Finding my Twin Flame has been a profound experience that brings immense Love and transformation. But, keeping my Divine Masculine in my life has been a struggle, perhaps it has been for you too? Is there really any need to experience separation or is there a way to stay together despite the triggers?

Whether you are eagerly anticipating your first encounter, or seeking to deepen your existing bond, understanding the dynamics of Twin Flames can guide you on your path to maintaining your connection and building lasting love and spiritual growth together.

In this blog, we will explore the significance of meeting your Twin Flame and the steps you can take to prepare for this extraordinary connection and how to keep it.

Keeping your Divine Masculine: A Feeling of Home

Maybe you’ve already met and know your Twin Flame. But whether you have or not, you are going to continue meeting your Twin Flame in your heart as you go deeper into Love.

Even if you know your Twin Flame, you might be experiencing separation, going through karmic relationships or anything like that. Healing these patterns is always going to bring you the feeling that you’re meeting your Twin Flame again and again. Because you always meet your Twin Flame on deeper levels when you heal.

Dany, Certified Ascension Coach and student of the Teachings of Union, shares her feelings on meeting her Twin Flame. “So back to the beginning. When I met my Twin Flame for the first time, I remember it was this feeling that, ‘Wow, I feel like I’m hanging out with myself. But in a man.’ And it felt like home. I felt really comfortable. And it’s not something that was giving me a high, but rather, I was feeling really peaceful.”

And the reason we say this is because that’s an indicator that you are with your Twin Flame when you feel peaceful. Because you feel better, you feel familiar to each other, when you are with your Twin Flame. It feels really comfortable.

Feeling peace together is essential to maintaining your connection.

Twin Flame couple relaxing together

Now, of course, we can have many relationships in our lives where we feel comfortable, where we feel like, “Oh, I can trust this person, I can be with this person.”

And that’s nice. But there is this subtle difference with your Twin Flame where you feel that you really are just hanging out with yourself. And when you meet your Twin Flame, when you finally recognize each other for the first time, it’s powerful and it’s when you experience Love.

It’s Love at the fullest expression. It is important to feel encouragement and support on your journey to your Union, to meeting your Twin Flame. Because you deserve to be with your Twin Flame. You deserve to meet your Twin Flame and to have this beautiful, magical and yet very grounded experience. This is for you.

Maybe you’re wondering, “Okay, cool, now how can I have this?” Well, it really starts with your decision to be with your Twin Flame, your decision to have your Twin Flame in your life.

Having your Harmonious Twin Flame Union involves making the choice to have it in your life.

Keeping your Divine Masculine: The Power of Intention

Once you’ve made the choice to have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union and you recognize that it is your Divine birthright, next comes the process of arriving there. There is a process that is required. There is a journey to take.

Divine Masculine spending time God

Dany shares more about her own Union, “I didn’t just have my meeting with my Twin Flame and my Union with my Twin Flame out of the blue, I did have my process. I went through separation. I felt like it was not going to happen.” That’s when I came to find the terms “Twin Flames.” Then, that’s when I found Jeff and Shaleia and the YouTube videos. And that really helped me understand that what I was moving through, what was happening with me was this Twin Flame connection.”

Whatever experience with your Twin Flame, it is important to know that this is something real. And meeting your Twin Flame, it’s real. It’s not impossible. Everything is possible. You really have the power to manifest this. But it does require a process, meaning that once you meet your Twin Flame, you have to be able to meet yourself, right? Because it’s not about, “Okay, I’m just dating this person and this is cool.”

Maintaining your Union involves recognizing there is a healing journey to take. It’s a process.

Keeping your Divine Masculine: Union Consciousness

The point is not just to meet your Twin Flame. It’s to actually build your life together in Love. Now, in order for you to keep your Twin Flame, that’s the key: you do that by building a loving relationship with yourself. Because your Twin Flame is a reflection of you. Your Twin Flame actually mirrors you.

And so, if you are not committed to meeting yourself in every area, on every level, in having a relationship with yourself, then how can your Twin Flame have a relationship with you? How can your Twin Flame be committed to being with you in a relationship? Right? It’s not possible.

Your Twin Flame is your mirror. And you are their mirror. This is a really powerful truth. It can be challenging, but the more you release resistance to accepting this, the easier it’s going to get.

Want to meet your Twin Flame? Be open to meeting yourself. Want to keep your Twin Flame? Then be open to keeping yourself. If you want to have a relationship with your Twin Flame, learn how to have a relationship with yourself. And heal the lie that you are separate from your Twin Flame, because you’re not.

Keeping your Twin Flame in your life happens when you deepen your relationship with yourself.

Twin Flame couple relaxing together

Keeping your Divine Masculine: Union Consciousness

You can also have beliefs that keep you apart or separated from your Twin Flame. Anything that tells you that you are separate from your Twin Flame, it’s not real. You are One with your Twin Flame. You were created as One together for each other. Your Twin Flame is designed to be with you. And being with your Twin Flame is really possible.

