Navigating your way through the Twin Flame Challenges on your Path to your Harmonious Union is meant to be very natural and gentle. You are being asked to take God’s hand as he leads you along your path towards you Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union between your Divine Masculine and your Divine Feminine.


It’s simple, it’s peaceful, it’s calm; you are taking a walk with your Creator and Creator of all things.


How could that be fearful?

How could that be chaotic?

How could that be confusing?

How could anything go wrong?


You make it these things when you let go of God’s hand, when you decide to go off on your own or completely take matters upon yourself. That is not what you’re meant to do on this journey. God leads you very gently all along the way when you surrender; that is what you experience when you allow yourself to be led by God. All of the confusion and fear is what you experience when you attempt to lead yourself.


This does not mean that your journey will be without Twin Flame Challenges. A Twin Flame Challenge is a call to summon skill and strength. The Mirror Exercise as detailed in Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover shows you how to slice through any Twin Flame Challenge like butter. The challenge is always achievable, it is only your fear and reluctance to move forward that makes you think otherwise. People with very low will and resolve tend to give up incredibly easy when presented the slightest challenge, let alone the numerous challenges that one faces on their Twin Flame Journey. You have to make the choice above all else to commit to yourself and your Union.


The Twin Flame Challenges you are presented with are not given to you in order to dissuade you from continuing and moving forward. Instead, they are given to you so that you can complete them. They are given to you so that you can see for yourself that you can be victorious. They are given to you for you to realize that you can do it and you can succeed. This journey is designed to make you into a spiritual master.


What better way would there be for you to realize that you can accomplish anything, even things you never thought you could, other than by showing yourself you can by actually doing it for yourself? By working through a challenge and becoming victorious. The only thing that would prevent that victory is you. You tell yourself that challenge is too great for you, and so it is. You’re right. You tell yourself you can work through any challenge, and so it is. You’re right. See the difference?


No one that has ever gone on to achieve greatness did so without overcoming many, many great challenges. Make no mistake here, achieving Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is an achievement like no other. Unrivaled. It is achieving permanent harmony with God. You have to face and overcome Twin Flame Challenges so that you can come to realize that you are capable of greatness. You are capable of having and achieving greatness. Each challenge you overcome strengthens you, sharpens your skills and prepares you for the next step.


You cannot move onto the next Twin Flame Challenge without completing the one you’re on because you have not achieved the skill set necessary to do so. Each completion is a piece to the puzzle. Those puzzle pieces may seem ridiculous at times or maybe not even related to your journey, but they are. You don’t see the big picture, but God sees. God knows what you need and how you need it in order to complete your journey. Your job is to trust that and deal with whatever challenge is directly in front of you. Not following through is choosing to not show up for yourself or your Union.  


There is tremendous power in having the will to move forward under any and all conditions and to not give up on yourself or your Union. It’s stable, it builds trust with God when you are committed, and you aren’t wavering in and out.


How can God bestow to you such an extraordinary gift if you are often teeter tottering on choosing to quit or move forward? It would be highly irresponsible and uncompassionate of God to give you this gift of Union knowing that you are not mastered enough to sustain it, and God is neither of those things.

Each step you complete brings you closer to sustaining and mastering your Union. This is the same blueprint for anything you desire. Different things require different levels of mastery and your will to work through the challenges to achieve them. It all boils down to what you choose for yourself.


“I choose to be in permanent Harmonious Union with my true Twin Flame now.”


Going through this journey on your own can be like trying to find to find a needle in a haystack. Why would you even attempt to do that when there is a growing community of people that are all coming into their Harmonious Twin Flame Unions?


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Jason is a Twin Flame Teacher, Divine Channel, and Life Purpose Coach. He is a live Twin Flame Ascension School and Life Purpose Class student of Jeff and Shaleia. Jason continues to experience life-changing occurrences through  this work and wishes the same gains and achievements for everyone. It is his life purpose to show people the way into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, empower them to discover their truest self in order to create happiness, harmony, and balance in their life…as well as manifesting their truest desires. Jason is fortunate enough to work with people all over the world to reveal their power, dissolve fears, blocks, & upsets, identify limiting beliefs, find their life purpose and overcome obstacles within to create their perfect lives. He believes that by doing so he can bring love and harmony to the world.

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