Through her dedication to greater success and joy, Nadia has recently experienced a beautiful transformation in her life. Over the last two years as she practiced healing her foundation and Life Purpose work, Nadia has faced her future head on and it definitely paid off. Every major challenge always led to a major breakthrough. Get all the juicy details to inspire the next steps toward your own life of abundance and purpose.

Opportunity Awaits

As a recent college graduate with a real estate business, it was time for Nadia to put her skills to work. She knew that the way society taught her to go through life – settling for the minimum – was not for her. But still, she put life to the test in pursuit of a supportive job. Nadia applied for entry level job after job and continued to experience rejection. She reached out for support and received life-changing guidance to “be grounded, to surrender and to be humble.” Nadia realized her priorities, saying, “I was looking at the top of the skyscraper when I needed to build the foundation.” Nadia stayed focused and finally landed a job that supported her.

A Lesson in Value

The journey did not end there. Eventually, Nadia’s approach to work caught up to her. She felt she was draining away her energy by not respecting her own time and over-committing to work, believing that her needs were not a priority. It was then that her next lesson appeared. She chose to detach herself from money and to recognize that God is her stability – not certainty in her career or income. She was faced with many more challenges in her workplace as she chose to respect herself. Over time, Nadia moved on from this unhealthy workplace… just in time to land her dream job.

Empowering Young People with Purpose

Now, Nadia focuses on her Life Purpose and helping young people to claim their health and wealth. Nadia has a deep love for personal-development, and an even deeper gratitude for the changes she’s experienced in her own young life. In New York City, Nadia is now working with underserved communities through My Brother’s Keeper, a program of the Obama Foundation. She spends her day joyfully sharing the knowledge of a stable foundation, valuing one’s self and embracing the confidence to succeed. “Everyone needs this type of learning because we don’t get it in school,” Nadia shares about her passion. Beyond the basics of budgeting, banking and planning, Nadia encourages her students to follow their joy and to honor their own energy. Her appreciation and skill in pursuing abundance with determination has set Nadia up to be the perfect guide for these students.

Beachside in Brooklyn

With these recent successes, Nadia’s dream life is just getting started. Her foundation continues to support her with her focus now on manifesting her ultimate apartment. “I’m very close to being able to comfortably afford it,” Nadia states with ease. She has her eye on a secluded beachfront property in Brooklyn and looks forward to building the life of her dreams with her Twin Flame. 

It is clear in Nadia’s story that a strong foundation with Love is the key to success. Her focus remains on these three things: staying grounded, surrendering and being humble. With this simple guidance, she has built a solid basis for her eternal Life Purpose success and is committed to valuing herself and claiming her abundance.

Interview by Angelica Lee

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