What if my Twin Flame is dating someone else? Or worse – what if they are married to someone else? What do I do in these third party situations?

Oftentimes we see these kinds of questions come up in the Twin Flame community.

You may think these are impossible situations, but tools do exist to navigate experiences where a third party is involved. That’s what we do at Twin Flames Universe; we help you end illusory relationships and manifest Union with your Twin Flame.

Many members of Twin Flames Universe have successfully dissolved their Twin Flame’s third party relationship and manifested a loyal and faithful Twin Flame Union.

That is our goal: to release all that is false and go where True Love is.

But how is this possible? And what are the tools that can help you do so as well?

Let’s dive into it together!

You and Your Twin Flame Are Created to Be Together

In Divine Truth, you and your Twin Flame are Perfect Eternal Partners.

You were created by the Divine to enjoy life together.

Your Union is destined to forever be a safe relationship for you and your Twin Flame to invest all your loving energy into and grow in love forever.

No karmic or soul mate partner will ever match the deep love and romance you experience in your Twin Flame Union, and no third party will ever actually be able to come between either of you because of this.

The Purpose of a Third Party 

Why would someone choose to date or experience a third party?

Third parties represent a choice of contrast. Contrast is a tool that you can use to better understand and love yourself.

Maybe your Twin Flame is desiring Love, connection, intimacy, and safety and wants to explore these kinds of things in a third party relationship?

It’s completely normal to desire these kinds of things, and desire to share your love with someone in a close and intimate relationship.

In Divine Truth, a romantic and loving partnership is only appropriate for Twin Flames, because these needs are Divinely and perfectly met by each other and no one else.

This is the reason why soul mates or karmic relationships always end, either in breaking up or divorce, despite long periods of time together.

reunited after family healing

Without you, your Twin Flame feels whole, but not complete.

That’s the principle of Twin Flames, just like the yin yang symbol.

What Can I Do to Accelerate the Process and Manifest My Harmonious Twin Flame Union?

You do not have control over your Twin Flame’s choices, but you do have control over your own.

Simultaneously, you and your Twin Flame are One and automatically make the same core choices together.

Perhaps your Twin Flame is being stubborn, and constantly choosing to seek love outside of themselves with this third party?

You can make the choice to be unconditionally loving and accepting of your Twin Flame’s feelings.

And then, choose to place your attention back on what you have full and total power over – yourself.

Apply the Mirror Exercise to the exact upset your Twin Flame is triggering in you, and this energy leak will be healed in your Union.

Anytime a Twin Flame makes a choice out of love, the choice of love will always win because it is the higher vibration.

How could your Twin Flame not be automatically attracted and magnetized toward you, as you have shown them total unconditional love?

Twin Flame Union manifested from family healing

Maybe even after many rounds of the Mirror Exercise, it still appears as though your Twin Flame is with their third party, happy and settled down with them, and this triggers deep insecurity or upset in you.

Remember, this is your perception of their relationship, and does not necessarily have any resemblance to real life.

In this scenario, your Twin Flame is simply showing you where you are together choosing separation consciousness, or contrast.

In spiritual Truth, you are One and not separate in any way, and your inner hearts are most fulfilled when you are together on all dimensions; spiritually and physically.

Thankfully with the Mirror Exercise, the third party situation never has to bother you. Instead, you can see it for what it truly is – a perfect mirror for you to use to root out every last bit of separation consciousness in your beloved Union.

Third party situations are always temporary because they have no real grounds to exist and build upon. Not when compared to the unstoppable fortress of Love that is Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

All third party situations are simply tools, guiding all parties back toward their Beloved (you to your Twin Flame, the third party to their own Twin Flame).

Remembering the Truth and Healing Physical Intimacy Upsets

freedom coming from family healing

Remember, you meet your Twin Flame on the inside before you ever experience them on the outside, or the physical world.

As you spiritually align your being to the Divine Truth and the innocent desire to be together in the physical, the outer will reflect this back to you.

You and your Twin Flame are designed to be together, and nothing can truly stop this but your own resistance to it.

If your Twin Flame is being physically intimate with someone else and this upsets you, remember the truth:

No one could ever possibly give your Twin Flame the spiritual and physical satisfaction they seek but you, because no one else in all of Creation is designed to do that for them but you.

The sex they may be having is much more like a handshake than anything else.

No one could possibly meet your Twin Flame in all of your most sensitive and intimate places, but you. No one exists in that place for them but you. No one shares the Oneness that you share.

They are not enjoying each other because they can not enjoy each other.

Healing the Pain of Twin Flame Abandonment or Rejection

Oftentimes, the deeper purpose for these third party situations is to trigger deep core wounds, such as abandonment or rejection.

But in Divine Truth, your Twin Flame could never abandon you, because they are you:

“God could never ever abandon you.

If God created abandonment, then it would be real, but it’s an illusion because God only creates perfection, and we are One with our Beloved Creator.

When you don’t want to be with yourself, you abandon yourself and thus open yourself up to the experience of being abandoned by others (this is how mirroring works).

But if you open up your Divine Logic, you will see as I have seen, that you cannot be abandoned by someone because you were never claimed by them in the first place, you just experienced the illusion based on the belief that you were claimed in love by them.

People who abandon their relationships also practice self-abandonment, or else they would be incapable of the act.

reunited after family healing

So, just feel compassion for them and others when you realize this. When you choose to stop abandoning yourself and start listening to yourself and loving yourself where you need to, you cease self-abandonment and develop self-trust, love, and confidence.

As a result, your Twin Flame will change their tune about not wanting to be with you, because in claiming yourself, you claim ALL of you, which naturally includes your Twin Flame because they are you too.”

– excerpt from the book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover by Jeff & Shaleia

Remember: Everyone Is On Their Twin Flame Journey Whether They Realize It Or Not

This is one of the reasons why you prefer to be with your Twin Flame rather than anyone else – you are always making the same choice at the core. This makes the relationship much easier than one with a soul mate or karmic, who can blatantly choose the opposite or different from what you’re choosing. They do this because they have their own Twin Flame who they are also trying to be with at their core.

Everyone is looking for their person whether they are aware of it consciously, or not.

Everyone is already on their own Twin Flame journey whether they acknowledge it or not.

The desire for Harmonious Union remains in your heart until that desire has been perfectly fulfilled.

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