What does it feel like to be with your Twin Flame? You may ask because you wonder if there are certain feelings that can help you identify your Twin Flame. If so, you are in the right place. We will help you uncover your feelings and add a little bit of theory. By the end of this blog, you’ll know exactly what a Twin Flame is, how to recognize them and how to come together permanently!

Being with your Twin Flame feels juicy, loving, peaceful, and grounded. This is the easiest relationship you’ll ever have. Twin Flames feel satisfied with each other in all levels of intimacy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s beyond just physical.

Twin Flames in Union experience an irrevocable sense of Oneness and unity. Of course, in spiritual truth, we are all One because we are all created by the Universe. This experience of Oneness is complete in a Twin Flame Union. You are a 100% match.

What you’ll discover here:

  • Does a Twin Flame feel different than a soulmate?
  • You Are One
  • Twin Flames Signs
  • Explaining the weird Twin Flame quirks
  • Does it feel different when we have an intimate Twin Flame relationship?
  • Intimacy and conflicts
  • The Twin Flame connection is real and you can be with them

Does a Twin Flame feel different than a soulmate?

Soulmate relationships are often seen as providing comfort, companionship, and emotional support. They can help you grow and learn but typically do not involve the same level of transformation or intensity as a Twin Flame connection.

If you are in a romantic relationship with a soulmate, it feels great in the initial stages. But as time goes on, it loses that intensity of intimacy. You can feel that your soul always desires a perfect eternal partner and Ultimate Lover, as that is your Twin Flame. The truth is, soulmates cannot replace your Twin Flame.

what does it feel like to be with you twin flame

Twin Flame

There is only one for you, but what are Twin Flames exactly?

As Jeff and Shaleia mention in their book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover:

Twin Flames are manifested from the same soul essence or same soul blueprint. Both Twin Flames are unique although they share the same soul blueprint, because they complement each other’s soul blueprint rather than carbon copies of it.

One energy is the Divine Feminine and the other one is Divine Masculine. And both are complete unto themselves, but whole together. You’re already One right now.

On this journey, Twin Flames are releasing the belief that they are separate. That is where you have to choose to be in a Permanent Harmonious Union and live your Life Purpose together as One. The Universe has created both of you with unique qualities that complement and support each other.

Ultimately, Twin Flames get into Perfect Union, a place where there is no separation.


Contrary to Twin Flames, you can have several soulmates. Soulmates are individuals with whom you share a connection and have a strong bond. This connection can be formed over multiple lifetimes. Soulmates can come in various forms, including friends, family members, and romantic partners.

It is possible to have multiple soulmates throughout your life, and these connections can exist in various forms. Some soulmates can come into your life to teach you spiritual lessons, but as you learn those lessons, they can disappear once their role is complete. They are not designed to be with you as an eternal partner and as an Ultimate Lover.

You Are One

Twin Flames in Union are conscious of their inner connection to each other at all times. Jeff and Shaleia find it hard to put into words what this feels like. The connection can be compared to an invisible umbilical cord that goes between Jeff and Shaleia, a very strong link that can never be severed.

Twin Flames in separation will be more dimly aware of this connection. The “cord” might be quiet or weakened, even though it can never truly be severed. For example, Jeff always knew about Shaleia on some deep, inner level his whole life, and he always desired to be with her. He knew there was someone special for him and he knew this mystery woman was out there, even if he did not immediately recognize Shaleia as his Twin Flame.

Twin Flames Signs

Signs of a Twin Flame connection may include:

  • Intense Connection: You feel an instant, intense, and profound connection with someone.
  • Synchronicity: Experiencing meaningful coincidences, such as thinking of them and then receiving a call from them.
  • Spiritual Growth: Your connection encourages personal and spiritual growth in both individuals.
  • Mirror Effect: You often see mirrored qualities, experiences, or life paths in each other.
  • Unconditional Love: You share a deep, unconditional love, and your connection is unbreakable.
  • Intuitive Bond: You have a strong telepathic or intuitive connection, understanding each other without words.
  • Feeling Complete: Although you both are whole and complete in themselves When together, you may feel a sense of completeness or oneness.

Do Twin Flames have the same habits?

When Jeff and Shaleia received human design readings from their spiritual teacher, it appeared they were designed in opposite ways. In reality, their seemingly “opposite” human designs perfectly complemented each other.

