There is a lot of information about Twin Flames on the Internet, but a lot of it is based on separation and not Love. This leads to many myths being created about Twin Flames as well as the journey itself. It’s important to be sure about what you’re being told — it could be making your Twin Flame journey more difficult than it has to be if you’re given false information.

It’s safe to say we all want our one true love and perfect partner. We all want to know how to come into Union with our true Twin Flame.

This article will cover the most common myths about Twin Flames and the Twin Flame journey, so you can navigate your way better through false information and find the truth for yourself.

Myth #1: Not everyone is meant to be with their Twin Flame in this lifetime.

Fact: God created everyone with a Twin Flame because He loves us so much He wanted each of us to have an eternal partner to share our life with. We are all worthy of this Divine love and it is just a choice away.

You and your Twin Flame were created to be together and you have an unbreakable bond. There is nothing that can separate you from them because you are One.

Myth#2: Your Twin Flame is in a relationship with someone else which means you won’t be with them in this lifetime.

Fact: If you are experiencing your Twin Flame dating someone else, they are reflecting to you a misaligned pattern within yourself to be healed.

There is nothing that can keep Twin Flames apart, not distance, not a 3rd party, nor religion, nothing is impossible to move through with God. All you must do is choose to be with them and God will pave the way.

twin flames embracing each other

Myth#3: One Twin Flame is always the runner and one is the chaser.

Fact: The runner/chaser dynamic is a myth. Twin Flames share one consciousness and therefore make the same core choices. Because of this, one Twin Flame cannot run while the other chases. Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror, if you are experiencing them running from you they are mirroring to you that you are running from yourself in some way. There is no separation between Twin Flames, therefore it is not possible for them to make different core choices than you. If you choose to be with your Twin Flame they will choose to be with you.

Myth #4: Twin Flame relationships are always intense and difficult. Being with your Twin Flame is toxic.

Fact: Your Twin Flame was created perfectly for you and the relationship you have with them is the most natural of all your relationships. The only reason it may appear toxic is because your Twin Flame is your mirror and will bring up everything out of alignment with love within your shared consciousness. They are always reflecting your relationship with God and yourself. The deeper into love you go, the more love will be reflected back to you.

Myth #5: You have to heal all of your blocks before coming into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

Fact: You are already in Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame, this journey simply reveals this truth as you heal misalignments in love. All you have to do is claim it within your heart and move through the blocks as they arise. Your choice is powerful. There is nothing you must attain to be worthy. You are worthy of receiving this love right now as you are.

Myth #6: There are only 144,000 Twin Flames on this planet at this time and not everyone has a Twin Flame.

Fact: If you have made the choice to be with them, you can trust they have made the same choice. No matter how things look on the outside, Union is meant for you in this lifetime. Every Twin Flame Union has a special Life Purpose they are meant to share with the world.


Myth #7: Twin Flames have to be in one male and one female body.

Fact: In every Twin Flame Union, there is one Divine Masculine and one Divine Feminine Twin Flame. These are energies, irrespective of the gender of the body. This is why some Unions are same-sex while others are not. Each Union is unique and will be in alignment with your needs for your Ascension journey.

twin flames walking in the field

Myth #8: You always have to balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Fact: In spiritual truth, you are created with either masculine energy or feminine energy and your Twin Flame will be your complement. Both energies are present within your Union but not within each Twin Flame.

Myth #9: The Divine Feminine is always more awakened than the Divine Masculine.

Fact: In spiritual truth, your Twin Flame is equally as spiritually awakened as you are and always makes the same core choices. You are One at the core, it is not possible for one to be more awake. The deeper you go in healing separation consciousness, so too will your Twin Flame. You choose as One and heal as One.

Myth #10: You will recognize your Twin Flame the moment you meet them and can identify your Twin Flame based on how they look.

Fact: Each Union is unique and sacred, and your journey will unfold perfectly for your healing. Not all Twin Flames recognize each other when meeting for the first time. The Twin Flame journey is a revealing process. The more you heal and know who you truly are, this will help you recognize your true Twin Flame.


Myth #11: You will only have signs, synchronicities, and dreams about your true Twin Flame.

Fact: These signs show up to help guide you on your journey but they don’t necessarily reveal your Twin Flame. The only way to know for certain is to grow closer to God and heal the blocks in front of you. As you move through the process your true Twin Flame will be revealed because they will be magnetized to you as you love yourself.

twin flames about to kiss

Myth #12: Psychics and tarot readers can confirm your Twin Flame.

