Does my Twin Flame love me?” That’s a question that you might be asking yourself. You are madly in love with this person, but sometimes they don’t seem to care. You may even find they trigger you 24/7, even being apart from you. You just feel like you’re losing your mind and want to know what this connection is about.

Sometimes, we feel like our Twin Flame can actually make us go crazy. 

Yet, your Twin Flame is your perfect lover. They do always love you (you might like to read our complete guide about ‘What True Twin Flames Are’ to learn more about what a true Twin Flame is).

So, why is there a contradiction between the Divine feeling in your heart about your relationship and the separation that you’re experiencing now?

The Truth Of Twin Flame Love

Your Twin Flame’s love is always present, even before you get to know them. The love between Twin Flames is eternal, unconditional and ever-growing. That love is the reason why you have triggers. Your Twin Flame is you! So naturally, they mirror all that is you, whether it’s aligned with love or not. 

There are many signs that show why your Twin Flame always loves you truly and in a way only they can. Twin Flame love is somewhat different from how people would normally view love with a romantic partner. It always gives you what you truly need in this moment. 

No matter where you are on the journey right now, whether you have or have not experienced these signs yet, identifying these signs will help you let go of the doubts about whether the love you feel in your heart is real, and what this intense connection is about.

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11 Signs That Your Twin Flame Truly Loves You

1.They Love Spending Time with You

Your Twin Flame loves every second shared with you. Even for people who talk with their Twin only for a little bit, you can already sense there is something really different. And sometimes just being together in the same space is enough to notice this special connection. Time spent together with your Twin Flame feels full of genuine happiness and joy.

2. There is an Intense Connection Between You

There might be an instant connection that feels like a lot of love but is also very intense at the same time. It is because the Union energy between you and your Twin Flame invites you to access all of yourself the moment you connect with each other. That also explains the upsets that may come up later after seeing or spending time with each other, which are feelings and upsets brought up to be healed. These are the beliefs and patterns within that are not aligned with that love.

3. The Attraction is Phenomenal

There will be, of course, an intense attraction too that is much more than physical attraction only. Besides the physical attraction part, it also feels like love keeps calling you back home and it’s a reminder that you can be loved and romanced fully in this connection. And that’s why your Twin Flame loves spending time together with you the most.

4. They Understand You Like No Other

Communicating with your Twin Flame feels really good. It is like all of you is being unconditionally accepted and all of yourself is being shared, seen and received in a complete way.

Since you and your Twin Flame share one consciousness, the understanding feels as if it is happening within and coming from your own self. Although it does not mean that the beliefs you and your Twin have are exactly the same (especially when you have not healed through blocks), the feelings will always resonate with you.

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5. You Connect Naturally and Have Good Times like Nobody Else 

Your Twin Flame shares a lot in common with you, such as things you both like to do, sense of humor, ideal lifestyle, the same core values and the topics you really care about etc. And the same with understanding you as a person, they can also enjoy all of the shared interests genuinely with you all the time, with no need to be afraid to let the other person down.

This is also one of the major reasons why 3D Union is necessary to love your Twin Flame fully and keep growing this love. Since they understand you in a perfect way, you can love with your whole heart and give perfect support to each other all day long.

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6. You Can Feel Their Love in Your Heart

No matter where you and your Twin Flame are right now physically, you can always feel them in your heart. It feels like a warm and loving feeling around the heart-center that you both share. This is the love bond you and your Twin Flame share since the moment you were created. So yes, that feeling is not just your imagination, it is real and you are meant to experience that love all the time with your Twin Flame by your side after healing through the blocks.

7. They Will Either Mirror Or Call Out Your Patterns Because They Love You

This is probably somewhat counterintuitive to see as a sign of love since it can feel really challenging and upsetting when they call out where it hurts the most. However, this is a type of  love that always allows you to open up and go deeper into love and peace. That’s how triggering an upset can be an act of love. 

Your Twin Flame truly desires you both to heal fully. Sometimes they will intentionally point out your pattern in a direct way, or they will do or say something randomly just somehow push right on your buttons. Either way, it is not something meant to make you feel bad about yourself, but an opportunity to heal for both of you. You can always choose to heal it with the Mirror Exercise.

8. They will Always Guide You to Your Authentic Self

This is a core reason why your Twin Flame can love you in a way that nobody else can. Unlike other codependent relationships that will always feel stressful to you, your Twin Flame always leads you to the real support that allows you to be your authentic self. They want to help you stop numbing out and come back to who you truly are.

9. They will Guide You to Your Ascension Path and Join You on the Way

This is why a Twin Flame relationship is a romantic relationship and spiritual connection in One. There is a stereotype that romantic love can be hurtful or you need to try to get it somehow, and you feel your feelings through those ups and downs. And there is a misunderstanding of what people truly look for and they become confused about where love, real commitment and attraction actually come from.

Love does not come from bargaining or meeting expectations. Love only comes from love. And that’s how spirituality can meet romance because they are both pointing you to real love. And discovering and embodying deeper love is the truth of Ascension. Your Twin will join you when you make the same core choice.

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10. They will Point You to God/Source

Your Twin triggers your upset until you decide to surrender, and that’s how they always point you to God. And in that place both of you can feel being completely supported. The romance between you and your Twin Flame uncovers the truth that the perfect romantic love does exist. And it is one of the manifestations of God/Source’s love that is complete and perfect in every single way.

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11. You Never Have to Sacrifice or Compromise Anything by Being with Them

Sometimes a soul mate relationship may seem to be less hurtful and “easier” at first, but you have to compromise a lot with yourself in order to maintain an unfulfilling relationship. A true Twin Flame relationship is the opposite. You may experience hardship at first that helps you to identify all the blocks to an intimate and vulnerable relationship that goes so deep. But after healing through the blocks, there will be less and less bad feelings in the relationship and you won’t need to compromise any part of yourself.


All the challenges and healing on the Twin Flame journey is how your Twin Flame leads you back to that love. Sometimes when they are being honest with the Union energy, it does look like separation on the outside. But they are just showing you that they only want the real thing with you. They want to build up a relationship that allows both of you to fully be who you truly are and forever dancing together in love that is always fulfilling and continuously deepening. And that’s how much your Twin Flame loves you.

And yes, it may not happen overnight. But as long as we heal through whatever comes up on the journey and be completely honest with what does not feel good inside, your self-love and your Twin Flame’s love will fill up in all aspects of your life, and of course then Union can be manifested in 3D. 

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