A juicy romantic relationship starts with Twin Flame healing.

Just like me, you desire to have your one true love. A love which helps you to grow spiritually and supports your Life Purpose.

A person who plays all of these roles in your life (and you in theirs): a perfect lover, partner, friend, teacher and student. Who compliments you, who is made for you. We call this person a Twin Flame.

What stops you from this beautiful, juicy and Divine relationship? It is your main core block. But you can use this Valentine’s Day in order to heal this! The energies are so high at this time, it feels like the perfect opportunity. Healing those blocks is the way to a Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, particularly around Valentine’s Day, will be a profoundly transformational experience.

The Twin Flame healing journey

We are all energy in this Universe, including you and me, our emotions, and sentiments. All these emotions and our thought process have a vibration.

When I use the term “healing,” I mean releasing energies that are no longer benefiting us or breaking through obstacles, bad patterns, and cycles that we keep repeating that are not serving our highest good.

This healing begins with your decision to choose love. As you do, you become aware of the consequences of your previous choices or decisions. These choices influence your reality today. You have the freedom to change it. Yes! You are powerful and have the ability to choose or influence your current and future situations.

You and your true Twin Flame always make the same core choices. When you choose healing and you go through the process, the same happens with your Twin Flame. You both go through healing to align with the vibration of Harmonious Union.

This whole process is called Twin Flame healing.

“Only Love is real and Love never Fails.” 

– Jeff and Shaleia

If I told you your biggest block is fear of intimacy…

Yes, intimacy. You didn’t see that one coming, uh? Let me explain.

One day, my Twin Flame decided to ghost me and go hang out with another woman. I was so upset that I blocked him. I even started feeling like someone else was my Twin Flame, because that person was giving me attention for a short while.

That situation ended up being a complete disaster. Because I thought I could have sought love outside of myself. I didn’t particularly feel attracted to either of the men, but I tried to do something about in my physical reality.

In truth, whoever my true Twin Flame was, this situation was calling for inner reflection. Why didn’t I feel particularly interested or particularly close to any of them? I was working on myself, why couldn’t I identify who was my true Twin Flame?

In truth, both people presented traits that I enjoyed in a partner, but I didn’t know much more than the surface-level stuff with any of them. They reflected to me how I didn’t know myself very well in the relationship department. I needed to have a much deeper relationship to myself there.

And once I understood what was called for (self-love and exploration, focus on myself), my true Twin Flame started seeking me out at all times. I had nothing to do, because I mastered the Twin Flame attraction process and you can, too.

Tools that help the Twin Flame healing process and boost romance

Twin Flame romance is so much easier to cultivate that what the Internet would have you believe. It is about healing yourself and making yourself a priority. Even if you’ve been healing for a while, there is always deeper to go. Remember that your Twin Flame always mirrors the next feeling to you.

The Mirror Exercise is the most powerful spiritual tool for personal transformation. It is the only tool you’ll ever need, and it’s always effective because it helps you heal what your Twin Flame just reflected to you. The healing is fast and easy when you choose it.

You can learn about it in Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

When you have a Twin Flame block, this tool is directing you to a part of your consciousness that is asking affection. Healing your upsets is entirely up to you, because you are the only one who can decide how you feel about something. This is good.

It means that no one can take away your peace and contentment. The Mirror Exercise helps you heal yourself and feel great again. While it works after just one usage, using it repeatedly produces long-term results.

How does Harmonious Twin Flame Union look and feel?

Twin Flame love is satisfying, loving, serene, and grounded. This is the easiest relationship you will ever have. Once all core blocks are healed, being with your Twin Flame gives you a wonderful sense of Oneness.

There are no insecurities or fears since they always belong to each other. This tie is forever. The Universe and Love protect this tie. The bond is filled with both Twin Flames’ Divine decisions. Divine Love makes both feel safe and protected.

When you feel your Union is unbreakable, you can put everything you’ve got and are into it. Your Union is with you on this eternal trip. This means that your Union’s possibilities are limitless, as is your partnership. There is no limit to how deeply you can invest.

We can help you get there, so start the fastest route towards Harmonious Union today.

Written by Komal Aravind and Yoreen Marcin

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