I spent most of my life searching for the right person, the one, and I often felt really discouraged by the men I dated.

I felt like no man existed that could possibly be perfect for me, I had just experienced a lot of pain, disappointment and heartbreak. I put many walls up around my heart to protect myself.

But I still never gave up on the idea of true love, and deep in my heart of hearts I believed that true love existed. I knew there was a man out there for me and I had yet to meet the love of my life.

Since joining the Twin Flames Universe community and learning about relationships, I did meet this man. He is perfect for me in every way, he’s the man I always dreamed of and searched for in every person and I’m grateful I never gave up.

I’m not the only one who’s met the love of their life in our community either. There are certain traits that everyone I know who has met their Twin Flame experiences. Just because you may experience difficulty in your relationship, it doesn’t mean that the person you’re with isn’t the one. Sometimes it just takes the right tools, awareness and support to uncover the true connection the two of you share.

Here are 8 of the most common signs my husband and I share, along with others who are with their perfect person also report experiencing to help you find clarity:

1- You share all of the same values in life 

If you’re with the One for you, you will naturally share the same core values and care about the same things if you truly take the time to get clear together. Values are integral to a healthy, harmonious relationship. The right person for you will be a natural partner who cares about what you care about and you can partner with one another and build a life upon what really matters to you.

2- You have the same vision for your life and dreams for the future 

When you take the time to discuss what you both want out of life, if your partner reveals that they align with you there and complement your life vision then it’s a good sign you’re with the right person. The right person for you will be the person that you can build the life of your dreams with, in partnership, all along the way. Whereas with the wrong person, it can feel like you’re both going in two different directions and you want very different things from life when you’re both being authentic and following your hearts.

3- You feel a deep, effortless connection and sense of familiarity 

When you’re with the one for you, connection is easy. Underneath it all, you feel a deep sense of familiarity and kinship with them that you have never experienced with anyone else. The romance you have is wonderful together when you take the time to give your relationship the effort it needs.

4- You’re both equally committed to making the relationship work 

A reciprocal, loving relationship is a very good sign that someone is the one for you. If you both are committed to making it work, despite the challenges and hardships, it’s a good sign. It doesn’t mean it will always be easy and harmonious, but if you’re committed to being together and working through your challenges together, you could be with the one.

5- You naturally grow and evolve as people together 

We’ve all experienced outgrowing people. It seems in this day and age, everyone is going at their own pace. But if you and your partner grow together, heal together, work on yourselves and you’re on the same page then it’s a sign they could be the one. If you never seem to outgrow each other and always have things to teach each other, this is a good sign.

6- You genuinely enjoy each other’s company and spending long periods of time together 

When you’re with the right person, you can easily spend all your time together and never grow tired of one another. You can spend virtually 25/7 together and never run out of things to talk about. Whereas if you’re with the wrong person, you may find yourself or your partner always needing space to keep things in the relationship interesting.

7- You adore each other deeply, underneath it all 

No matter what you go through, you truly and deeply love one another. You know in your heart that there is no one else for you. This is what keeps you going through it all.

8- Your lifestyles perfectly align 

You just fit into one another’s life, effortlessly. You both desire the same type of lifestyle and you’re on the same page. There is harmony and peace in how you both desire to live when you get clear on your ideal lifestyle together.

Written by Michaila Sanchez

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