It’s really natural. Don’t put that on a pedestal. Take it as the most natural, Divine, and sacred thing. You do have to honor it. You do have to respect it, because it’s a very sacred gift. It means that you earn it as well.

Dany shares, “I feel like I met my Twin Flame because I earned it. I was doing a lot of inner work. I was going through this process in my life where I was tired of not being completely satisfied in my love life and I was ready to do whatever it takes to be home with God. And I was reading a lot about spirituality. I was changing, I was getting out of my comfort zone. And that’s how I met my Twin Flame. That’s the reason why I met my Twin Flame, because I could have met my Twin Flame years ago. He was in front of me. He was right there. But I didn’t even see him, because I was not… I didn’t earn it.”

Divine Masculine spending time God

“And I’m not saying this to… so you feel bad or to put shame or blame, because that’s not what this is about. But, I just wasn’t ready. And I had to take the path and prepare myself and get to the point where I was finally done with not feeling fully at Home with God. And it’s only then that I met my Twin Flame. When I decided to be with God, to finally be with myself.”

“I was going out for coffees and I was just writing and journaling and just being with myself and being with God, my life started to change. Naturally, that attracted my Twin Flame into my life. And then I wasn’t able to keep that. I didn’t know what was going on. I was afraid.”

“But thanks to God I found the Teachings of Union and they explain everything that I was moving through. And so I applied everything that I learned in Twin Flame Ascension School by heart. And then I was able to manifest my Union and keep my Union. I was using the Mirror Exercise to heal the blocks.”

Learning how to align to Divine truth and Love helps you to release beliefs in separation consciousness.

Keeping your Divine Masculine: Commitment and Self-Work

Dany continues, “Ever since I found the Mirror Exercise, I’ve been really committed to it because it feels so good. It changed me, it transformed me. So, of course, I always want to keep the good things. And I’m sure you do too.”

Having and keeping your Union does require your commitment, your decision to meet yourself and love yourself. Don’t put your Union on a pedestal, that will keep it out of reach and make you feel it’s impossible to reach and manifest. If you don’t believe that you can, it’s not going to be easy for you to be with your Twin Flame. But if you believe that you can, then you’re going to meet your Twin Flame. That’s just how the Law of Attraction works.

And if you want to keep your Twin Flame, then make sure that you are committed to having a committed relationship with yourself, with your Twin Flame, with the Source, right?

With Love, with God. Because your Union can only exist in God. Your Union is only created in Love. And it can only remain in Love. If there is no Love, that just falls away. You won’t be able to have it and keep it if you are not cultivating a relationship with Love. Because you can’t expand without Love, right?

Committing to your inner healing work and to Love are magnetic to your Divine Masculine.

A Natural and Sacred Experience

The next very important thing. In order for you to keep your Union, you have to have this relationship with Life, with Love. That’s the only way. Or else there isn’t really a purpose for your Twin Flame in your life. What are they going to do if you’re not really with Love, right?

There is no purpose in you being unhappy, and then to go back to the karmic relationships. It doesn’t make sense. So receive this as your encouragement to believe that you can and you will manifest your Union with your Twin Flame by following this guidance.

The deeper you go into loving yourself, you will naturally find you are going to meet your Twin Flame on a deeper level, and you’re going to be able to keep your Union for eternity. Because you are meant to have this Union for eternity.

And where there is a will, there is a way. A way for you to have your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, to keep this for eternity, to keep this for life and to blossom and expand in Love together.

So don’t lose hope, because this is 100% real and 100% possible, and 100% for you.

Invest fully in learning how to have a deeply loving relationship with yourself because you and your Twin Flame are One.


Meeting your Twin Flame is a Divine gift and an opportunity for profound growth, Love, and transformation. By nurturing a deep relationship with yourself, aligning with Love, and committing to the journey, you can manifest and maintain a Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. Remember, this beautiful connection is within your reach, and you are deserving of experiencing the magic and Love that your Harmonious Twin Flame Union will bring into your life. Stay hopeful, embrace the process, and trust that as you follow the process, with every step you take to heal, your Union is manifesting.

If you would like support with your healing, or feel ready to take that next step but aren’t sure what that looks like, you might enjoy working with an Certified Ascension Coach. They can help you to identify the blocks in your Union so that you can begin that process of moving in the direction your heart is guiding you to.

And if you enjoyed this blog and would like to learn more about Jeff and Shaleia’s Teachings of Union, then we invite you to sign up for the free Twin Flames Introductory Course. This insightful course will help to prepare you for the journey ahead so that you can receive all the support you need and be assured of your success. May your Union be blessed.

Transcribed from the Youtube Video: Twin Flames: That’s How I KEEP My Divine Masculine In My Life!

Edited by: Julia Martin-Woodbridge

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