Today we’re here to talk to you about the power of Twin Flame sex! But also, celibacy. Did you know that at one time in their Harmonious Union, Jeff and Shaleia voluntarily became celibate? Keep reading to find out why, and what it means for Twin Flame sex to be a tool in your ascension.

Sexual Healing and Celibacy

The story starts in June of 2014 when Jeff and Shaleia had their first physical meeting. There had been a couple months of sexual energy exchanges over webcam building up to this point, and the first few months after meeting they were highly sexually active, like excited rabbits. After that, however, they started to notice that their sex life was starting to dwindle.

Shaleia noticed that her body was not open to receiving Jeff as much, and she wasn’t getting turned on. Although she was very attracted to her Twin Flame, she didn’t desire to have sex. She knew this wouldn’t affect their relationship. Their love was very spiritual, very true and real, and beyond earthly love (“earthly love” meaning sexual love). They connected on so many higher dimensions that if one of them was no longer able to have sex, it wouldn’t really be a problem in the relationship at all.

It took Shaleia some time to honor her body and honor her voice. Sex was really intense between them and then the duration of sex started to get shorter and shorter. They would have long sessions in the beginning of their sexual life, and then those sessions started to get shorter and shorter. Jeff and Shaleia would be blissed out and in a high for days. But sex would also bring up a lot of buried stuff.

This is the reason why they temporarily chose celibacy. What they found was that when they had sex, they would go really deep with their sex. It was extraordinarily intimate and loving. But a whole lot of changes starts to happen in their external reality, because so much is happening on the inside.

Why does Twin Flame sex bring up “stuff”?

What Jeff and Shaleia found, while doing card readings and talking to Divine Mother, was that their sex is a tool for their ascension. Here’s how they know this: when they have sex, it’s rarely simply a carnal experience, and there is massive upheaval the more sex they have, or the more intense or long their sessions are. Upheaval is a result of inner emotional healing. Find out more about upheaval and how to move through it with the Mirror Exercise in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover.

For this reason, Jeff and Shaleia chose celibacy for a time. They realized that as they went deeper into their intimacy and deeper into loving, everything out of alignment with that love came to the surface to be healed. So for example, if Jeff had some deep anger issue going on inside of him and then they brought love to that space during sex, that would come up to the surface to be healed and Jeff would experience a lot of anger. Or, they would free up a lot of energy during their sex life, and suddenly they would experience a whole lot of wonderful projects coming their way to work through.

Once they realized Twin Flame sex was a tool, they didn’t want to use this tool inappropriately. For example, if they had started having frequent sex again during a period where they were already attracting a lot of projects, they would have been massively inundated. During their period of celibacy, they had so many projects already, and so much important stuff happening during that time period, that an active sex life would’ve brought even more work on their plate.

Beyond the projects, it was more about processing their emotions and processing a lot of their past traumas that had come up for healing through many channels, not just their sex life. A sex life during that time would have felt like just throwing more and more stuff on their pile, they would have just felt like they were drowning in their “stuff”. It just wouldn’t feel good.

Sex is for Ascension

What is the purpose of sex in a relationship? It can be used as a seed for love, but sex itself is not love. Sex is just an act – that doesn’t mean it’s loving, or that it’s about love. It’s all in your intention, and sex is meant to be used to bring us up to higher levels of consciousness and bring us more fully into our divinity.

Shaleia has never really been a sex maniac or a “nympho”. She enjoys sex, and she loves being erotic and sensual, but she’s very sensitive. Sex is a very powerful energy, and you can use it constructively or destructively. Always be conscious of what you’re thinking and what your intentions are when you are entering into a sexual act. During their period of celibacy, Jeff and Shaleia decided that that they would sit down and plan the next time they would have sex, and ask if their life was ready for that ascension energy. If so, they would consciously choose to have sex.

Celibacy was very easy for Jeff and Shaleia. It wasn’t hard, it was actually a relief. There is no sexual pressure in the Twin Flame relationship at all. Shaleia does not have to do any sexual act to please her man, and Jeff does not have to engage in any sexual performance to please his woman. He doesn’t need to try to keep her around and prevent her from eyeing up another man. It’s really liberating!

For a while, they went through some confusion, wondering, “What’s going on with our sex life?” They each wondered, “Is there something wrong with me?” It wasn’t until they did a really nice card reading that they discovered, “Oh! Twin Flame sex is an ascension tool and our bodies are rejecting this experience because our lives can’t handle more of that now.”

Shaleia enjoyed that too because she never liked having sex just to have sex. Sex was really intense for Shaleia, as a sensitive being and an empath. In the past, in previous relationships, Shaleia experienced a lot of negative energy going inside of her when she and her previous partners were having sex. It just took Shaleia down into the gutter, it was not fun. Shaleia was experiencing this with Jeff in the beginning, except she wasn’t getting any negative energy. So she asked herself, “What is this? Why does it feel so intense down there? Why is my vagina getting swollen and not wanting to receive his penis?” But the energy was the opposite – she was so filled up with light and Good that she could only take in so much. It was way too intense and Shaleia was like, “Whoa, I gotta digest whatever I just received from you, so I need some time, honey.” It was hard for Jeff to take that and he asked himself, “Am I doing something wrong? Am I hurting her?” But he was doing it right! That’s the way it is supposed to be, they just needed time to grow into the full expression of their sexual potential.

Struggling with Sexuality?

Twin Flame sex is very new territory. If you are struggling with upheaval and trying to understand your sexual relationship with your Twin Flame, give yourself the support you need with a FREE consultation with one of the Twin Flame coaches trained by Jeff and Shaleia. You can also check out Twin Flame Ascension School and their eCourses.

This journey does not have to be difficult or painful.

Transcribed from the video “TWIN FLAME SEX, CELIBACY, AND ASCENSION” by Jeff and Shaleia.