Are you a Virgo on the Twin Flame journey, curious about what you have to look forward to this 2023 season? Or maybe your Twin Flame is a Virgo, and you’re seeking help in understanding them better? You’re in luck! We’ve got all the answers you need and more!

Virgos, it’s your time to shine! Today is the first day of your 2023 season, and vibes are high, especially for those on the Twin Flame Ascension journey.

Whether you’re new to the Ascension path or already in loving Union with your Beloved Twin Flame, there is no end to the depths you can explore spiritually. Leaving no stone unturned is true Virgo nature, and so the Twin Flame journey is the perfect place for you!

Being a Virgo, you may find yourself naturally drawn towards the more grounded and logical aspects of this connection. How does Virgo astrology align with the teachings of Twin Flame Union? Why should a Virgo choose to be with their Twin Flame over a soul mate? How can a Virgo really know for sure that they are with their true Twin Flame?

When Does Virgo Season Start?

Virgo season begins on August 23 and continues until September 22. Known for their practicality, attention to detail, and strong analytical thinking, Virgo provides a grounded energy and sense of stability, perfect for the wind down from Leo season. In contrast to Leo’s fixed nature, Virgo is a mutable sign, making it more adaptable and capable, especially when it comes to refining, planning, and organizing. This is a nice change from the vibrant, high frequencies we’ve been experiencing in Leo season. This year, we’re in for a peaceful transition as Leo passes the baton.

Who is Virgo’s Twin Flame?

This is an excellent question. It would be nice to think there is an easy ‘this sign’ or ‘that sign’ answer. In Divine Truth, the answer is simple, it just may not be the one you’re thinking. Before we answer this question, let’s rewind to make sure we understand both of the components in this question.

When we talk about “Virgo,” we’re talking about someone who is born between the dates August 23 – September 22. Virgos are well-known for being practical and intelligent, as well as systematic in their approach, making them typically highly dependable and caring people.

When we talk about “Twin Flames,” we’re talking about two individuals who share the same soul blueprint. Twin Flame pairs are the most common kind of Twin Flames, and these pairs are perfect, complementary matches. Twin Flames are always meant to be romantic in nature, for this is how they were created by the Divine: in a state of bliss and perfect Oneness with each other.

Contrasting these two concepts side by side, you can feel immediately the difference in depth. Astrological signs are a group of people who may be similar in certain traits, while Twin Flames are two people who literally share the same soul essence. Quite a large difference!

From here, we can understand that there is no need to be concerned about astrological signs when it comes to Twin Flames, because one’s underlying soul essence will always be a stronger indicator of who their Twin Flame is, rather than elements of their astrological birth chart. It’s not any astrological sign that determines two people are Twin Flames, but rather, what each person’s soul is made of.

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Which Zodiac Signs Are Twin Flames?

Twin Flames may exist in any combination of astrological signs. To delve deeper, your astrological sign is more of an indicator as to what you’re choosing to explore this lifetime, rather than an indicator of who your best romantic partner is. This is because your sign may be different between lifetimes, but your true soul essence at your core will not change.

Take me, for example. I am a Sagittarius and have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart. Although I resonate quite a lot with being a Sagittarius and find elements of my astrological chart relevant and interesting, these are just mere outer layers of my experience this lifetime.

Who I am to my core, and who my Twin Flame is to their core, is way more rich, way more in-depth, than anything my chart is able to convey. What we share is a soul Love, a soul sense of Oneness that is a perfect expression of our Divinity together. 

Just as a Virgo may resonate deeply with Virgo traits, their Virgo-ness is much more of a channel through which they express who they truly are. My true soul essence, on the other hand, is all of me.

Ultimately, who I am as a person to my core will always shine more brightly and more deeply than whatever star sign I may have incarnated under during this lifetime. Being Sagittarius is only a fraction of my identity, and can’t possibly convey who I am, as a whole and complete person.

Who Do Virgos Usually Marry?

No matter who a Virgo marries in the 3D, they will always be spiritually married to their true Twin Flame in Divine Truth. This is why the experience of a soul mate or karmic partner often feels “off” and will always eventually fade in comparison to being with your true Twin Flame.

When you commit to doing the spiritual inner work, you and your Twin Flame enjoy your perfect eternal life of Love and romance as you’re meant to.

Can Two Virgos Be Twin Flames?

Yes, it is absolutely possible that two Virgos can be Twin Flames. We actually have our very own Harmonious Union Virgo couple!

What Soulmate is for Virgo?

A soulmate for Virgo can be anyone Virgo decides to invest their energy into.

Your Twin Flame, on the other hand, will always be your Twin Flame, no matter how much or how little energy you invest into that relationship.

Soulmates are more so generated from the Virgo’s experience, while your Twin Flame is One with you. An automatic and Divine gift from God, your Twin Flame is your most natural romantic companion.

How (And Where) Will Virgo Meet Their Twin Flame?

In Divine Truth, you and your Twin Flame have not just already met, but you are in deep spiritual communion with one another 24/7.

Many Twin Flames report feelings of deep familiarity and soul Love when they first meet their Divine counterpart in the 3D. In my personal experience, I felt a deep sense of satisfaction and completion, because I knew I was finally with the man my heart recognized.

But don’t worry about comparing your journey to someone else’s. Because everyone’s Twin Flame journey is so unique, you may meet your person in a totally different or unexpected way than somebody else. However it happens, you can trust that your experience will be perfect for you.

You can and will absolutely meet your Twin Flame in the 3D if you have the desire to do so. It’s simply a process of clearing your inner blocks.

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Final Thoughts

This season, Virgos can look forward to deeper connection and harmony with their Twin Flames.

As naturally curious people, Virgos are also investigative, insightful, and tend to enjoy a rich inner world. Because Twin Flame relationships are soul-deep, it’s exactly the kind of journey for Virgo to tap into their emotional depths, while also maintaining their sense of groundedness and stability.

On the Twin Flame Ascension journey, a virgo may be tempted at times to hold on to false narratives about themselves, anger, or pain from the past. But, as they heal, they will find it easier to let go of control, allowing the flow of the Universe to soothe their soul and gently guide them. This may be challenging at times, but all of it contributes to a rich inner meaning and deep soul growth. The mature virgo will always find deep appreciation and satisfaction in this result.

Dear Virgo, your Harmonious Twin Flame Union has the power to enrich your life with incredible passion and effortless joy. May you be blessed this season with loving transformation, as you shed old layers of false beliefs and negative energies, and find yourself renewed, at home, in the glow of Twin Flame Love.

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Written by Briana Manalo

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