February 2023, the month of Aquarius and Pisces. It is a beautiful month of fresh energy, grounding of new ideas, and deep inner transformation.

Spiritually, February is a month of purification, stillness and calm, following the celebratory period of the New Year.

In numerology, February corresponds to the number ‘2,’ which tends to represent balance, harmonious relationships, and good order. Healing and calm energy support you and your Harmonious Twin Flame Union this month.

But how specifically will February 2023 support your Twin Flame Union? Read on to find out!

The Collective Energy

The collective energy for February is one of vibrancy and aliveness. There’s a sense of things being further grounded for a bright, awakening and emerging spring.

The collective is awakening to a deeper level of awareness around their Life Purpose and are recognizing that they are indeed a Twin Flame.

As we move into this beautiful month, take a look at your intentions and motivations.

Where in your life do you feel out of alignment with Love Itself? Where do you feel unsure of yourself or where are you withholding Love from yourself?

Your attention may be drawn to specific places for healing as these questions are asked in your heart. Remember, your energy, time, and attention is your most valuable asset.

This month, put yourself first. Fill up your own cup and you’ll find it much easier to overflow into the cups of others.

What can you anticipate moving through for your Harmonious Twin Flame Union? Read on to find out!

Aries – Allow for Unexpected Victories

Serendipity: /ˌserənˈdipədē/ noun: the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. “A fortunate stroke of serendipity.”

– Oxford Dictionary

This February, Aries is encouraged to notice whenever you are asking yourself the pesky question of “When, when, when?”

Sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever for your dreams to come true! But life would be very boring if you always knew exactly what was going to happen and when.

At the time same, you never have to wait to feel good, and all of your dreams are coming true even now.

This month, allow yourself to feel your feelings more fully. Use the Mirror Exercise to heal any lingering pains. Love will always be the solution your heart is needing, and the more Love you give yourself within, the more that Love will be reflected to you in your external reality.

Let the magic of Life take you by surprise, and the serendipity will give you the little bit of magic we all crave sometimes.

Love is most definitely ready for you this February. The question is – will you let Love in?

serendipity this february 2023
Card: Serendipity

Taurus – No More Imbalances

This February, Taurus is invited to look at where there may be imbalances in your life.

The Yin and Yang card represents harmony of the feminine and masculine energies.

When your energy is in perfect flow, you are blessed with harmony, balance, abundance, and joy. When there is too much of one energy or when one is weak, you feel challenged and unable to move forward clearly and confidently.

This February, take time to consider the balance of your own Yin and Yang.

Do you have a tendency to be too passive and suppress your needs and thoughts?

Do you have a place in your life where you may be too controlling or domineering?

Commit to healing these places within you so you can experience the natural and perfect balance of peace in your heart.

Remember you can always change things up if you don’t like how something is going, you’re not restricted or weighed down in any way. You are worthy of a balanced and harmonious life, and sometimes flexibility is how we find just the right balance.

yin and yang energies in february
Card: Yin and Yang

Gemini –  You Deserve Your Dreams Coming True

For Geminis, February 2023 is a month of manifestations and wishes fulfilled!

How often have you wished for a specific item, situation, or even your Harmonious Twin Flame Union? Probably pretty often if you are reading this blog!

Thankfully, God (you may also say “Source,” “The Universe,” whatever word is most comfortable for you) places all our deepest desires in our heart and guides us perfectly so that they may be manifested in full Divine alignment.

This month, pay attention to how your chakras are feeling. When your chakras are clear, your manifestations may appear more rapidly.

Your heart chakra represents your heart’s desires and intuition.

Your solar plexus chakra represents your sense of self, material reality and your gut instincts.

And your naval chakra represents your creativity, fertility, and ability to manifest.

Remember this month to use the Mirror Exercise on any upset or bad feeling that comes up in your heart. Giving yourself all the Love you need, especially in the places where you feel most hurt, will naturally make it that much easier for your manifestations to come to Life.

This affirmation will help: “I choose to surrender to Love’s path for me.”

geminis manifesting in february 2023
Card: Manifestation

Cancer – Divine Connection Will Heal Your Heart

This February, Cancers are healing a deeper level of connection with themselves and their Twin Flames.

Deeply loving and intuitive people, you are already in tune with the Love of your Union and are undeniably feeling the pull for more.

You can only connect with your Twin Flame, and really anyone, as deeply as you connect with yourself. Where do you feel out of touch with yourself, stopped, or coming from a place of lack?

Now is the time to allow for more Love to come in, especially in the places where you feel the most hurt.

