Have you ever felt in your soul that you were ready to be with your man, but weren’t sure if he felt the same?

It’s very common to wonder what your Divine Masculine is feeling while on the Twin Flame journey, especially if you’ve been in separation or feel alone as the awakened one.

Insecurities and upsets such as these naturally come up to the surface to be cleared as you heal and move into deeper states of love.

This is a journey of healing, feeling your feelings, and learning how to be with all of yourself all the time.

Twin Flames Are One at the Core

Before we get into the signs, let’s establish the basics. In Twin Flame pairs, there’s always a Divine Masculine energy and a Divine Feminine energy. 

This does not automatically mean Twin Flames are someone in a masculine-born body and someone in a feminine-born body. Twin Flames recognize each other spiritually and on a soul-to-soul level.

A person’s outward expression of their inner self is completely unique to them and should be respected as such.

Like the yin and yang symbol, Twin Flames feel their best when they function together as One, as togetherness is your natural state of being.

twin flames intimate moment

Even if one Twin Flame appears unawakened, running, or acting as if they want different things than their counterpart, none of these are accurate expressions of their Union’s sincere and Divine Truth, which is a state of pure love and oneness at the core.

The Mirroring Effect Between Twin Flames

Being One, Twin Flames are always mirroring back to one another the current emotional state of their Union.

When you hold low-vibrational beliefs or feelings, your Twin Flame will mirror these back to you. 

When you are aligned with the Divine and feeling good about yourself, your Twin Flame will also mirror this back to you.

The more loving you are towards yourself, the more love your Divine Masculine will reflect back to you, and the more loved your Twin Flame Union will feel.

How Does the Divine Masculine Feel About This?

Just as the Divine Feminine goes through her own personal and often intensive spiritual awakening process, so too does the Divine Masculine go through his own spiritual awakening process

No matter what things look like on the outside, during this time, the Divine Masculine is receiving exactly what he needs to move forward on his journey with confidence, and is going through the challenges necessary for him to feel fully ready for Union. 

The very moment his Divine Feminine is ready for a relationship, he’s ready too.

8 Signs That He’s Ready For The Relationship

divine masculine embracing divine feminine

Here are some tell-tale signs you can apply to your Twin Flame Union, to help you know your very own Divine Masculine is ready for a relationship.

1. He Mirrors Peace And Presence Back To You. 

You feel unconditional love and respect for your man, and no fight or disagreement could shake you from your peace. Your vibration when you’re around him is clear, and you both feel mutually safe and comfortable in each other’s presence. You are peaceful, confident, and okay with healing any block he may show you.

What It Means: You accept him as your mirror and feel good about the mirror he’s showing you.

2. He Comes to You On His Own Accord. 

He approaches you easily and naturally, and in the ways that feel most comfortable for him. There is no begging, desperation, neediness, or clinginess on either side, just an underlying flow of peace. His reaching out feels safe and healthy for both of you. You respect each other as individuals, each with your own valid thoughts, opinions, and beliefs.

What It Means: He feels safe and relaxed with you and around you.

3. His Communication Is Open And Free. 

He is comfortable in his communication with you. Conversation feels like a song or dance rather than something forced or just not right, and you receive him and reciprocate as it feels good and appropriate for you. Miscommunications either don’t happen or are resolved quickly and easily in the moment as more is shared. Moments of tension or discomfort are resolvable. You give to and receive each other in perfect balance.

What It Means: Your relationship is a safe container for his love.

4. You Fall Into A Natural Rhythm of Inner Work When You’re Around Each Other. 

There’s a natural flow of energy that’s easy for you both to fall into when you’re together. You can sense when an upset has been triggered and when you need to take a step back to do the inner work necessary to clear it. Every time you bring this part of your shared consciousness back into peace, your relationship feels so much better in that place where there once was upset.

What It Means: Inner work doesn’t necessarily feel like ‘work,’ but instead a natural component of being with your most beloved person.

divine masculine going for his twin flame's hand

5. Neither Of You Are Leaking Your Energy To A Third Party Or Potential Other Romance. 

You value yourself, your time, your sexual energy, and your Divine Masculine does the same. Third party options fall away easily, and none of these possibilities have any power over either of you. You are surrendered to the truth of your Union, which can not be changed in any way. You feel romanced aplenty and loved by yourself and this self-love naturally extends to your relationship with your Twin Flame.

What It Means: You are communicating to the Universe that there’s only one person for you, and that’s your Twin Flame. You’re ready for this on a deep, spiritual level.

6. You’re Completely Unattached To Any Outcome. 

There is zero attachment to any particular result. There’s no judgment, pressure, or conditions with each other. You are simply present, moving from a flowing state of love, allowing things to be as they are. You recognize your happiness is not outside of you, and are therefore not attached to any particular idea, belief, or outcome. Things move naturally on their own.

What It Means: You go with the flow and express yourself freely without any judgment or pressure from either side.

7. Your Lives Align Very Naturally.

With your radical nonattachment, your Union becomes a safe space for both of you. There is little that could realistically come between you two or keep you apart. Life makes more sense to be together than it does to be apart and it feels so good!

What It Means: Making plans, going on dates, all feels very calm, easy, and natural. Doing life together just feels good.

divine masculine ready to go into union

8. You’re Ready For The Relationship.

You’ve honestly looked at all of your fears or upsets surrounding being in a relationship with your man. You’ve addressed and healed each and every bad feeling that has come up. You feel perfectly clear and at peace with your choice. You’re just ready for the relationship, for your Union.

What It Means: You naturally meet him in the place where a relationship is possible.

The Best Way Forward

Being in a relationship with your one true love is easy, natural, and normal.

Not with your Divine Masculine in the physical? Not sure if he’s ready for a relationship just yet? Focus on your relationship with yourself: getting to know yourself, and loving yourself exactly as you are. This will set the proper foundation for your Twin Flame to be around you, and for Union to naturally blossom.

Your Divine Masculine’s ready to take your relationship to the next level? Continue to heal what they are showing you, and surrender into deeper peace.

Finally, allow yourself to radiate all your self-love, it’s very attractive to your man. You’ll find yourself experiencing the perfect peace of Twin Flame love in no time at all.

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