Both Twin Flames can have different habits, being whole and unique individuals in themselves, but those parts of them complement each other.

what does it feel like to be with you twin flame

Explaining the weird Twin Flame quirks

You’re Always Aware of Each Other

Twin Flames in Union are conscious of their inner connection to each other at all times. They truly function on the same wavelength. This is called harmony.

With this connection comes a desire to take care of each other. Shaleia understood her protectiveness over Jeff when she reflected on how animal mothers behave with their young. Animal mothers are loving, careful, and nurturing towards their young because they see their babies as part of themselves.

This is exactly how Shaleia feels about Jeff.

The only difference is that a Twin Flame Union is protected by love, not fear. A lioness might bear her fangs to protect her cubs, but there is no “me and you against the world” thought pattern in a Twin Flame Union.

In spiritual truth, harm does not exist. If you need help releasing the fear of attack, try doing the Mirror Exercise.

They heal as you heal – the mirror effect

Twin Flames mirror each other. They reflect each other’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal growth. That can be both challenging and rewarding, as it helps each person evolve and grow.

That leads to significant personal and spiritual growth. This mirroring challenges you to become the best version of yourself and helps you overcome personal obstacles and limitations.

The love and attraction between Twin Flames are passionate and all-consuming. It’s not just about physical attraction but a deep, fiery connection that extends to emotional and spiritual levels, which push each other to be all-embracing with their divine authentic selves.

Being with your Twin Flame is often associated with a sense of authenticity and being your true self. There’s a comfort in being open and vulnerable, as you feel deeply understood and accepted with all of yourself and the mirror effect.

The connection between the Twin Flames is passionate and intense. In the same way, mirroring is also very clear and intended. This mirroring leads to personal growth and transformation.

These mirror effects you can heal with Jeff and Shaleia’s Mirror Exercise easily and quickly.

Does it feel different when we have an intimate Twin Flame relationship?

For the masculine, it is:

“I desire to share myself with someone.”

For the feminine, it is:

“I desire someone to enjoy me.”

Jeff and Shaleia

In two words, it feels juicy and astonishing. It is sensual, sizzling, and fiery too. Beauty is the intensity of intimacy that keeps increasing between Twin Flames with time.

In an intimate relationship with your Twin Flame, It’s sharing all levels of intimacy—mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Imagine waking up every day next to the person who supports all that you are.

It feels like you’ve known each other forever, and there’s a sense of being drawn to one another on a deep spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical level.

The bonus of being with your Twin Flame—you know those parts of your being where you believe that you could never be understood? Your beloved is designed to complement you there. It feels wonderful.

The most rewarding aspect of being in Twin Flame Union in a deep intimate relationship is being with someone who is everything you desire in a partner and so much more beyond that.

A little side effect of this Oneness is that your dynamic will puzzle people who are not in Twin Flame Union! Jeff and Shaleia found that other people couldn’t relate to them. Friends would remark that Jeff and Shaleia were always off doing their own thing, in their “own little world.”

Intimacy and conflict management

What does it feel like your Twin Flame touches you, or kisses you?

Kissing and touching is something very intimate and unique to each Twin Flame Union. There is no real way to describe it in terms of emotions and physicality. Union is incredibly sacred. Twin Flame intimacy is a journey in itself, that you discover with your Twin Flame, at your own pace.

Conflicts can be solved with the Twin Flames Mirroring

Your Twin Flame desires to see you grow. No part of your Twin Flame is against you. In an intimate relationship, you mirror each other completely with all the love and areas needed to fill divine love to replace the darkness of fear with the light of love.

The intimate relationship you have with God and yourself. You both reflect the same on each other in your relationship. Both of you have One consciousness and the same core values and choices. This reflection you both always experience with each other.

If you are experiencing fights with your Twin Flame. You know that these fights are illusions. They are helping you move through an upset. In reality, you are only fighting with yourself.

You can invest everything in your Union once you love yourself enough to prioritize your growth.

Then you will see that your Twin Flame is not separate from you and that taking care of yourself means automatically helping your Twin Flame.

Invest first in your relationship with God and then in yourself. When you do this, you will naturally begin investing in your relationship with your Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame connection is real and you can be with them

Twin Flame connections are undeniably real. Twin Flames can be together with their choice. A sense of destiny, or a feeling that this is the relationship they desire to experience.

If you are looking for validation, yes! The Twin Flame connection is real. You designed it to be with your Twin Flame.

Yes! You can claim your Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. It doesn’t matter where you are now in your journey. You can make your dream of Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame true. You can achieve this with choices and healing.

what does it feel like to be with you twin flame

Written by Komal Aravind

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