The more you validate your own feelings and bring understanding and compassion to your own memories and experiences, the safer you will feel being in connection with yourself.

No matter what, you deserve the same compassion and kindness you constantly extend to others.

Meet your Twin Flame in these healed places and you will enjoy your connection more deeply than ever have before!

cancers enjoying connection in february 2023
Card: Connection

Leo – “I Forgive Myself, And So I am Forgiven.”

“Forgiveness recognizes what you thought your brother did to you has not occurred. It does not pardon sins and make them real. It sees there was no sin. And in that view are all your sins forgiven.”

– A Course in Miracles

Leos are healing on a deep core level this February, with forgiveness as the healing balm your heart needs this month.

This does not mean you simply let go of, or blindly forgive anyone who has done you wrong, but instead rather, take a step back and decide to heal the part of you that attracted that triggering experience in the first place.

Sometimes we carry guilt, shame, or upset without even realizing it from childhood trauma or past life experiences which still affect our consciousness.

Forgiveness is synonymous with Love, acceptance, nurturing, and spiritual maturity, and has the power to gently uplift and dissolve all guilt and self-blame you may still have stored in your physical cells.

As the darkness disappears, it creates space for more light and love to flow in. Allowing these healing and soothing energies to help you heal this February, dear Leo. You can be completely healed even in the places where you are hurting the most.

leos forgive in february
Card: Forgiveness

Virgo – Stronger Boundaries And Stronger Relationships

A clear and healthy sense of self is part of a great foundation for Love, and Virgos, it’s time to put what you know in your head into practice in real life!

Boundaries are simply an expression of what you’re okay with and what you’re not okay with.

In a healthy relationship, boundaries strengthen your bond with the other person, when they are happy to respect you completely. But in a weak relationship where love and respect are not core tenets, boundaries will dissolve the relationship and help you claim back your energy.

The boundaries you express this month will ensure you have your needs met. Take time to reflect on what you need from your relationships, where you may feel taken advantage of, and ask your angels or Spirit Guides to support you in communicating firm, clear boundaries.

Practice radical non-attachment and the quality of your relationships will be revealed rather quickly!

virgos in februay 2023
Card: Boundaries

Libra – Freedom Is Yours

This February, Libras are diving deep within for healing. Where do you feel held back, restrained, or just not fully in tune with yourself?

It’s possible there is a pain there asking to be healed. Deep down, you know where healing is needed for your Twin Flame Union, even if you feel very numb in this place.

This second month of the year, it’s time to recognize the Truth: no one can make you feel trapped or control you in any way. It’s time to reclaim your power, make healthier choices for yourself, and act upon them.

True emotional freedom is about acknowledging and giving space for ALL of your feelings: sad, angry, happy, unhappy, and giving yourself what you need so you can be at peace with all of yourself.

With your feelings clear, you can express yourself more honestly and authentically, generating feelings of support, care, and understanding in your reality. Emotional freedom holds the key to celebrating the truth of who you really are inside.

freedom for libras in february 2023
Card: Emotional Freedom

Scorpio – Hold Your Value High

This February, Scorpios are coming into a deeper level of self-worth and inner satisfaction.

Self-respect is not about putting up unnecessary walls or setting impossible standards; it’s about recognizing that you are already perfectly whole and validated and do not need anyone or anything outside of you to affirm this.

Take comfort in this sentiment: it is better to be alone than with the wrong company!

This month, you are encouraged to hold your value high. Speak up for what you believe in, walk away from situations that are damaging to you, and continue to act confidently from your own integrity.

You don’t need to compromise in any area of your life in order to have your needs met. You are worthy and deserving of all the Love in the world, and your angels, spirit guides, and the entire Universe supports you in attaining the level of quality and fulfillment your heart desires.

scorpios claim respoect in february 2023
Card: Self-respect

Sagittarius – Giving & Receiving in Perfect Balance

Sagittarius are calling in an energy of chivalry this February, and what better a month than the loving month of February 2023!

Chivalry is not about a facade or presentation or simply going through the motions of pretending to care. True chivalry is both a giving and receiving energy; on one side, the chivalrous person protects, provides, and rises up to meet their duties within their family, friendships, intimate relationship, and community.

For Divine Masculine Sagittarius this month, take pride in your naturally chivalrous and loving nature. Your woman illuminates and glows under your loving protection, consistency, and wisdom.

Similarly, Divine Feminine Sagittarius, when this chivalrous nature enters your life, remember you are deserving of having a man who loves you and cares for you intimately. Your man may feel frustrated if you continue to block his efforts, which you may be doing so subconsciously.

