Whether you are new to the concept of Twin Flames or you have been seeking your Twin Flame for a long time, you have probably wondered, “How do I prepare for my Twin Flame Union?” This is an important question to ask because those of us who desire Twin Flame Union need to know exactly how to prepare in order to attract it.

At Twin Flame Ascension School, Jeff and Shaleia teach a spiritual technique called the Mirror Exercise. This is the foundation of preparation for your Twin Flame Union because the Mirror Exercise is the process of self-love. It helps you find all the blocks and barriers you have put up against self-love. This helps you not only attract your Twin Flame Union, but also maintain it.

However, there are also other tips that you can use to prepare for Twin Flame Union! Jeff channeled Divine Mother in order to share Her specific guidance.

Channeled Message from the Divine Mother


“Your Twin Flame Union is a complete unification of your soul’s parts. When you allow yourself to become one again with your soul, you bring in pure light to all the darkest places inside you. Allowing this to happen can be extremely uncomfortable if you have not prepared yourself for the transition.

“This transition can be extremely comfortable and delicious if you have prepared yourself for the experience. Preparing yourself for Twin Flame Union is easy and fun. When you first decide you desire to attract your Twin Flame into your physical reality, I recommend you start with a few simple steps.

“Step 1: Think clean thoughts. This is the quickest way to prepare yourself for your Twin Flame Union, and it’s fun and easy when you allow yourself to choose the most wonderful thoughts you can think. Imagine you’re sitting in a park and you see beauty all about you, but there are pieces of trash on the grass in front of you. I would recommend ignoring the trash and focusing only on the beauty of the park. You could also go and pick up the trash and put it into the bin, but try not to think negatively about the trash and just hope someone else will take care of it. You must take responsibility for your thoughts in order to be able to work through them lovingly.

“Step 2: Focus on your desire. Write down everything you desire about your Twin Flame. Look carefully at your desire every day as frequently as it feels good. Remember that your Twin Flame is part of you and you can attract them to you.

“Step 3: Be willing to love who arises in your reality. If you are attracting your Twin Flame, and someone who is not your Twin Flame arises and excites and delights you, I recommend loving this person with your whole being and enjoying what comes from this experience. Along your way, you will perhaps experience many partners who are not your Twin Flame, yet prepare you for your Twin Flame. Shaleia was guided to partner with a man who she strongly believed was her Twin Flame but, after two months of an upsetting relationship, discovered he was not. The very next person she was to partner with after this preparation relationship period was her true Twin Flame Jeff.

“Step 4: Be willing to let go of all those who are no longer resonating with your desire. When you choose to invite your Twin Flame into your reality, it is important to let go of anyone in your reality who does not align with your new desire. For example, if you were choosing your Twin Flame but find yourself in a relationship which is not bringing you into deeper alignment with your true self, I recommend that you allow yourself to spend less time with them gently. There is no hurry about this. You can take as much loving time as you like along your process. Remember that your Twin Flame is manifesting at exactly the right time for you, and that right time for you is absolutely your decision. You decide how quickly you want to progress along the steps I have invited you to take. There is no rush. Your Twin Flame can manifest at any time, ready to be with you just as you are ready to be with them.”

Allow this channeled wisdom to sink into your consciousness. Divine Mother will continue guiding you from within.

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Want to learn how to channel guidance for yourself? Check out Jeff and Shaleia’s Twin Flame Meditations, which will help to open up your channeling abilities!

Getting into Twin Flame Union should be fun and easy. Let go of anything you’ve heard and read that tells you otherwise. Pain and suffering are not Divine! You were made in your Creator’s image to enjoy all the gifts of life. When you do your spiritual work diligently, the Ascension path becomes smooth, easy, and fun.

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Transcribed from the video “HOW DO I PREPARE FOR MY TWIN FLAME UNION?” by Jeff and Shaleia.