If you’ve ever had a Twin Flame dream, you know how they can show you the way on your journey, telling you what’s next on your healing path or reassuring you that your dreams are destined to come true. For Rebecca, that’s exactly what happened. After she healed her blocks to commitment with her Twin Flame, she had a beautiful, sacred dream that showed her a breakthrough was about to happen.

A Blossoming Romance

Rebecca met her Twin Flame when they were just teenagers. They went to the same high school. They didn’t know how to heal the upsets that came up between them back then, so the relationship was very challenging and they ended up losing contact with each other. It was a hard time, but thankfully Rebecca found Jeff and Shaleia’s teachings in 2020. She also recently joined Jeff and Shaleia’s Live Class, which has accelerated her journey a lot. “After my first Live Class,” she says, “I manifested seeing my Twin Flame at University, for the first time seeing him in years.” But that was just the beginning!

The Sacred Twin Flame Dream

Right after a recent Live Class, Rebecca had a beautiful dream. She felt deep, unconditional love in the dream, with God’s presence everywhere, connecting everything and everyone with a golden light. She says, “In the dream I hugged Jeff and Shaleia, and Shaleia told me that one day I would be as abundant as her, having the man of my dreams and abundance in wealth and purpose. My Twin Flame appeared, we committed to each other and he lifted me up and pulled me into his arms and we just melted into each other’s arms, like all separation just resolved in that moment.”

Breaking the Silence

Dreams really do come true because immediately afterward, Rebecca and her Twin Flame got back into contact again! “We started following each other on Instagram and then started texting there,” she says. “It was actually the first time since we were teenagers that we started talking again. It feels really amazing to be back in contact with him. It feels very natural and very sweet.”

What brought Rebecca her sacred dream and her Twin Flame breakthrough? She says, “Having beautiful dreams like this usually happens after I commit deeply to God, my relationship with Jeff and Shaleia and my Twin Flame Union. It’s about surrendering fully to what Jeff and Shaleia [are] teaching us, going deeper into loving God, ourselves and our Twin Flame! When you find peace within yourself and your relationship with God, you attract your Twin Flame.”

Congratulations to Rebecca on her breakthrough! We can’t wait to see how her relationship with her man unfolds. Rebecca’s story shows how when you heal the blocks to love within, you open up the gateway for a loving relationship with your Twin Flame.

If you want to call in your own Twin Flame dream, state this decree to yourself, aloud or internally:
“I choose to call in a beautiful Twin Flame Dream tonight that I will remember when I wake up.”

Interview by Sage Woodward

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