Today I’d like to share with you some thoughts I have about our beloved Sama, a live student in our Wed 1pm Twin Flame Ascension School classes. Some of you have not been able to watch weekly as Sama transforms, since you must have the TFAS “ALL Classes Pass” to see her story.

Regardless, I would like to share a small overview of her story and some milestones I have seen happen to her to paint a deeper picture of what has really been happening inside of Sama’s heart for the benefit of All.

Sama is with her Twin Flame in Union, on her way to Harmonious Twin Flame Union. HTFU is a HIGH spiritual vibrational state of tremendous inner peace achieved only through rooting out the fear separating one from one’s true love.

We teach the Mirror Exercise in our book “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover” as a route to the fastest way of dissolving fear, thereby clearing your fear, or separation consciousness, and returning you into Union consciousness. This results naturally, every single time for every single person, in a deep inner peace and Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

Sama came to us full of fear, but also as someone who was fed up with the way things were going for her. She was ready to manifest her perfect man. She did the inner work we taught her, and she did manifest her man VERY quickly. She did more inner work, and she manifested dates with him and her Union, a committed relationship. Now she is well on her way to HTFU.

What I really want to review is what happened on the inside, what Sama did that was so special that brought her the results head and shoulders ahead of where any of her peers are at this time. I have already revealed Sama to have started filled with fear, just as nearly everyone else reading this at this time is. She started just where you might be. She finally became so sick of the pain of fear and separation consciousness, she came to the magical conclusion: “I have had enough of this.”

If you still think you can control your way to happiness, you have not yet had enough. You haven’t had enough pain, haven’t had enough contrast, haven’t had enough struggle, haven’t had enough disappointment, haven’t had enough anger, upset, hatred, fear, conflict, lack, or sorrow. But I assure you, you soon will. The planet is vibrating at higher and higher frequencies all the time. Things are getting better everywhere, and they’re getting better and better, faster and faster. If you haven’t already decided to throw in the towel on your control games, you soon will. Sama threw in the towel. In so doing, she finally opened herself up to God’s Way, where she began to receive EVERYTHING.

Resources began flooding to her directly from God, providing her with The Way Home to real happiness. She knew she couldn’t make the world give her her perfect man, so she surrendered and finally said “Ok God, I give in. You show me now.” And these were the most miraculous and divine words her soul could possibly utter. She truly meant it, too, with every fiber of her heart. She had ENOUGH. Have you had enough yet? If you have really, truly, had enough, I can show you the way now with an affirmation.

Don’t repeat this affirmation expecting miracles if you do not do your part. You must fully surrender, you must empty your cup. You must choose to totally quit on fear’s way for you, on your way for you. You must release your ego completely and finally allow God control over your life. This is what you really want in your heart anyway. This is what will provide you with real, true, everlasting peace. Repeat this affirmation once through the very center of your heart if you have had enough, and are ready for your Life of Love.

“I have had enough of fear. I have had enough of control. I have had enough of ego. I have had enough of lies. I have had enough of illusion. I have had enough of trying it my way. I fully surrender all that I am to God, to Love, to Perfection itself. I fully surrender all that I am to my Source.

I finally release all control and fear and give it to God. I admit I do not know. I admit what I have known did not bring me the kind of peace I require to have real love, happiness, joy, and perfection. I admit I cannot do it separately from God. I am ready for change. I choose change. I choose my Harmonious Twin Flame Union. I choose Perfect Union with God. I am willing to do it God’s Way now. I am willing to do it only with God. I am willing to do it only with peace.

If it costs me my peace, I refuse that way. If it costs me my ego, I pay that price happily. If it requires me to surrender my fear, I happily surrender it completely. If it requires my total and unequivocal faith in God, I humbly offer my total and unequivocal faith to God. I do all of this in Love’s name, and so it is.”

This is what Sama did when she surrendered to God fully. She asked God to show her the way, and God did. The next chapter of her journey began, and this is when her Twin Flame finally reached out to her, and a connection was established. They began dating regularly and spending a lot of time together, deepening their love and relationship.

Sama did what she had to in order to achieve her HTFU. But Sama did it with a willing heart. She did it because she grieved for her love of loves, and it started with a relationship with God. When she finally opened up to God, releasing all her fear of Him, she discovered God was there waiting with open arms, joyful to receive her. He showed her The Way.

After this, things became much more challenging for Sama. The emotions were much more powerful, because God tested her faith. Every time, God took Sama to the absolute limits of her faith so that it would be expanded. Faith is confidence in God and God’s process for return to Perfect Love, or Ascension.

Sama has been brought to the limits of her faith over and over again. She is being tested over and over again. If she learned, if she truly learned all she has learned from God since she truly, fully surrendered to God and God’s Way, she will soon be in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. For God is purging her rapidly of all her fear and separation consciousness. All her doubt is being erased, all her worries caressed away. Her ego is dissolved and she returns to the perfection of her Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Is it enough that this is all God requires of her? Yes it is enough. Dissolving fear is all that is required. Dissolve fear and you may claim your birthright.

If you need some help, support, or just a wise soul to guide you in finding or keeping your True Twin Flame, Sama and our other trusted Twin Flame coaches are ready to assist you. They are offering free consultations to those who are serious about having their One True Love, and are ready to go all in for their love. Surrender your fears, click HERE and sign up to get your FREE consultation now.