Faith isn’t the ability to believe long and far into the misty future. It’s simply taking God at His Word and taking the next step.”  –Joni Erickson Tada


One of the main and primary components of entering your harmonious Twin Flame Union is to realize the fate of your desire is in God’s Hands.  You are led as you let go and choose to be led into your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  Trust in Heaven is required all the way or else ego/fear will interrupt the process if you believe you have to “take” what you want, or only YOU have to be in full control in order to receive your Divine Good and Desires.  Each time you have tried your way only you get further away from what it is you actually desire to have in your life, because trust in the Divine at work in your life is absolutely necessary in receiving your harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Experiencing upset and upheaval when you choose to let go to God can be normal, because the upset of NOT trusting in Heaven is what is being released.  Your strength returning is deep and untouchable trust and faith in God, yourself, and your Beloved Twin Flame.  When you trust, a child-like innocence returns, and you experience less and less external betrayal as you begin to view everyone and everything as a lesson from Spirit; lessons that are in your best and highest interest to learn.  As you realize this you will release expectations you have placed on your Twin Flame, yourself, and other people, and allow everyone and yourself a place and a space to just be naturally and fully expressed without the heavy energy of your expectation.


Archangel Michael and his beloved Twin Flame Faith are powerful angels to specifically call in while you’re in the process of attracting your harmonious Twin Flame Union.  You are not alone nor should you choose to be.  It’s easy to feel sensitive and overwhelmed while taking your guided action steps forward on the path of Union, and that’s why you can utilize the presence of angel’s to not only comfort and support you, but to give them an opportunity to create miracles in your love life.


Your prayers for your harmonious Twin Flame Union have been heard so stop doubting it because you are not separate from Heaven; only your belief in that reality being separate from Heaven is.  Call in Archangel Michael and Faith and the legions of angels to clear you of any doubt, fears, upsets, and anything else that is no longer serving your best and highest interest regarding entering your harmonious Twin Flame Union. Opening up and allowing Heaven’s help in the form of cosmic and Earth angels to support you on this journey allows in the miracles of change that YOU deserve.  Let this be so. Amen, and so it eternally is.


Wrapping you up in the loving wings of Heaven’s embrace,

~Jeff and Shaleia~



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Today’s message is courtesy of Kyle Gray’s “Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.”

Jeff and Shaleia are true Twin Flames in harmonious Union.  This is currently a very rare experience on this planet although their pioneering work in Twin Flames is changing this statistic.  In their Twin Flame Ascension School they are teaching the truth of Twin Flame Union as a direct Ascension Path to the Divine.  Committing to your harmonious Union is in actuality committing to your spiritual path of Ascension, in other words, dissolving your ego and claiming your Divinity fully at the right side of your Mother/Father God.

Jeff has his BBA from Western Michigan University and has created businesses in the past based on self-development and lifestyle design.  Shaleia attended Laurentian University for Psychology with a minor focus on Women Studies.  She has a degree in Graphic Design and graduated with Honors in Digital Photography and Imaging at Georgian College.  She consciously began her ascension path when she was 18 years old with her studies in Taoism, A Course In Miracles, Channeling, Reiki certification, and other forms of energy healing work.

Shaleia met her spiritual teacher in Sedona, AZ in 2012 where she began healing separation from her Twin Flame with the spiritual tools and knowledge that were passed down to her.  Jeff joined her sessions later on and they have now mastered their harmonious Twin Flame Union which has enabled them to teach it to others.  They got married in January 2016, and have a sweet golden doodle puppy named Charlie.

They are authors of the beloved Twin Flame book: “Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover,” on Amazon.  Jeff and Shaleia developed two ecourses to assist you into your harmonious Twin Flame Union: Their first 24 lesson course guarantees harmonious Union is “Twin Flames: Dreams Coming True.”  Their 8 lesson course called “Twin Flames: Romance Attraction” teaches you how to develop true love within to increase your magnetism and beauty for manifesting and deepening your Twin Flame Union.  This course also guarantees your harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Faith begins where the will of God is known.”  –Kenneth E. Hagin Sr.

Faith talks in the language of God. Doubt talks in the language of man.”  –E.W. Kenyon