“The sum of one and one, if they’re the right ones, can be infinity!” – Richard Bach

Harmonious Union is a transformation of two beings into just one. They become One Mind, and are endowed with superhuman intelligence, and so much more. This isn’t a fantasy, it’s spiritual science. Harmonious Union is a scientific process by which you dissolve the separation from your Divine Complement, your true Twin Flame.

Just as Zeus separated earlier humans from their feminine and masculine parts because he believed them too powerful together, separation consciousness separates you from your superhuman potential. You combined with your Twin Flame is a force of God nothing can stop. You become ultimately enhanced in all ways, but there is a catch:

In order for you to be endowed with these spiritual super powers, you must give up something you believe to be very dear to you. This something is so sacred to you, you would never consider letting it go. But the Truth, is what you value is meaningless and costs you everything, including your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. You must give up your individuality. You must relinquish your choice. You must surrender your control completely. Not to your Twin Flame, but your Creator.

When you do this, as these things were not actually important to you in the first place, you can become One in Love with your Twin Flame. All things that do not matter about you disappear from your control, and you are endowed with your God given super power.

This is something Shaleia and I have come to know intimately, and take for granted in a way. Not that we are not infinitely grateful, but we have certainly become very used to the stupendous power that comes with relinquishing your mind to the Higher Mind done in Harmonious Union. Without our Union, we individually become quite stupid. This stupidity, is unfortunately the life you are living right now, free from all your true power and potential.

You may choose to use these words as a way to point at me and tell me why I make you feel incomplete. You might decide to ignore the deeper message here that you are already whole and complete all within yourself. You might otherwise consider using this message to pine for your Twin Flame, see them as outside of you, and point to them as the reason you are miserable and stupid. It’s not them, it is you. You have decided to live in misery and stupidity without them. The Truth is you are already with them right now, but still prefer your aloneness, control, illusion of choice, and fragmented individuality to your Wholeness and Completeness in God, as a part of the One Child of God.

Today Shaleia and I were in an immigration interview where we did not have access to each other, and had to answer questions the other would have easily answered. I could not turn to her to access the part of my mind she is responsible for. I was only able to blunder my way through, grasping at the wisps of nothingness in what seemed like a tremendously empty mind, like a frat boy at an economics exam, the morning after a really special drinking party. It was pathetic. Truly.

I watched her fumble her way through questions I would have answered easily and completely as I danced like a ballerina through rows of tall grass, never disturbing a single blade, all while balancing a cake on the end of my nose and a smile on each corner of my face. It was very enlightening to see what we each are like when our minds are shut down. Hilarious, really.

The purpose of the interview was not to show off our incredible super intelligence as a Unified Mind, but to reveal how very completely we required each other to be who we are today. I am quite literally a retarded frat boy, and she a curmudgeonly block of wood, without each other. Our minds have become One, and we experience a very natural genius and super-intelligence together. And we use this super-intelligence in service to God, our beloved Creator.

In order to have and keep your Twin Flame, you MUST become ONE Mind. You MUST surrender your individuality to receive so much more. Are you prepared for what is to come?

In Divine Love & Truth Always,