So…What are Twin Flames?

Your Twin Flame is your greatest teacher, best friend, perfect partner and ultimate lover. You and your Twin Flame have the same soul blueprint. They are your divine complement; not opposite, perfectly matching you in every way. One of you is the masculine polarity and the other the feminine polarity in the Union.


Twin Flames In Love Abstract


“Twin Flames are the manifestation of the desire to have an eternal companion other than God. Twin Flames were created by Source to have absolute and complete companionship with another soul, because soul mates come and go but your Twin Flame is forever with you sharing Eternal Life, and they mirror God’s Divine Love for you the most clearly.” – Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff and Shaleia

You have a shared life purpose with your Twin Flame. As you are designed to grow and expand together throughout eternity, and to expand into deeper levels of love and joy, living your life purpose together is a natural part of being with your Twin Flame.

5 True Twin Flame Signs

You might experience many signs and synchronicities from the Universe when you are on your Twin Flame journey. The sure signs of a True Twin Flame are:

1] You have a feeling of coming home when you are together. No one in the world feels as familiar to you as your True Twin Flame.

2] You and your True Twin Flame will share the same vision for your life.

3] You will desire the same things from life. That does not mean you desire things in exactly the same way, but your desires will complement each other perfectly.

4] You and your True Twin Flame will align perfectly in your choice of lifestyle. Getting clear on what you desire is essential.

5] You and your True Twin Flame will share the same core values, because you are One at the core. You complement each other and are perfectly matched in every way.

5 Signs of a false Twin Flame

1] A false Twin Flame will abandon you. They will regularly try to get away from you emotionally, physically or spiritually.

2] A false Twin Flame will lie to you about who they really are. They will try to take love from you without reciprocating.

3] Your vision for your life will not be shared by a false Twin Flame. They will not be inclined to be a part of your vision for your life.

4] A false Twin Flame will not be invested in doing spiritual work with you to discover your values and heal together. No matter what you do, you will be unable to go deeper with them.

5] A false Twin Flame is uninterested in working through upsets and misalignments and doesn’t care about healing.


Twin Flame Couple Abstract


Do I have a Twin Flame?

Yes! Everyone has a Twin Flame, including you. You were created together as One, and in Truth, you have never been separate from your Twin Flame, though you might be experiencing separation from them now. Separation is an illusion. Whatever you are experiencing now, your journey is perfect for you and your Union is always perfectly protected. The love you share with your Twin Flame is an indestructible bond forged by Source.


How can I meet my Twin Flame?

It always starts with desire. Once you feel the desire in your heart for your perfect partner and ultimate lover and you make the decision to be with them, you naturally start to align with them. This person exists and they are incarnated on Earth with you. If you are choosing to be with your Twin Flame, then they are choosing to be with you.

As you continue to choose love and align yourself with your good, your Twin Flame will naturally be magnetized to you. You will attract your Twin Flame into your life by your choice and aligning yourself with Love, healing the illusion of separation. You will recognize your Twin Flame by realizing that they are not outside of you; you are One with them and always have been. You can always connect to your Twin Flame in your heart and this is where you will know them, where you have always known them.


How can I get into a juicy and harmonious relationship with my True Twin Flame?

It is normal for you to be in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, because it is your natural state of being. We are only ever having an inner experience and the Universe is always mirroring to us exactly what is within us. As your divine complement, your Twin Flame is also your perfect mirror, loving you unconditionally by showing you all the places within you not aligned with love. You can use the Mirror Exercise, taught in Jeff and Shaleia’s book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” (link), to heal any and all upsets with your Twin Flame so that you may experience perfect love together. Continue to commit to choosing your permanent harmonious union with your Twin Flame at every step, build the foundation of your union on love and you will have your harmonious union.


What is the best way to come into my Twin Flame Union (and keep it forever)?

The Twin Flame journey is a path of coming back home to Love. If you desire to fast-track your harmonious union with your twin flame, Jeff and Shaleia’s book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” is a must-read. We also recommend that you become a member of Twin Flame Ascension School taught by Jeff and Shaleia as this is guaranteed to bring you into harmonious union with your Twin Flame.

If you are interested, sign up for a free consultation with a qualified Twin Flame coach here.


Isn’t it easier to just get into a relationship with one of my Soulmates?

Soulmates are designed to come and go. Whatever you invest in a soulmate relationship, it will never last. You will only experience the fullest expression of your completion when you are with your Twin Flame. You are designed to experience perfect love and abundance in every moment and in every area of your life. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection!

You will never experience the deep satisfaction and eternal companionship with a soulmate.