Being on the Twin Flame journey is definitely an adventure. And because of how intense it is, it can be both very exciting, as well as confusing because of separation.

Upon meeting who we believe to be our Twin Flame, one of the biggest beliefs we have about our Union is that we are two separate people, from two different worlds.

We miss the Divine Truth behind all appearances: we always were, are, and will be One with them.

However, how is it that we aren’t able to see this manifested in our reality?

The answer is simple. Deep down, somewhere within our mind, we still believe we are separate from them. We call this “the illusion of separation”, and we use the word “illusion,” because that is what it is: a misbelief we are having about ourselves and our reality.

The Illusion Of Separation: The Mother Of All Confusion

So… What is the illusion of separation?

To best understand what we are talking about, we must first learn what Twin Flames are, and how they are created.


“Twin Flames are manifested from the very same soul essence, or more accurately, the same soul blueprint. A soul blueprint is the exact same concept as physical DNA. Meaning our souls are created with individual specific codes, qualities, and traits. (…) Just as we have physical DNA that makes up for our physical genetics and predisposition, so too, do we have a soul “DNA” that makes us who we are spiritually and non-physically.”

– Jeff & Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

divine masculine kissing her forehead

5 Facts That Show Twin Flame Separation Is Not Real

1.Your Twin Flame Has Been Created As One With You

As explained before, everyone has been created with a Twin Flame, and each Twin Flame couple is born from the same soul blueprint. One of the Twin Flames will incarnate as the Divine Feminine polarity, and the other, the Divine Masculine.

“Think of your Twin Flame Union as the ancient yin yang symbol: one half is the divine masculine and the other half is the divine feminine, and the little circles inside each half represent the truth that you are not dualistic, but unified as whole.”

– Jeff & Shaleia, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

The Union of both is meant to represent your Oneness, not just with a Twin Flame, but with the Divine, as everything in life is always connected and never truly separate.

2. Your Core Values Align Perfectly

Since you are always One soul at the core, this means the most important values you hold as a person will be the same as the ones held by your Twin Flame.

You can think of values as the compass that guides you towards what feels good for you.

Twin Flames are like the North Star, the guidance of the Divine for each person in the Universe. It means they’re the most perfect teacher for their Divine counterpart.

It doesn’t really matter it looks on the outside, or if you are together, that guidance is always there for you when you take the time to feel your connection with them.

Since these values are in complete alignment with who you are at the core of your being, your Twin Flame’s values will also align perfectly with yours.

twin flames under their north star

3. You Share The Same Desires

Just as your values are the same, so too are your desires.

Your desires are what give meaning to your lives. They are what drives you to do the things you do.

Think about what makes your heart jump with joy, what you are most passionate about, the things (or, better said, experiences) you dream about the most.

These are your deepest desires, the ones you feel in your heart of hearts, where you are One with your Twin Flame.

Just as with your values, you too will have the same shared dreams and desires.

4. You Both Make The Same Core Choices

Twin Flames are like two sides of the same coin. Two wings of the same bird, as Jeff & Shaleia describe it in their Dreams Coming True e-course.

Since your choices are the result of your values and desires combined, this aspect of the Union will also stem from the exact same place where you are always together with your Twin Flame.

5. Separation Is An Illusion

twin flames being intimate

You now know of the inherent Oneness your share with your Twin Flame.

Since all human beings are powerful creators of their reality, whatever the subconscious believes will manifests in some way.

This is also the case with Twin Flames.

This is why many people experience being separate from their Twin Flame. Society makes us learn about separation consciousness in stead of Love.

Whether through physical distance, or an emotional one, separation is only the mere reflection of your own beliefs and upsets.

The good news is: it can be changed. As we were created Divine, they is always a way to come back to Love and Union. That is our birthright.

How to heal the illusion of Separation

As we have the power to create our own realities, we can create something new when we discover something that is no longer serving us. 

And we can do this very easily with the help of a tool called the Mirror Exercise.

This Exercise helps us identify all the misbeliefs we have about ourselves and the world, and replace them with the truth that we were never separate from God/Love.


Releasing the illusion of separation can be easy. All we need to do is simply find these places within us, and replace our misbeliefs with the truth.

The truth is: we are always One with our Twin Flame at the core.

Nothing can ever change that fact, not even our temporary belief of being separate from them.

To manifest our Harmonious Twin Flame Union all we need to do is simply choose to release this illusion and embrace the truth, and we have the perfect way to help you do this.

Sign up to our Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course and start taking the steps towards healing the illusion of separation and feel closer to your Twin Flame!

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