a result, we vibrate on low or high vibrations. We draw experiences into our lives based on our vibration. Also, make our goals a reality. Inner work can help you cure your unconscious tendencies.

How is the Twin Flame relationship different from other relationships?

Yes, because all relationships entail acts or karma, they are all karmic. The foundations of your Twin Flame relationship are unconditional love for the Divine, yourself, and your Twin Flame.

Yes, the Twin Flame relationship is unique because you and your Twin Flame are fundamentally one because you share the same consciousness and soul blueprint. The rules of karmic relationships apply here as well, although in different ways. Here are the activities or karma you will execute on yourself as a reflection or reward from your Twin Flame.

It is critical in the Twin Flame relationship to cultivate an unconditional loving relationship with oneself through the inner work. According to karma law, your relationship with yourself will be reflected in your relationship with your Twin Flame. Because you always have the same basic options. The key to the Twin Flame relationship is self-love and inner work. To get in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, you can begin inner work with the Mirror Exercise.

The choices have power to change old karma’s effect & manifest all good.

Karma starts with your choices. The secret to making good karma is to start making healthy choices. Your choices are more powerful than any karma or contract. You can make healthy choices, create new reality and manifest all good in your life. With your healthy choices, you can break through from your old karma or actions that have a bad effect on your life. In the same way, breakthrough from those karmic bonds not serving you. To learn how to do this easily, you can claim support from TFAS (Twin Flame Ascension School) and our Certified Ascension coaches. Taking support is strength.

karmic relationship's meaning

The definition of a karmic relationship

Earth is a school where all souls come to learn and grow more quickly. Learning and growth are slow, as they are in other dimensions, because there is no contrast. The core desire of all souls is to be in permanent Harmonious Union with their True Twin Flame and, together, to be in Permanent Harmonious Union with God. To fulfill this fundamental desire, souls must achieve pure consciousness by transmuting everything that is not in harmony with the divine. We are born on Earth during this process. We attract people and circumstances into our lives that are exactly in alignment with our current inner vibration and choices. To reflect and transmute them in order to align with our Divine Self. Overcoming and finding the karmic relationship’s meaning is one step closer to our Permanent Harmonious Union.

What is past life debt? How to get free from it?

The soul is timeless. Our souls have many incarnations on Earth. To be free of the cycle of birth and rebirth, souls must achieve Moksha, or perfect union with God. To get there, we need to work on purifying our consciousness. Twin Flames mirror each other’s choices based on love or fear to make this process easier. Healing becomes simple once we gain awareness.

Clearance of all aspects of our consciousness, such as learned beliefs, ancestral patterns, and choices, is referred to as clearing of past debt.

Because all of these places in our consciousness are the result of our previous choices. Which we have created in previous lives or in this life. Whatever we learned, adopted, or accepted that is not in alignment with our Divine authentic self is referred to as a soul debt. Which is easily removed by purifying our consciousness. The inner work has already helped so many students of this teaching.

Are karmic relationships meant to be together?

Only your True Twin Flame relationship is meant to be together for this lifetime and eternity as a best friend, student, teacher, ultimate lover, and partner. All other relationships are subject to change. Some people can stay for a lifetime or a few lifetimes, but not forever. Some people are unable to remain in their current lifetime. As their mission is to complete unfinished business or karma in your life so that you can be in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. The faster you purify your consciousness, and find out the karmic relationship’s meaning, the faster you will ascend in your journey. It will benefit other people involved because they will be free from you for their Twin Flame. You can begin your inner journey here, with Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

Do karmic partners mirror each other?

Yes, karmic partners and everything around you mirror your inner choices to help you get in your awareness. https://youtu.be/zlO04gAqlP4?si=6MpxS2NtVevtZGMF. Accordingly, you can work on them and get free to experience your highest good in all fields of your life.

Why are you stuck in a karmic relationship?

To get free from and understand a karmic relationship’s meaning, you need to understand the main lesson here. God is the source of your good not this person or this karmic relationship. Yes, you are stuck in a karmic relationship because somewhere you are making this relationship is the source for your good.

See where you do karma or actions with this person in a relationship to get in exchange your good from them. As you are feeling powerless there. Instead of claiming your good from God, and making God is the source of your good. You have made this person as your source.

Once you will heal this, you will find it easy to come out of this karmic relationship. Which was based on a barter system of give and take not on unconditional love. In this way you will help them also to understand God is the source of their good not you.

How to break free from a karmic relationship?

The key to breaking free from a karmic relationship is healing with inner work. Everything and all relationships in our life are the mirror or reflection of our inner world. Wherever you go through any positive or negative experience, first accept it reflects your inner world. All negative experiences will trigger you to release all your negative feelings, habits, beliefs, and choices that brought these experiences into your life. You can get free from those relationships by learning the lessons they have presented in front of you by making the choice to heal yourself and get free. For example: if you experience others not understanding you, you can see where you are not understanding your needs or your feelings or requirements. When you start understanding your needs, feelings, and requirements. It will reflect in your outer world means people will start understanding you and those who are not will leave you. You will feel comfortable leaving them or keeping healthy boundaries with them naturally easily. All of this helps with also finding out this karmic relationship’s meaning.

Healing: Healing means to release all those energies that no longer serve you for your highest good. You can start your healing with inner work.

Inner work: Inner work means working on your inner vibrations to raise them to get in vibration of your highest good.

Mirror/reflection: Mirror or reflection means what you believe for yourself or choose for yourself consciously or unconsciously the same as you experience in the outer world.

I invite you to claim your power back to you with healthy choices and claim your freedom from everything, which no longer serves you for your highest good.

karmic relationship's meaning

Written by Komal Aravind

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