Fact: Only you can confirm your Twin Flame and this is a revealing process. Readers can only read the current energy of your Union. Many are not in tune with the vibration of Harmonious Union. Having a deep, and intimate relationship with God and yourself, healing what arises in your reality, and getting clear on your desires will help you gain clarity. You can put your complete trust in God and know that He is guiding you perfectly.

Myth #13: You can only be friends with your Twin Flame, not romantic partners.

Fact: Your Twin Flame is the only one meant for you to be in a romantic relationship with. God created Twin Flames to complement each other perfectly in every way. You were made to be together. Your Twin Flame is your best friend but they are also your Ultimate Lover.

Myth #14: Your Twin Flame isn’t meant to be with you forever, they are only meant to start your spiritual growth.

Fact: Your Twin Flame is meant to be your guru, best friend, perfect partner and Ultimate Lover. They are the only person you are designed to have a romantic relationship with. You never have to settle in this relationship, you can have it all. The more you heal, love yourself and deepen the relationship with yourself, your Twin Flame will naturally come closer to you.


Myth #15: You have to wait for Divine timing before meeting your Twin Flame in the physical.

Fact: You never have to sit back and wait for Divine timing, simply make the choice in your heart and you will be guided on your next steps. You can be together now and are meant to be together for eternity.

twin flames kissing

Myth #16: Dating others while you wait for your Twin Flame to commit to you will help you pass the time.

Fact: If you choose to fully commit to your relationship with God, yourself and to fully love yourself, so will they. If you choose to date others, so will they, there is never any separation. You can surrender timelines and trust the path ahead of you. Healing and loving yourself will always bring you and your Twin Flame closer into Union.

Myth #17: Taking action externally will bring you faster results compared to focusing on inner work.

Fact: All of your desires start from within first, and then manifest in your outer reality. When you choose to heal and love yourself from within, all your desires come to fruition naturally and peacefully. Trying to get something in the physical doesn’t last and won’t be peaceful. When you build your foundation of love from within, your results are built to last. That’s when you are choosing to build with God.

Myth #18: Soul contracts can prevent you from coming into Union with your Twin Flame.

Fact: There is nothing outside of you that can prevent you from coming into Union with your Twin Flame. Union is a choice you can make and nothing can stand in the way. There is no obstacle too big when it comes to God’s plan.


Myth #19: In order for someone to be your true Twin Flame they have to be the same age as you and they have to have a zodiac sign compatible with yours.

Fact: You and your Twin Flame are the same age spiritually. Physical age does not matter and doesn’t determine whether or not someone is your Twin Flame. Astrology signs can be used as a guide but they cannot tell you who your Twin Flame is. Our zodiac signs can help us understand the challenges and blocks we are moving through, how to move through challenges, and the qualities and traits we possess. Your astrological signs are perfect for your Union.

Each Union is very unique and special. Your journey is perfect for you because it provides the lessons and healing that you are meant to experience.

twin flames in each other's arms

Myth #20: Your Twin Flame is unaware of your connection.

Fact: Both Twin Flames are equally aware. Even if it doesn’t seem this way, it is only the illusion that is blocking the truth from appearing in your reality. Your Twin Flame was created for you and only you. They know in their heart you are their Twin Flame and nothing will change that.

Myth #21: Your Twin Flame can lose interest in you.

Fact: They will never lose interest in you because you were created perfectly for each other. The only reason it may feel this way is if you feel disinterested in certain aspects of yourself, but you can always heal that within by choosing to love and accept yourself completely.

Myth #22: You have no power over your choices.

Fact: You have the power to create your reality, and only you can create in your reality. Life doesn’t just happen to you, you have the power of choice in your experiences. You have the power to make the choices you desire in life, and to replace those that are no longer serving you. The life of your dreams is possible and God wants you to have everything you desire. It’s just a choice away.

twin flames having fun together


There is so much to learn regarding Twin Flames, so it is important to seek wisdom from teachers who are in alignment with unconditional love. The most important thing on this journey is to follow your heart. If you’re worried about being with your Twin Flame, remember that it’s an inside job. The more in love with yourself and life you are, the more your Twin Flame will be magnetized to you. 

Enjoy this journey and know that you deserve to find love with your true Twin Flame. You hold a sacred space within your heart – open it up to its truest expression of ultimate love and joy!

Listen to the Voice within. If you don’t know where to start on your Twin Flame journey,  sign up for our Free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

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