Take time to heal your receiving here; a secure and healthy relationship is balanced when both parties feel safe giving and receiving from one another.

healing month of february 2023 for sagittarius
Card: Chivalry

Capricorn – Radiating From Within: Luminosity & Strength

February is a month of luminosity for Capricorns!

Whether you are Divine Feminine or Divine Masculine, expressing yourself from your heart center is the quickest way to tune into your inner luminosity and naturally radiate from the inside out! The luminous Divine Feminine is naturally incredibly attractive to her Divine Masculine. Don’t fall into society’s trap that you have to be and do everything all of the time.

There’s no need to take so much upon yourselves, dear Capricorn, trying to fill the roles of everyone in your life instead of just asking for help.

Being luminous requires poise. It is worth the extra effort of patience first. A luminous Divine Feminine asks for what she needs with respect for the other person’s time and feelings, and then goes about her day confident she will have her needs met.

For the Divine Masculine Capricorn, you feel your best when you have the space you need to express yourself confidently and assuredly, naturally sharing your inner strength.

Both will do well this month to let go of old controlling patterns and allowing the Universe to support you in the full manifestation of your dreams.

february 2023 sees luminous capricorns
Card: Luminosity

Aquarius – Commitment: Imprisonment or Freedom?

It’s your season, dear Aquarius!

This month, you are honestly examining your feelings about commitment.

Healthy commitments shouldn’t feel heavy, hold you back, or weigh you down in any way. Quite the opposite – an honest commitment is a reflection of the pure love and devotion you feel in your heart.

In order to commit fully to someone else or something, that commitment has to be in alignment with the commitments you have already made to yourself. Your health and well-being come first, so if something isn’t quite in alignment with your inner Truth, it’s safe to let it go.

Try to remain balanced and centered. You’ll notice the more you honor and build trust with yourself, the more the Love between you and your Twin Flame grows, so you can relax and let go of any pressure you may be feeling here.

Commit to yourself this season and watch self-love transform your relationships and your life.

aquarius commit to their Twin Flames this february
Card: Commitment

Pisces – You Are Worthy of All Your Desires

February 2023 energy is supporting all of our dear Pisces who are embracing their worth!

Dear Pisces, believe that you are deserving of Love. You are being encouraged by this card to understand one very important fact: you are the only one who can truly decide that you are deserving. No one else has the right to do so, yet we give this power to other people, even trends and fashion time and time again.

No matter who you are or what you have done during your life, consider the choice you have before you: to accept that you deserve love, happiness, support, companionship, friendship, and all good things now. There is nothing in the Universe that judges you or finds you wanting.

One of the defining factors of a Twin Flame relationship is that you will grow and evolve together! Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and notice your uniqueness. The loving forces of the Universe created you perfectly, and you deserve to love and be loved exactly as you are.

pisces claim their worth in february 2023
Card: Commitment

Astrological Events In February 2023

You may like to be aware of the following transits for this month:

  • For all of February: Saturn will be in Aquarius, the sign of invention, humanitarianism, hopes, and dreams.
  • All Signs are Direct: With no retrogrades or delays in sight, all the planets are moving direct in a forward, stable motion. This a month of ease, relaxation, and breakthroughs.
  • Full Snow Moon in Aquarius Feb 5: This full moon is all about peace, tranquility, and harmony. Use this energy for reflection, re-balancing and checking in on your emotions. Avoid taking action from a place of restlessness or uncertainty; clarity and calm will make for an easier experience.
  • Valentine’s Day February 14: Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! Embrace the romance vibes of the day with a celebration of Love. If you are single, take time to heal any upsetting or triggering feelings this day may bring up, and remember that romance is an inner experience first, and something you can give yourself any day of the year.

How To Go Deeper

With so many harmonious aspects predicted for this coming February and with it being the month where we celebrate Valentine’s Day, why not make a choice to go deeper into romancing yourself?

Attracting your Twin Flame is the most natural thing ever because they are attracted to the Love you radiate. Romancing yourself is the perfect way to raise your vibration to the frequency of unconditional Love.

You deserve to give yourself a selection of sumptuous delights, a massage, a vacation, dinner with friends or just for you! Perhaps you enjoy buying flowers or just want to invest in some Divine time with yourself.

Or you could treat yourself to the phenomenally potent Romance Attraction E-Course which shows you exactly how to magnetize your Twin Flame effortlessly into your life.

Allow your heart to guide you, it always knows best!

If you resonate with your sign’s reading and desire to ge even deeper in exploring your Twin Flame dynamic, go check our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.


Written by Briana Manalo

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