Sagittarius full Moon… a time of positive action!

After the chaotic eclipse season and the calmer Taurus season (the first half of it), the full Moon coming on May 23rd will have a great, positive impact on all of us. Between new ideas, career shifts and openings in love, the Sagittarius full Moon will be a great moment of breakthroughs in 2024.

Ready to learn how this will impact you? Today, I’m using the Moonology oracle card deck by Yasmin Boland.

What does the Sagittarius full Moon mean for us?

While new Moons signify new beginnings, full Moons often mean the intensification of a pattern that was already there. Some energies are at their peaks during these times. The Sagittarius full Moon will amplify the new ideas, career plans and opportunities in love that were already there.

But while these surges in energy sometimes feel overwhelming, this full Moon will help you ground and sort out your ideas. If from May 10 to May 23, you are feeling lost about your feelings for one person, go back to the reasons why you liked them in the first place. Hold your vision for your ideal relationship. The Sagittarius full Moon will help you clear the doubts and take a decision.

How will it affect your zodiac sign in love?

We talked about how intense full Moons were previously. Well, sometimes it is so intense that it prevents us from sleeping well. At least that’s my case. Full Moons sometimes mean less quality sleep for me.

Oh well, at least it leaves room for great creative ideas. All in all, it’s okay to take it slow during a full Moon. Take care of yourself, go with your natural cycles as much as you can. Listen to your body.

Your situation in love will depend on your zodiac sign and personal life path. Take what resonates for you, and apply the tools of self-love whenever you feel a block in your love life.


Aries, this looks promising! Your love life is about to take a turn on May 23rd. Because you did the work, you will now receive the fruits of your labor. A relationship you thought was over for good is coming around. This relationship is everything you have been asking for. I love this for you.


You’ve broken through the other side of your challenge, Taurus. The Sagittarius full Moon will be a moment of great victory for you. Congratulate yourself on this month of celebrations, with one last victory at the end. Your ideal partner will feel so much closer to you, now.


Gemini, just like the sign of Aries, a new cycle is approaching in love for you. But unlike the fire-y sign, you are called to let go of the pressure. Everything is working out just fine for you. Really. Give in to your heart’s peace and let go of the mind. This is the advice from a fellow Gemini.


Communication is mandatory this season. If you’re a Divine Feminine, you may want to learn to communicate with your Masculine in your heart. This is important to develop your relationship from the inside.


After a difficult year in love, you are finally out of trenches, Leo! You will attract that wonderful partner that suits you in every way. Good things are coming.


Your partner and you are calling in some time for self-love. It might be good to go on a date together. If you are single at the moment, try dating yourself. It’s a very good way to have a healthy relationship with your partner in the future.


Libra, it’s safe to explore fully all of the relationships you’re having. The Sagittarius full Moon brings a message of hope for you. The right person exists and you will be together. Such is the law of the Universe.


A difficult situation can always be overturned, Scorpio. Relationships are not set in stone. If you’ve had a difficult month, know that Union is possible at this time. Heal any false notions that you’re not good enough for love.


You’ve always had a vision for how your love life would look like, Sagittarius. And with the Sagittarius full Moon right upon us, your dreams are coming true. Have faith.


Time to relax! The challenge you were facing is naturally reaching its resolution. You can start to enjoy the fruits of this new chapter for you. Good news for Capricorns.


You are nearing the end of a period of doubt and unclarity. The more you surrender the outcome of this Sagittarius full Moon, the better this new chapter in love will go.


Pisces, you have big ideas and big dreams. Never give up, because you’ll get the answers you’ve been praying for during this full Moon. You will have a big victory in love. But before that, the Universe always testes us and how certain we are of our new choices.

Your Twin Flame love begins now

As the energy of the full Moon is picking in intensity, the pathway to your perfect lover is being paved. This is the desire that may have guided you to your Twin Flame.

If you’d like to learn exactly how to be in perfect Union with them, you can talk to an Ascension Coach and ask them all of your questions.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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