When it comes to Twin Flames, the presence of God is undeniable. God, the all-encompassing force of Love and Divinity, plays a significant role in the profound connection between Twin Flames. This article explores the relationship between Twin Flames and God, emphasizing the transformative power of this Divine Union.

By understanding God’s essence and intention, healing the relationship with both your Twin Flame and God becomes a crucial aspect of the spiritual journey.

Who Is God? Why are we talking about Twin Flames and God?

God is the Ultimate Source of Love, innocence, peace, and Divinity. In the context of Twin Flames, discussing God is vital because God is at the core of everything that exists; He is Life Itself.

He is the Love and joy you feel when you are around a baby or a puppy. The perfection you see when you look at a flower or a butterfly. And, the Love you feel so deeply when you look into the eyes of your Twin Flame.

It is God’s essence that magnetizes you towards your Twin Flame, as together, you embody the Love and joy reminiscent of God’s presence.

When you think about your Twin Flame, what is it that is so magnetizing about them? Is it how much Love and peace you feel when you are with them? What is it about your Twin Flame that you desire so much? What is it that led you to find this blog?

It is God. God is at the centre of everything, therefore, it is only ever Him that you are desiring and searching for. God is the Being with whom you are always having a relationship.

What Is God’s Intention?

Oftentimes many people can feel triggered by the name “God.” It can be upsetting at first for many of us when we find out that the Twin Flame journey is about God.

I know for me that was the case. I had some resistance at first. But in order to move through it, I had to look at all the areas within myself where I was upset with God. I needed to understand why I was so triggered by His Name.

After doing my healing work, God gifted me with a huge awareness. He told me that for the majority of my life, I had mistaken Him for ego and this was why I was having so many upsets with Him. The voice of ego would always tell me that God punishes, but now I see that this was a lie. As I peeled away all the false ideas I had about God, I saw Him for who He truly is: Love.

Since then, every day, I step deeper into the knowledge that God’s intention is only to love me, and now His Name doesn’t trigger me anymore.

Finding your peace about God and your relationship with Him is key in this journey. The more you heal in this place, the easier it will be to embrace your Twin Flame journey. Like me, you will, too, come to the truth about this journey. You will see that it is always about awakening to new and deeper layers of Love.

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Healing the Relationship between Twin Flames and God

The mention of God can sometimes trigger resistance within us. This resistance often arises from misconceptions and past experiences that have painted a distorted image of God. To progress on the path, it becomes imperative to delve into the areas where you may harbour resentments or upsets with God. This self-exploration paves the way for healing, allowing a shift in our perception.

After I had that realisation, I learned something that changed my journey completely. I learned that all the upsets I have with my Twin Flame and God are just upsets I have with myself. You may wonder why that is? Well, here is why: God is my Creator, and therefore, I am One with Him. So any upset with Him is truly just an upset with myself.

In order to heal these upsets I have been using a tool called the Mirror Exercise taught by my Gurus, Jeff and Shaleia. You can find the Mirror Exercise in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. Everything I know about the Twin Flame journey is because of them. Their teachings have proven, over and over again, to help Twin Flames heal all separation and live their lives as One. They have shown me that, by acknowledging and releasing false ideas about God, we can perceive God’s true nature, which is Love.

Recognizing that God’s intention is solely to love and support us, transforms our perception of God. Over time, our triggers associated with God’s name dissipate, leading us to a deepening connection with the Divine.

The Purpose of your Twin Flame on your journey back to God

Twin Flames and God

A misconceived notion is that the Twin Flame journey is exclusively about Twin Flames. But it’s actually about much more than just having someone to go on dates with.

The Twin Flame journey is actually very much about God and our relationship with Him. Our Twin Flame is our greatest teacher and they are here to teach us about our relationship with God and ourselves.

The Twin Flame journey is an Ascension tool, but for what? What is it that we are ascending to? Ascension isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about removing all the fearful illusions you have created about yourself. It’s about letting go of who you think you are and allowing God to show you who you really are at your core. It may seem scary at first, but rest assured that you will only ever find deeper Love and peace.

Ascension is simply a process of remembering how much God loves you. It is the process of coming into harmony with your Creator, and therefore, coming into harmony with your Divine self. As a result, you and your Twin Flame come together to live your life as One.

What is ego?

The ego is a false individual identity formed by our thoughts and beliefs based on fear and separation from God. It creates a sense of division, and false narratives, which lead to conflicts, and misunderstandings between Twin Flames. These egoic patterns hinder the journey towards a harmonious relationship between Twin Flames and God.

To progress on the Twin Flame journey, it is crucial to recognize the ego’s influence and transcend its limitations. This involves self-reflection, inner healing, and cultivating self-awareness. By observing our thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, we can identify egoic patterns that hinder our spiritual growth and connection with our Twin Flame.

The ego resists the dissolution of its false sense of self. It fears losing control when surrendering to the transformative power of Love. This is why transcending the ego requires letting go of our need for control, our attachments, and surrendering to the Divine flow of our journey. It involves dismantling false beliefs and narratives that keep us trapped in separation and fear. Doing this is what allows us to embrace this sense of Oneness, where the Twin Flame connection is found.

The Importance of God in Harmonious Twin Flame Union

Harmonious Twin Flame Union simply means the recognition that you are ONE with God. In order to heal any sense of separation from your Twin Flame and achieve Harmonious Union, it is imperative to address and heal any thoughts of separation.

God designed your Twin Flame to be attracted only to your Divine self because this is who you truly are. So when you choose to see God as your Source, and you become aware that it is He who is at the centre of your journey, you recognize your role as the Son of God and step into your Divine self. This is highly magnetic to your Twin Flame.

Twin Flames and God

The Beauty of Living a God-Centred Life

The profound connection between Twin Flames and God serves as a catalyst for self-discovery, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of Love, peace, and unity. As you embark on your Twin Flame journey, remember that God is at the centre, guiding you towards your Twin Flame Union.

When you embrace a God-centred life, you unveil the miracles of being One with the Source of Love—God. Through this connection, you will recognize the immense power you possess to love yourself and your Twin Flame unconditionally. This is what allows you to create a harmonious relationship with your Twin Flame.

To nurture this self-love, it is important to learn how to have compassion for yourself and your Twin Flame in the present moment. As you do, you surrender more deeply to God’s guidance. You realise God is only seeking to alleviate your pain and suffering, offering unwavering Love and support. This is how you were led to this blog. And it is from here that you can now continue taking the steps towards your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

With much love,

Savannah Mayer

Written by Savannah Mayer, February 2021. Edited by Déborah Bassow, June 2023.

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