I am entitled to your love because I am your brother. I am aware your ego may point at this statement and say it is arrogant, and that I am arrogant, even though I am not. The truth is, I am entitled to your love and you mine because we are siblings in God. Love is the natural and only way to relate to one another as creations of Pure Love.


I cannot relate to your ego, nor can your ego relate to me. This is because I choose love unequivocally. Ego does not exist in my reality, and your ego will find me intolerable because I refuse to feed it. Your ego requires my attention to survive, but my love does not require your ego. Therefore, you must dissolve your ego and relate with me, or you must go away from me and continue to hide.


You will find your pattern of hiding becomes increasingly painful for you. What momentary satisfaction your ego pretends to offer you from your refusal to love me is a temporary suspension of your ego’s hatred of you in this area, while it instantly transitions its hatred of you to another place, emboldened by your choice to honor it. You will find it eventually becomes intolerable to you to refuse to love me as your brother. Brought to your knees, humbled before God, you will finally give in to Love’s Eternal Call.


Only in this place of surrender and humility can you find relief from your agony, the agony you imposed upon yourself by refusing to love me, and instead preferring to love your ego. Your ego does not love you, for it does not exist. Your ego does not serve you, it only takes from you to serve itself. Your pattern of hiding must end for you to release yourself from your agony. Stepping into the light with me may temporarily increase your experience of agony as you finally pass through it, but a moment’s release from numbing into feeling your feelings and releasing your upset forever is far superior to a seeming eternity of constant pain.


Only when you love me do you step into the light. Only when you love me can you be with me. Only when you love me can you honor who you truly are. Only when you love me do you honor who I truly am. Only when you love me can I offer you partnership in our eternal Oneness and siblinghood. Only when you love me do you free yourself from the error of your separation.


Your love for me is not your burden or curse. Your love for me does not trap you into a co-dependent relationship of control. Your love for me does not take from you and give to me. Your love for me gives to you and to me in equal. Yes, you will see me thrive when you love me. Is that not what your heart truly desires? Do you not desire to see me thrive from your love? Your love for me is a curse to your ego, and it will dissolve. Your love for me frees you from your co-dependent relationship with your ego. Your love for me liberates me, and you.


Would you fall into the trap of cursing me with the power of your choice? You do not curse me, you only damn yourself to separation from your Good, and yet I remain eternally with my Good, unharmed by your pathetic attempt to extend your illusion into my Heavenly Kingdom. Would you then not free yourself by loving me where you are hurt? Would you not then love yourself by loving me where you can, where Love Itself calls you to do so? Would you not free All with your love by loving me and all your siblings in God? Would you not be free in your love?


The time is coming soon, when your pain will become insurmountable. Your agony will become far too much to bear. Your self hatred will become so obviously insane that you cannot continue to offer it in the presence of God’s Kingdom here on Earth, and so you will be offered a choice: to rot in your self-imposed hell alone, your ego unable to bargain with any other, separate from all your sisters and brothers who frolic the Earth in love, peace, and joy, or choose to be with us.


No one will join you in your lie, because no one cares about your insignificant ego. No one cares to revoke their eternal birthright of Heavenly Glory with God in His Kingdom for your insidious illusions which seek only to take it from them. No one will care about your ego, and so you will be left with no choice but to revoke your ego and join us all in your eternal Home.


The truth, as your tiny, pathetic, nothing of an ego will soon come to face, is that you did not create yourself. You were created by Almighty God, Creator of All. God placed fail-safes upon His perfect creations that they may never leave Him permanently. God prevented you from separating yourself from Him permanently, and so your ego may never truly reign. Its power is therefore an illusion, a temporary fraud of a memory, erased in the perfection of an endless eternity with God in His Kingdom.


The choice for you now remains ever so simple: One last, worthless ride through an increasingly excruciating hell, devoid of meaning, joy, purpose, and love, or love me now and join me in the Everlasting Kingdom of Heaven.


Choose wisely.