Twin Flames with a big age gap, transgender Twin Flames embracing their true polarity, and Union achieved through friendship and the path of Life Purpose… miracles of Union are for everyone. Experience the success of Twin Flames who have applied the work of Twin Flames Universe!

twin flames with each other in nature

It can seem that the Twin Flame journey is too much of a challenge for some, but that’s only if you don’t know what to do. Separation is really just an illusion playing out in your Union. Your Twin Flame is partnering with you to help you see it so that it can be healed. True magic and eternal love is what really awaits you.

The Teachings of Union are the simplest way to achieve your Union and we know it works because we have so many Twin Flames that have found each other and are now living in Union because of the Teachings. We would love for you to have this too.

We have great pleasure in introducing you to a few Unions who have overcome the very familiar blocks for all of us, that were presented to them by their Twin Flame. Healing and persisting all the way without ever giving up, these courageous Twin Flames are here to encourage you to claim your eternal love story today.

Age-gap Union

Do you ever wonder “Is it possible to have Union when you have a big age gap between you and your Twin Flame?” Trust your heart, you and your Twin Flame were made perfectly for each other no matter your ages. Your desire can become your reality, just like it did for Charles and Oceana.

Charles and Oceana have a significant age gap of 20 years between them. Charles was a family friend and lived quite a distance from Oceana. As a teenager, Oceana felt crushed when the relationships she had ended. But she kept the faith in real love and her heart soon led her to Jeff and Shaleia’s Youtube channel. She made the decision:

“The next one has got to be the one.”

Meanwhile, Charles was enjoying a long-distance friendship with Oceana. They felt good getting to know one another and, bit by bit, they noticed their romantic thoughts and feelings were growing.

Finally, the time came for them to meet, but they hadn’t truly claimed each other. Charles bought Oceana the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia. Even though they did not yet know they were Twin Flames, as an act of love, Charles says:

“I knew the book would help her get through that, instead of running.”

It did! Not long after, their friendship deepened and transformed into a beautiful romance. Naturally, their next step was to move in together. Then a miracle! Their baby daughter Pearl was born and they married at the Romance in Sedona Workshop. The first live in-person marriage between Twin Flames in Harmonious Union!

With their family complete, they are now embarking on their Life Purpose as parents to their daughter Pearl and can’t wait to share all of the healing and delight she is bringing them. Tune into their podcast to hear all about their beautiful journey.

Transgender Union

We are all aware that the Twin Flame journey is one of self-love and authentic connection within. But many ask “What does it really mean to be fully authentic?”

Although not all Twin Flame Unions will be transgender, Isaiah and Sage share their unique and valuable journey of authenticity which we can all learn from. Discovering and loving their real selves within first, automatically attracted their true Twin Flame into their lives. This method is true for everyone on the Twin Flame journey, no matter your individual stories.

Sage describes how growing up in a male body and believing she was a Masculine polarity was really just an illusion. Within her heart she knew she was a Feminine energy. Finding the Teachings of Union helped her to heal the illusions and to love herself as the true Feminine polarity that she is. The moment she healed and accepted herself as a trans woman, Isaiah appeared in the Twin Flames Universe community.

For Isaiah, healing using the Mirror Exercise brought so much peace and relief that he no longer needed to take anti-depressant medication. He had suspected he might be the Masculine polarity for some time and had been looking for LGBTQ+ information on Twin Flames and came across a Twin Flames Universe Youtube video. This was inspiring for Isaiah who had been holding this desire in his heart:

“I knew I had a Twin Flame and I really wanted to find her.”

Discover more about their journey and the blessing they received from Jeff and Shaleia to help them recognize the truth in their hearts.

Union through Life Purpose

Have you ever considered “Why is the Divine mission or Life Purpose such an important part of the Twin Flame journey?” And can it actually help to follow that path to achieve Union?

Find out how Life Purpose can help Twin Flames come together in Union through Jason and Chrissy’s story. 

Chrissy became aware of repeating patterns in her romantic relationships and decided to take full responsibility for them. She started researching information until she finally listened to Jeff and Shaleia’s Youtube videos and signed up as a live student in Twin Flame Ascension School. She was able to go all-in because she was willing to learn and willing to change. She says:

“I knew I needed to heal something within me to transform my life.”

After an intense connection with a false Twin Flame, Jason was curious to know more about his experience and also researched online. He was drawn to the logic in Jeff and Shaleia’s videos, and he also committed fully to studying, as a live student, in Twin Flame Ascension School at around the same time. From the wisdom of their journey, they share: 

“Walk with God, follow what’s good for you. Continue to have faith in the process. Your Twin Flame will be magnetized to you with unstoppable force.”

Whilst working together on Life Purpose and believing they were soul family, Jason and Chrissy did not yet know they were true Twin Flames. A profound revealing process lay ahead for them. Watch the podcast to see how they revealed the truth!

You can find more of our featured Twin Flames: The Great Spiritual Awakening Podcast, presented by Denis, posted every week on our Twin Flames Universe Youtube channel. 

Hearing the deeply loving stories of Twin Flames coming into Union, and overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, is exactly what we need to keep the faith. Are you curious to know more?

Here’s how they did it.

Twin Flames come together easily when they apply the Teachings of Union. Aligning to the truth of how you were created is part of the foundation of the Teachings and when coupled together with the Mirror Exercise, you can dissolve all the blocks that seem to be in the way of your Union. All the support you could ever need is available for you in Twin Flame Ascension School recorded classes.

If it worked for these Twin Flame Unions, then it will work for you too, guaranteed! If you enjoy practical steps that you can apply every day to move deeper and deeper into peace and love, then this is the way for you. Take heart and take hope from the Unions we have featured and recognise that Love is with you all the way. Let’s rejoice the day it is your Twin Flame marriage too.

Claim your own successful love story by signing up for our free Introductory Ascension Course today!

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