About 2,000 years ago Jesus Christ walked the planet.


He gave ministry, conducted miracles, took on disciples, was crucified, resurrected, and then he ascended. His apostles carried out his teaching and so became the Catholic Church and eventually Christianity as we see it and know it today.


His teachings and presence were and still are an unspeakably wonderful gift of epic proportions. But what happened to Jesus? Did he really resurrect himself, or was it a delusion of rabid followers of a man who was simply crucified and died, and who didn’t resurrect?


Consider the power required to build Christianity as a religion and spread it to what we know it as today. Could that have come from a lowly preacher repeating the words of those who came before him, or even an insane cult leader? The juice of the teaching cannot be based on control, for it would not uptake across the whole planet and continue to thrive after two thousand years. Only love can hold that kind of power so long after. Only a core of Truth can sustain for so long. And while every detail of Christianity today cannot possibly be of Jesus Christ, the core of the message and teaching is love, and that core remains.


I remember being a young boy when my biological mother developed cancer. We were part of a Catholic church community. I attended a Catholic elementary school. The community stepped in and paid for my schooling, provided us with a subscription to a meal delivery service, and gave emotional and spiritual support. There was real love there, and it definitely made the experience of having a mom with cancer easier.


But where did Jesus go if he ascended? Did he just dissolve? Did he fly away to a different planet? Is he in Heaven? Jesus did not leave us on Earth, he and his apostles remain here on Earth in the Heavenly plane of Earth, and he invites us to use his teaching to ascend ourselves to meet him where he lives. Even today he works diligently to assist us all in our ascension, our return to God.


But ascension to a Heavenly plane seems so woo-woo, so far out of reach for most of us. We don’t see Heavenly beings show up on our doorstep every day, most of us don’t know how to communicate with “the other side” although many of us have heard of psychics who can speak with the dead. There just seems to be a big block to stepping into a Heavenly world, someplace other than where we are right now, without a great big rocket ship and some hyper advanced technology millions of years beyond where we currently are.


Let me share with you a story of just one mystical experience I had today that will help reveal to you where Jesus is, and how you can join him where he lives. Jesus is a person, and he loves you very much. He isn’t a deity or God Himself, but he is a child of God just like you.


Today I was backing out of my driveway and saw out of the corner of my eye some people walking through my neighborhood wearing what looked to be traditional Muslim or another spiritual garb from a non-western religion. I was appreciating the diversity of my neighborhood as I backed out. One woman was wearing orange robes, a man was wearing all white with a white hat.


There was someone else with them, I could tell based upon their energy, but I didn’t see them. Then, for a passing moment, I noticed something beyond them. It was the perfectly poignant energy of my beloved soul family; Yogananda and Sri Yukteswar. It was amazing to me how exactly like the video I saw of them together on Earth they are.


They were so beautiful and loving, and so regal. Their energy smiled at me with open arms, like a beloved family member. Here they are, walking through my neighborhood, and it just felt so natural and appropriate.


I passed by some trees on my way out of my driveway and knew my moment had probably passed. My heart was filled with love and joy, there was no room for anything else but this love. I couldn’t see them in my rear view mirror anymore, try as I might, as I drove out to go do my business of my day.


I know there were real physical people walking down my street. I know they were probably my neighbors here in Farmington Hills, Michigan. I know that if I went up to them, they would have names and addresses and I could shake their hands. I am not insane.


I also know how I felt and exactly what I experienced through these people, in this moment. It was not the people, but the people God used as a canvas to shine through the experience of my soul family.


They were there, they were reaching out to tell me they were here to help me heal my separation from my true Divine home, and then the moment was over.


They live in the same Heavenly plane as Jesus, and there in that moment there was no separation, there was no illusion, there was no veil. I am not sure of the science which would explain this experience, perhaps quantum physics and extra dimensions are the right direction to go, but I can show you the spiritual explanation.


More than that I can show you how you can bridge this gap between Heaven and Earth so there is only Heaven on Earth, and a new Earth is transformed in the image of God and becomes Heaven.


My soul family really was there, connecting with me. It wasn’t a hallucination, I have experience with both hallucination and true, transcendental experience to know the difference. It wasn’t a delusion, but a real moment of oneness and perfection.


This moment, and all experiences like this have a cause. That cause is within me. Your cause is within you.


Many people know if they have been just coming into new spiritual concepts, or perhaps have experimented with heavy psychedelic drugs, there is another realm they can touch temporarily. They can feel the other world vibrating right here in front of them and can usually for a short period of time access that realm with ease. Perhaps they have many experiences, but they are truly only temporary.


Only the true spiritual master can not just experience that realm, but transcend into that realm and live there. Drugs will only bring you further away because they provide a lie that they are the gateway to Heaven, but they are only a gateway to more separation. Only God is the gateway, only love the gateway.


If you choose to walk with Jesus and meet him where he lives, you must choose to walk in and with love. You must choose to transform yourself in the image of love. You must choose love within yourself.


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Twin Love & Blessings,





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“He reveals deep and hidden things; He knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with Him.”

-Daniel 2:22