The beauty and relief of reading Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover and subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School is that Jeff and Shaleia guarantee miracles if you follow the teachings of Union. That doesn’t just mean the miracle of your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. It means all of the miracles of ascension.

Why is this possible?

A miracle is an act of God, where in a specific moment, a prayer is answered. You’ll hear yourself go, “Oh my Gosh! That was a miracle!”

When you come from a place of unity consciousness, meaning you’ve healed your ego, that means you’ve stopped believing in your ego and you completely relate only to your Divine Self. Then, a miracle is just reality. A miracle only exists in duality consciousness. Isn’t that interesting? Because a miracle is divine, but when you move into a state of Heaven, or miracle consciousness, life is just life. Life is a constant miracle!

Start seeing miracles as normal. An act of God is only a miracle when you have adopted duality consciousness, when you are acting from ego, and you only have these openings where the Divine can work through you. Then you are amazed and you think it’s a miracle. But for someone who is free of the ego, that is everyday life.

Yes, the teachings of Twin Flame Ascension School can turn your everyday life into a series of daily miracles! The reason why people freak out when Jeff and Shaleia give a written guarantee of Harmonious Twin Flame Union is because they are guaranteeing a miracle. Whether you take one of their eCourses, or subscribe to their ascension school, or read their book, Jeff and Shaleia can guarantee your miracles if you follow the teachings of Union.

Remember that you and your Twin Flame choose together as one. If God could guarantee Jeff and Shaleia’s Union, why can’t He guarantee yours?

There is only one thing that is not guaranteed: ego. That is because ego is illusion (meaning, it doesn’t actually exist!). You have the power of choice and if you are not choosing Harmonious Union, if you are not going to go all the way and choose love in your life, then there is no guarantee that you will have miracles such as Harmonious Union.

How do you get there?

Let’s go deeper into Twin Flames and the nature of miracles by discussing The Way. A frequently asked question in Jeff and Shaleia’s ascension school is, “What is The Way?”

The Way is God.

Jesus would say, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” They are all the same thing! God is the Presence behind all of that. The statement “I am” is the Presence. That’s God. The presence of God is everywhere: in your lights, in your heart, in your feelings, in this video, in your computer, in the water, in the air, in the smile of a child, etc. That Presence is everywhere you go, everywhere you look, everything you feel, everything you do, every experience, and everything for all of eternity. It is an aware, creative Presence. It’s God.

Now, on top of that creative Presence is love, and truth, and the Way. How does the Way relate to the nature of miracles?

To get into Harmonious Twin Flame Union you must take The Way. Jeff and Shaleia describe this in their book as the magical thread you can follow throughout your life. It is God, it is God’s divine guidance. It’s a feeling, it’s a pull, it’s a knowing. It’s an understanding, it is a relationship that you have with your Creator, that Divine Presence that is there with you always. People say, “I can feel God watching over me all the time.” That’s good, but try to feel God connecting with you all of the time, too!

Here is the big secret: you must relate back to God. Relate back to that loving Presence which provides for you everything, including and especially your Harmonious Union. You must let go. You must give up your control to this Presence. Jeff and Shaleia are not the Presence. They have that Presence within them just as you have the Presence within yourself. That Presence is everything. Jeff and Shaleia are expressions and extensions of that Presence, but so is their dog, and so are their pillows!

The nature of miracles and living in miracle consciousness requires that you relate to that Presence in everything, all the time. You can talk to or communicate with this Divine Presence or God, and listen when God speaks back. Listen to that guidance and take that guidance upon you!

God is not going to give you more than you can do. God is not going to invite you to bite off more than you can chew. It is always appropriate. If you call in something big then be bold when God gives you something big to do. If you are calling in something small, be willing to let that be it and do it instead of trying to claim the big thing when you are only able to do the small thing. Do what is possible for you by doing what God is inviting you to do in the moment.

Jeff and Shaleia had a student at Twin Flame Ascension School who had the same big issue for months and they talked about The Way. That student spoke to God about their problem and asked what they should do, and God said, “Do this thing.” And the student did as God said, and resolved the problem all at once! The student listened to God and got the results. That is a miracle and that is miracle consciousness. That is the path to your Twin Flame Union, and eventually, your Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union: it is God. You must walk hand in hand in Union with God to have Union with God’s child, your Divine Complement.

Are you ready to claim your life of miracles? Let us help you into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Join our spiritual community by subscribing to Twin Flame Ascension School, or help yourself first with a consultation from one of our expert Twin Flame coaches.

Transcribed from the video “TWIN FLAME UNION AND THE NATURE OF MIRACLES” by Jeff & Shaleia.