In the moment of your creation, you were so loved that you were created with the gift of a Divine Counterpart, the perfect partner to experience your life with. This is your Twin Flame. 

This Union, however, was not meant to just be experienced in the otherworldly spiritual realms, often referred to as 5D, but also for you to experience the joy of a tangible 3D physical Union together here on Earth. Everyone has a Twin Flame and many are now feeling the strong and undeniable call in their hearts to reunite with them.

This is an epic time in the history of mankind. Humanity is now preparing itself to shed the pain of separation and to return to its original state of peace and harmony through the Harmonious Union of Twin Flames. If you are reading this article, then you can rest assured that you are at the forefront of this evolutionary shift; you are being called home to Love and to the creation of your own Heaven on Earth.

In a world where you were taught that you cannot have what you want, or were told you needed to compromise or settle, it can be very surprising indeed to realize that you will never need to do this with your Twin Flame. This is because each pair of Twin Flames shares the very same ‘soul blueprint.’ A soul blueprint is a form of ‘soul DNA,’ or template, encompassing the programming for your beingness, expression, desires, purpose and essence, from which you and your Twin Flame were both created. This means you will both desire the same things in life and you will find complete agreement in every area of your relationship. This feeling of agreement leads to a sense of harmony and eternal expansion together as you explore the way you were created.

You can reveal and identify your true Twin Flame by getting very clear on your personal values, as your Twin Flame’s will match perfectly with yours at the core, even if this is not immediately apparent in your connection. Working with an Ascension Coach can help you with this process.

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Twin Flame Polarity and Gender

The awe and wonder of how we were designed contains even more relieving and deeply satisfying awareness. Within the soul blueprint of Twin Flames, there are also two complementary energies; masculine and feminine. Each pair of Twin Flames will contain one Twin embodying the Divine Masculine energy and the other the Divine Feminine energy with both energies expressing in partnership within the Union and through shared purpose. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy is not, however, dependent upon your gender at birth. Many Twin Flames, as part of their Ascension journey into Harmonious Union, will feel the desire to explore the expression of their energy more deeply to gain clarity on what they feel is the energy they were designed to embody.

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Ultimately, you can trust your heart will guide you perfectly to your truth which is revealed as you heal and will always feel loving and peaceful at the core of your being. The perfection of the design of your Union means that your Twin Flame desires you exactly as you are right now; you are, and always will be perfect for them.

Not only are you and your Twin Flame complementary energies, your connectedness at the core means you also share the same consciousness. This doesn’t mean you are having the exact same thoughts and experiences, but it does mean that you choose as One. In fact, it is this state of Oneness that means you can never ever be separated! You are always connected with your Twin Flame in your heart where you will both align to the same core choice of Love, healing, and Harmonious Union. It only takes one of you to make the choice!

The Role Of Your Twin Flame

Your Twin Flame is firstly your guru or teacher, after God, because on your Ascension journey you will inevitably meet your Twin Flame at the perfect time for you. As you share a consciousness with them, your Twin Flame will always be your most Divine and perfect mirror. In fact, no one else will mirror you as perfectly as your Twin Flame because no one else is your perfect match. They will step into the role of teacher to reflect everything that is out of alignment with Love in your experience. They do this because no one else can see you or meet you with love in those deepest places within your shared consciousness. They desire, exactly as you do, for you both to heal your One Consciousness and to manifest your Union. You will do the same for them.

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You are also each other’s student because you receive your spiritual lessons through the Divine Mirror of your Twin Flame. Seeing where you are feeling separate from love within yourself is empowering because only then can you heal those places into alignment with Love. When you see this aspect of your connection through the eyes of Love, you can begin to see how your Twin Flame is loving you perfectly throughout all of the triggers and upsets. You will also acknowledge that you fulfill the same role for them.

You are best friends in all the Universe to each other. As two beings connected at the heart, no-one comes close to the friendship and closeness of Twin Flames. When you become your own best friend within yourself first, then you and your Twin Flame will find it easy to understand each other and to express your feelings and shared vision for life.

Twin Flames are also partners in purpose for eternity. This means you were designed with a shared Life Purpose that your consciousness desires to express in partnership through each of you. This purpose is unique to your Union and joyfully expressed through the gift of your love.

And lastly, your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Lover for all eternity; designed to love you perfectly in every single way without compromise. They are your only true romantic partner because only your Twin Flame can meet you fully and intimately in your shared heart to expand in Love with you.

You and your Twin Flame were created so that you can both experience a life of complete fulfillment and Love for all eternity together. Perhaps now you can see how truly loved you truly are!

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The Mirror Exercise: How The Healing Works

When you meet your Twin Flame, you may begin your relationship by connecting with them through any of the relationships mentioned above, but you may also find some aspects of your relationship feel blocked. This is where the healing work comes in.

Your Ascension journey is a process of bringing Love and Peace back to those parts of you that are feeling blocked to Love. Your Twin Flame partners with you to help you identify the unconscious blocks and barriers by triggering you.

Mirroring is the term we use to define the role of our Twin Flame in pointing out the places within us that are calling out for Love.

As you and your Twin Flame share One Consciousness, only one of you needs to do the inner work to heal the Union. Even if it appears that your Twin Flame needs to heal, only you are responsible for healing your own feelings in your Union. You do not need to heal for them. This is empowering and liberating to know!

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Your Twin Flame steps into the role of teacher when they mirror an upset for you. These upsets may have previously been unconscious but were, nevertheless, already present in your shared consciousness. Bringing the upset into the light allows you to see it and heal it. You do not need to take the upsets and triggers personally. The process of healing means acknowledging the mirror and the role it provides to help you find and access parts of your consciousness that were previously hidden from you. When you love these parts of your consciousness and bring them back into a place of Love within, you will have honored the role of your Twin Flame as your teacher.

