“You will know your sacred Twin Flame by how you feel in the deepest part of your Heart.”

When we met for the first time in person it was practically undeniable who we were to each other: Twin Flames. In every possible way we are Perfect Complements. The 4 months we spent online dating and the first week of our physical meeting there were obvious signs that we were Twin Flames. One of the distinct differences between the Twin Flame signs the Divine presents to you here versus other sources of Twin Flame signs, is that this information we share with you is much deeper and more developed, and secretly shows you how to manifest your Twin Flame in perfect harmony.

We are both Divine Channels and upon speaking with God and consulting our own personal experience we share with you the 8 definitive signs of a Twin Flame Union.

8 Signs of a Twin Flame Union

1. Your Twin Flame will feel familiar to you. Nobody in this world feels as familiar and as comfortable to you as your Twin Flame. Not even your parents equal the familiarity and kinship you will feel with your Twin Flame. It may feel as though you have been friends for lifetimes, and this is absolutely true. Your closest human friend is your Twin Flame.

2. Your Twin Flame will share the same vision for their life as you do. If you are unclear about everything, so too will your Twin Flame be unclear. They will want all the same things for themselves as you do. They will share a clear vision with you for your lives together if you do the work to create a clear vision.

3. Your Twin Flame will desire the same things as you from life. They will want to experience similar experiences and gain similar understandings. They will not desire everything exactly as you do because they are not exactly you.

4. Your lifestyle choices will align easily with your Twin Flame if you take the time to get clear on your choices together.

5. Your Twin Flame will value the same things as you when you both get clear on your values. A good way to uncover a false Twin Flame is to get clear on your values with your partner. No true Twin Flame will avoid doing the work with you if you are sincere about doing your spiritual work, and getting clear on your values.

6. Your Twin Flame will adore you above all others. A false Twin can have many more love interests, but your true Twin Flame will not genuinely ever love another human as much as they love you. You know you have left your Twin Flame long ago if you still sincerely love that person with your innermost heart, even if you find it intolerable to be around them.

7. Your true Twin Flame will always love you. You will know this when you tune into your heart-center. Your Twin Flame will never abandon you in love, and will never truly withdraw their love. They cannot, because they ARE you.

8. Your true Twin Flame will always genuinely enjoy your company (so long as you’re not upheaving something). True Twin Flames feel comfortable and relaxed in each other’s honest presence.

Further Reading and Resources to Claim Your Twin Flame Union Now!

If you are manifesting your Twin Flame Union, know that you are not alone, and you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. The journey to Twin Flame Union is your Ascension path, and you deserve to receive support. To discover more about how to attract and maintain your Union permanently by creating a strong foundation, check out Jeff and Shaleia’s Free Twin Flame Ascension Introductory Course.

If you would like some help to go deeper into the wisdom of the teachings to uncover your unconscious blocks to love, to learn the Mirror Exercise or to explore the resources here, we can match you with the perfect Ascension Coach to help you with your next steps. Yes, please match me!

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Adapted from “8 SIGNS of a TRUE TWIN FLAME UNION” by Jeff and Shaleia.