Twin Flame sexual energy goes far beyond the best sex you’ve ever had in your life. This includes the best sex you’ve never had and desire to experience too.

When it comes to sex with your Twin Flame, there is nothing at all like it. Imagine a lover so deeply connected with you that each sensation delivers the intimate touch of Divinity.

Every single time gives you exactly what you need. You can’t get that with anyone but your true Twin Flame. Before sex with your Twin Flame you have yet to lose your Divine Virginity, even if you’ve already had sex before.

Yes, sex feels really good. And Twin Flame sex is even better! Yes, it’s an Ascension tool and, yes, it provides energetic healing.

As Jeff and Shaleia have discovered, there are always deeper levels of understanding when it comes to Twin Flame sexual energy. This is because the topics of sex and Twin Flames are very much entwined.

It is important to understand how different Twin Flame sex is compared with all other sexual experiences. It’s a whole new level of Love. It’s a whole new game.

Twin Flame sex is the only sex that exists, in Divine truth. This is why everyone, at their core, is actually a virgin until they make love with their Twin Flame.

Jeff and Shaleia’s Revelation: Their Divine Virginity

One day Jeff and Shaleia were talking to each other about this topic, particularly about their sex life. They came to an important awareness. Jeff and Shaleia realized that they had never really had sex before they met each other.

Physically, neither of them were virgins when they came into Union. They both had been with previous sexual partners. But spiritually, mentally and emotionally, they had never truly experienced the true intimacy of Twin Flame sexual energy. 

This was until they reunited as true Twin Flames in eternal love. In other words, Jeff and Shaleia felt like they were virgins in their hearts until they met each other.

As Jeff and Shaleia discussed this revelation of their spiritual virginity, Shaleia energetically felt something shift in her heart. She understood deeply, for the first time, that Twin Flame sex was the only sex there really was. That she really had been a virgin until the day she and Jeff first made love together.

What is Divine Virginity?

Why is everyone, spiritually speaking, a sexual virgin before they meet their Twin Flame? Sex is designed to only be experienced between Twin Flames. It’s a way to express the truest form of love. You cannot experience the truest form of love with anyone but your Twin Flame.

If you have made love to your Twin Flame and had prior sexual partners you will know the difference in Twin Flame sexual energy. These former experiences provided you with the contrast you need to understand your Divine virginity. Because of their experiences with previous partners, Jeff and Shaleia were able to feel this contrast. 

Sex with their previous partners was never fulfilling. It was never deep enough. It did not quench their thirst for a deep, deep level of loving and transcendental spiritual experience through sexual contact.

The first time Jeff and Shaleia ever made love, Shaleia burst into tears and cried. These weren’t a few sniffles, but uncontrollable, shaking weeping. Shaleia was taken aback by these tears because she wasn’t the type of person to cry during sex.

Meanwhile, Jeff was initially shocked, and at first, he found himself wondering if Shaleia was crazy. Then he smiled to himself and thought, “Oh damn, I’m good.” Finally, Jeff realized:

“Oh no, she’s never been loved before.” 

And that was it. Shaleia was feeling overwhelmed by how different sex with Jeff felt compared to sex with her previous partners. 

She had searched her whole life for this love. She wondered if it didn’t exist and whether she was just making it up in her mind. Finally, experiencing this love made her realize that she had never been loved sexually before.

Twin Flame sex is everything you’ve ever wanted

Having sex with your Twin Flame is a really big deal. It will be the first time you are deeply and truly loved through the act of sex. It will be the first time you are energetically healed through the act of sex. 

You will realize that, regardless of your physical experiences in the past, you have never actually had sex before. You will feel like sex with other partners was just empty in comparison. Even if you felt fondness or something resembling love for those partners. You’ll know you have what is real when you see what is real in your sex life. Your Divine virginity was, in fact, never touched.

Only Twin Flames can consummate the truest form of Love. You are designed to only have sex with your eternal, Ultimate Lover. Therefore, you are truly a Divine virgin until you make love to your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame sexual energy is extremely powerful, healing, and loving. Sex with your Twin Flame completely satisfies you. It improves continually as you go deeper into Harmonious Union. There is no limit either to how it grows or improves. It’s like an endless playground where you can go anywhere you desire, and you desire to go everywhere.

Intimacy deepens as the Union deepens, as you and your Twin Flame continually discover each other. There is an endless relationship and connection to explore and discover.

This isn’t just happening in Jeff and Shaleia’s relationship. Jeff and Shaleia discussed this topic with their students, too. They discovered that every true Union produces this same healing, wonderful sex life.

Every true Twin Flame Union agrees: sex with your Twin Flame is the best sex of your life. The only true sex, that only keeps getting better.

Trouble connecting to your Twin Flame Sexual Energy?

Many experience blocks when it comes to expressing their sexuality. A lot of people experience either shame, guilt or some form of disapproval when it comes to sex. 

From religion to cultural misunderstandings about sex, we all have experienced blocks to our Twin Flame sexual energy. However, we can also heal these and discover the truth behind our sexual expression and what its true purpose is.

Whether it’s because of old beliefs or misconceptions, enjoying healthy and loving intimacy with your one True Love is possible. First, we need to understand that, at the core, sex especially with your Twin Flame is about having a relationship with God.

It’s about discovering another aspect of your self-expression. As such, there is nothing to fear or be ashamed of. Your Twin Flame sexual energy is an aspect of you to be embraced, rather than hidden or pushed aside.

The fastest way to heal your blocks to your sexual connection is with the Mirror Exercise. It is a tool designed to heal everything that isn’t in alignment with unconditional Love. Practicing the Mirror Exercise allows you to embrace all of who you are.

If you find yourself stumbling here, don’t be afraid. You are not alone in this process. Many of our highly trained Ascension Coaches have been healing around their sexuality as well. They can certainly help you heal your blocks to sex. 

Regardless of what your situation or sexual orientation may be, we have many resources to support you on your Twin Flame journey.

Adapted from the video, “THE *TRUTH* ABOUT TWIN FLAME SEX!! (you’ve never heard before)” by Jeff and Shaleia.
Edited by Déborah Bassow, 2023.

Edited by Jenny Langley, 2024.

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