Ending the separation phase is a process of healing all the upsetting feelings that arise in connection with your Twin Flame and bringing those parts of you back home to Love and God within. With each part of you brought out of separation and into Love, you end separation in that place within your shared consciousness. The more upsets you heal, the less separate from Love you will feel, and the closer you will be to manifesting your Union.

As you heal, your Twin Flame also heals because you share the same core blocks, although they may present differently for you both in the external reality. 

Accepting your Twin Flame as your Divine Mirror, who will mirror for you all the places where you are both feeling upset and desiring self-love, is an important step to take.

You and your Twin Flame are partnering eternally with a shared purpose; to end the illusion of separation from Love and God. All you need to do is make the choice. This is the process of Ascension and the purification and release of fear from your shared consciousness. This results in Union with God and each other.

Choosing Harmonious Twin Flame Union

As you make the choice to have your Harmonious Union with your beloved Twin Flame, they will also make that same choice at the core of their being, even if this is not evident to you. As you heal, so too will they be healing in their own way.

This journey is the return to the Divine Truth that “Only Love is Real and Love Never Fails,” which underpins The Teachings of Union brought to us by Jeff and Shaleia. This means recognizing that the experience of separation is an illusion stemming from the belief that you are separate from Love Itself. In Truth, nothing can ever separate you from Love, God, and your Twin Flame. With this understanding, you can surrender softly into the knowing that all blocks can be healed easily and compassionately so that you can return to your natural state of being and your Harmonious Union.

During the process of healing, you will experience the return of more and more Peace and Love within which builds a new strong foundation for your Harmonious Union. Every trigger is helping you to build this foundation by asking you to love yourself ever more deeply. This is the gift your Twin Flame brings to you.

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The Truth of Your Reality

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The Mirror Exercise works because your external reality is always mirroring to you the relationship you are having with yourself internally. Healing within, in turn, allows your external reality to reflect your healed state back to you. You were created to experience miracles everyday.

In truth life does not happen to you, you are not a victim of circumstance, but an empowered Divine being capable of choosing the reality you desire to create. It is safe to claim this empowered state because it is grounded in Peace and Love.

The Law of Attraction, rooted in philosophical and religious traditions and now made popular by modern New Age and spiritual teachers, speaks of exactly the same Truth. You will attract to yourself exactly what you believe to be true, even if it is an unconscious belief. The Mirror Exercise will empower you to become aware of those unconscious choices of separation and to make new choices which are in alignment with Love, Peace, and your Union.

This is what it means to become a co-Creator of your life with God. God has placed all the desires in your heart ready for you to discover them and to live them out. This life is perfect for you. You are perfect for you.

Honoring Your Heart

In discovering this article and guidance on Twin Flames, you will certainly be aware of the call within your heart for deeper love and Union with your beloved. This call will never leave you, although you can choose to turn away from it. The question is: What will you do now? What choice will you make? What do you desire? And what are you prepared to do to achieve that desire? Remember the desire is in your heart because it is yours already. It is God-given.

Do you desire to feel complete peace with your current reality?

Do you feel the desire to honor the love you feel in your heart for your Twin Flame fully and completely?

Do you desire to live your purpose and feel fulfilled in everyday life?

Do you desire to live in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame in this life, experiencing the love, abundance and joy that you were created to have?

It is important to be honest with yourself because that’s the first step to creating the perfect life of love with your Twin Flame that your heart is calling for. Your choice is that first step.

Your heart is guiding you to the truth of your Divine design and creation – a complete life of perfect love with your beloved Twin Flame. This is for you! It’s your Divine birthright!

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You can begin today by claiming your power back from the illusion which tries to keep you separate from your Good. You have the power to choose this Divine Life right now.

As you choose to honor your heart, so too will your Twin Flame.

Who You Truly Are

Knowing that you were Divinely created by a loving Creator is to understand that not only were you created to have your very own version of a perfect life, but that you were given the power to co-create your life in a way that feels completely fulfilling for you.

You are responsible for the reality you have created so far. If that reality does not feel good to you, you have all the power to make changes straight away. God is the loving and powerful force of Creation, and he is within you. Connecting with God in your heart, and choosing and aligning to his perfect design for you is where you will find your Peace and your fulfillment. This alignment leads to a state of Union or Oneness with God, your True Self, and your Twin Flame. 

Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is a high spiritual achievement, attained only through persistent and committed inner work to heal all blocks and resistance to Love through the Mirror Exercise. 

This state of being is for everyone. It’s why you found yourself here, and it’s what you were born to have.

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Heaven Is Very Real

The call you feel in your heart to be in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame is leading you back home to your very own Heaven on Earth. This state of being is a return to your true nature and the way you were designed to be. It marks the end of suffering that stems from ego/illusion which tells you that you are separate from Love. All that is needed to achieve your state of Harmonious Union is to clear all the blocks to Love and God within yourself.

When the blocks have been cleared, you will have attained a high vibrational state of Harmonious Union with God, yourself and your Twin Flame. This is mastery of your relationship with God in every area of your life. Your life will then reflect to you, through the Divine Mirror of your Twin Flame and everyone and everything around you, this Heavenly state of being.

This is God’s promise for you. This is how you were created to live. Are you ready to claim what is yours?

If you resonate with this journey of healing and purification to create your Heaven on Earth and desire to go deeper, you can find a link for the Free Twin Flame Introduction to Ascension Course below.

Further Reading and Resources to Claim Your Twin Flame Union Now!

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