Once, Jeff and Shaleia received an urgent question from a heartbroken, frustrated spiritual seeker: “I heard Twin Flame teachers saying that if Union doesn’t happen in this lifetime, if you work then maybe the next one. I think it’s rather cruel to live your entire lifetime of maybe ninety years fighting for this. If we have awakened to Twin Flame consciousness, shouldn’t we have the tools to manifest full Union in this current lifetime?”

Yes we should. And we do.

The only reason why you wouldn’t receive your Twin Flame in this lifetime is because you’re not choosing your Twin Flame. That’s the only reason why you would ever experience separation.

Healing into Twin Flame Union can happen really fast

You are already with your Twin Flame in Divine truth, so all you are doing is removing the illusion of separation. This illusion of separation can be healed at any moment. Here is where a lot of unhelpful Twin Flame teachers make mistakes, because they are thinking about Twin Flame Union in terms of time. There’s no need to start planning your next lifetime, because time is an illusion and everything is happening right now. Time is just a tool for you to realize that you don’t need time.

Every time you heal a layer of separation with the Mirror Exercise, you come closer to your Twin Flame Union. You don’t have to be perfectly healed to come into Twin Flame Union. When enough core blocks are healed, you could suddenly find you and your Twin Flame setting down a security deposit on an apartment together. On Friday you might be in separate towns, not talking, while you heal block after block alone in your bedroom. By Sunday, he could have left his karmic partner and asked you to move in with him. This is how efficient and powerful the Mirror Exercise is.

There is a persistent belief in the Twin Flame community that Twin Flame Union is an untouchable Holy Grail that only a lucky few vibe into. This is not rocket science, people. The path to Twin Flame Union is mathematical, repeatable, and much easier than you have built it up to be in your head.

Manifestation is not about morality

There’s nothing preventing you in this lifetime from being in your Twin Flame Union. Your Twin Flame is not a reward you get for being a good boy or a good girl. Your Twin Flame is not a reward you get for working hard. Your Twin Flame Union is a result of you manifesting by doing the Mirror Exercise.

Why are the most corrupt, selfish people in the planet often also the richest? You might watch them on TV and think, “They shouldn’t be rich! Why would God give them so much money?” It’s because those corrupt people are unconsciously really good at manifesting, and that manifesting power has nothing to do with their immoral actions. They just know how to manifest money because that’s what they enjoy focusing on.

That’s all it takes to manifest your Twin Flame Union. What are you focusing on? What are you passionate about? It has nothing to do with how virtuous you are, nor does Twin Flame Union mean you have more divinity in you than the next person. We’re all equally divine and spiritually potent. You don’t have to be perfect (though you already are perfect in spiritual truth), you just have to use the Mirror Exercise to remove the blocks and barriers that are out of alignment with the vibration of your Twin Flame Union.

That’s what Jeff and Shaleia did. Shaleia once said that it’s a really good thing to have a false Twin Flame, because they bring up the most crucial and critical thoughts and beliefs that are out of alignment with your Twin Flame Union. Jeff and Shaleia both experienced this, and they knew that in order to be with each other they had to diligently work through all the lessons presented by their false Twin Flames. So if you are struggling to manifest your Twin Flame Union, that is a question you can ask in a card reading: “What are the lessons I need to learn from my false Twin Flame?” And you can use that experience to catalyze the way into your Twin Flame Union. As Jeff and Shaleia say in their book, anything that upsets you is something that you can use as a way to get into your Union. The upset has come up to be healed.

Don’t let anyone tell you that only if you work hard, you can get into your Union. It’s not true. It took Jeff less than six months from the time he decided to have his perfect partner in his life, to go through his false Twin Flame experience, meet Shaleia, and then move in with her. Jeff and Shaleia have also seen so many students at Twin Flame Ascension School come into Union very quickly. Jeff and Shaleia simply help their students clear thoughts and beliefs at are out of alignment, and boom! By next week they are in Twin Flame Union. It can happen just like that.

Just don’t ever give up on yourself. Work through every upset that comes up and it won’t have to take ninety years or ten lifetimes. It could happen tomorrow, because you are meant to be in your Twin Flame Union now.

It doesn’t matter if your Twin Flame is married, or if you don’t have much money, or if your Twin Flame is really rude and disrespectful to you – those upsets are meant to be healed, and if you’re not healing them then you’re just using them as excuses to not come into Twin Flame Union. If you actually desire your Union, you can be in it.

If you really want this, you’ll leave no stone unturned to manifest your Union. Learn to master the Mirror Exercise and you’ll sail through the kind of obstacles that make most people give up. If you are struggling with the Mirror Exercise, we offer a FREE consultation with our expert coaches to help you out!

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Transcribed from the video “CAN I HAVE MY TWIN FLAME UNION IN THIS LIFETIME?” by Jeff and Shaleia.