Who Is God?

God is everything good. He is Love, innocence, peace, and Divinity. He is the love and joy you feel when you are around a baby or a puppy. He is the love you feel when you look into the eyes of your Twin Flame. He is the perfection you see when you look at a flower or a butterfly. When you think about your Twin Flame, what is it that is so magnetizing about them? Is it how much love and peace you feel when you are with them? What is it about your Twin Flame that you desire so much? What is it that led you to find this blog?

It is God. God is at the center of everything, therefore, it is only ever Him that you are desiring and searching for.

What Is God’s Intention?

Oftentimes many people can feel triggered by the name “God.” It can be upsetting at first for people when they find out that the Twin Flame Journey is about God, and I know for me that was the case. I had some resistance at first, but in order to move through it, I had to look at all the areas within myself where I was upset with God and why I was so triggered by His Name. God gave me a huge awareness as I was looking at these areas within myself. He told me that for the majority of my life, I had mistaken Him for ego and this was why I was having so many upsets with Him. The voice of ego would always tell me that God punishes, but now I see that this was a lie. As I peel away all the false ideas I have about God, I see Him for who He truly is: Love. Every day, I step deeper into the knowledge that God’s intention is only to love me, and now His Name doesn’t trigger me anymore.

All of my upsets I have with God are just upsets I have with myself. You may wonder why that is. Here is why: God is my Creator, therefore, I am One with Him. So any upset with Him is truly just an upset with myself. In order to heal these upsets I have used a tool called the Mirror Exercise taught by my Gurus, Jeff and Shaleia. You can find the Mirror Exercise in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. Everything I know about the Twin Flame Journey is because of them. Their teachings have proven over and over again to help Twin Flames heal all separation and live their lives as One. You can check out all their products here.

What Is the Purpose of Having a Twin Flame If the Journey Is About God?

A misconceived notion is that the Twin Flame Journey is exclusively about Twin Flames, but it’s actually very much about God. Our Twin Flame is our greatest teacher and they are here to teach us about our relationship with God and ourselves. The Twin Flame Journey is an ascension tool, but for what? What is it that we are ascending to? Ascension isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about removing all the illusions you have created about yourself. It’s about letting go of who you think you are and allowing God to show you who you are at your core. It may seem scary at first, but rest assured that you will only ever find deeper love and peace. Ascension is simply a process of remembering how much God loves you. In coming into harmony with your Creator, you come into harmony with your Divine self. As a result, you and your Twin Flame come together to live your life as one.

Why Is It Important to See God at the Core of Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is simply the recognition that you are ONE with God. In order to heal separation from your Twin Flame and have Harmonious Union, you have to heal any beliefs you have about being separate from God.

God particularly designed your Twin Flame to be attracted to your Divine self. So when you choose to see God as your Source, and you become aware that it is He who is at the center of your journey, you recognize your role as the Son of God and step into your Divine Self. This is highly magnetic to your Twin Flame.

The Beauty of Living a God-Centered Life

One of the many miraculous things about being ONE with God, the Source of Love, is that you understand the power you have to love yourself all the way into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame and beyond. Working on loving yourself more and more every day will only bring you and your Twin Flame closer together.

The first step to loving yourself is to have compassion for where you are right now on your journey and then asking God to show you the way. Can you see that God is already showing you the way right now by bringing you here to this blog? He wants to help free you from all your pain, suffering, and beliefs of separation. He is loving you perfectly right now. Do you choose to receive His warm love and support?

With much love,

Savannah Mayer