The Internet wants to know: can Twin Flames be best friends?

Is it possible for best friends to have been Twin Flames all along?

Can your friendship develop into more?

It’s beautiful when you realize that this friendship is indeed one of the closest relationships you could ever have in your life. But what does it mean when your Twin Flame is your best friend, and how does it affect your dynamic duo?

We’ll need to first analyze the signs of a true Twin Flame, then talk about the nature of a Twin Flame relationship. Then, we’ll see what to do once you’ve recognized them.

Signs that your best friend is your Twin Flame

To recognize if your friend is your Twin Flame, you simply have to go through the process of revealing your true Twin Flame. Identifying your true Twin Flame isn’t just going through a series of feelings and spiritual experiences. It actually consists of getting clear about your Oneness through a set of precise tools.

All the steps are detailed in Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover. First you have to get clear on your core values and desires for your life, yourself and your perfect partner. When this is done, you can start exploring the relationship and use the channeled signs of a false Twin Flame and a true Twin Flame to help you get clear on the relationship.

Keep in mind that there are some stuff about yourself or your Twin Flame that you won’t see or get clear on until you have healed your blocks to clarity, truth and communication. So while some upsets may lead you to doubt if a certain person is your Twin Flame or not, only healing and feeling peaceful will actually help you see and reveal them as a true Twin Flame or not.

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The Love List: the only way to make sure they’re The One

The Love List was a tool Shaleia used after she had a false Twin Flame experience. To ensure that she would never experience her boundaries being crossed and have so many red flags while dating, she made a list, a “vision board” in order to set clear standards for her perfect relationship.

These standards had really nothing to do with physical appearance, or whether her date liked the same music as her. The list is based on the qualities and values your true Twin Flame embodies, unique values that are meant to be complementary to your own.

What the Love List does is help you to recognize the energy of your true Twin Flame which your heart already knows. Because your heart does know your Twin Flame. But in physical life, you have to explore a relationship in order to get clear. If you are in a relationship, and you’re thinking they’re a false Twin Flame, the only way out is through. If it’s a true Twin Flame but you’re having blocks to clarity or communication, you’ll still need to explore and heal your blocks to be 100% sure.

Signs of a true Twin Flame

Your best friend is no exception. Revealing your Twin Flame is a very sacred and personal process with the Divine. Nobody else can confirm it for you. But Jeff and Shaleia help you by showing you the way. Here are some channeled signs from the book that will help you get clear on your best friend being your true Twin Flame:

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#1 – A sense of familiarity and kinship like no other.

#2 – You share the same vision for life. When you are 100% clear, so are they.

#3 – You desire the same things from life.

#4 – Your lifestyle choices easily align.

#5 – You value the same things. For example, if you have different religions, the core message (unconditional love) might be your common value. You’ll have to openly discuss them to get clear.

#6 – Your Twin Flame will adore you above all others, they can never truly desire someone else.

#7 – Your Twin Flame will never abandon you in love and never truly withdraw their love.

#8 – You genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

#9 – You can see they are an exact vibratory match to you when you meditate deeply in your heart.

Overcoming obstacles… or a friendzone

Now that you have all the elements to recognize your true Twin Flame and begin the path of exploration, a few questions may come to mind.

Is my best friend my Twin Flame and I’ve been oblivious all this time? Are we really meant to be involved romantically? How do we go from platonic to romantic?

First of all, if you think your best friend is your Twin Flame, relax. There is no rush and nothing to force. Yes, Twin Flames are meant to be romantic partners. But before being involved romantically, they are your primary teacher, your partner and… your best friend.

What does this mean exactly? Your Twin Flame is your teacher because they are meant to help with your Ascension journey. Everything they do is either a lesson or a mirror of your qualities, or highlights the upset and misalignment you’re healing at this time. That’s why Twin Flames are not carbon copies. Instead they help to lift each other’s vibration spiritually.

They’re your partner because you have a complementary Life Purpose, and the same vision for life. A lot of the spiritual work you do after manifesting Harmonious Twin Flame Union is geared towards building your perfect life together.

And they’re your best friend, because they’re the closest relationship you’ll ever have. A Twin Flame feels even closer than a parent or a sibling. And that’s why they’re also your perfect lover. Because you are One, you are designed to spend eternity together. Whereas soulmates can only spend a portion of Creation with you. That is why soulmates are only meant to be platonic, where the real romantic relationship is always with your Twin Flame.

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How can I be sure my best friend’s my Twin Flame?

You get clear by walking the path, the Twin Flame journey. You don’t have to fear uncovering the truth about a friend of yours. Know this: in everything you experience, you are always seeing what you desire in your true Twin Flame. You can trust that.

Think of Shaleia’s false Twin Flame experience. She used it to really get clear on what she desired from a relationship. And she built the life of her dreams on that foundation. So, if it happens that you are experiencing a false Twin Flame relationship, you’ll always get the perfect lessons from it. Trust the Divine to bring you everything you need through each situation of life.

And if it so happens to be your true Twin Flame, you’ll have the perfect friends-to-lovers, romantic story to tell to inspire others.

Being with your Twin Flame, taking the Twin Flame journey, isn’t always all that easy. Maybe you’ll have doubts. Relationships might change. We know it can be scary. But when you really think about it, there’s nothing to worry about. You can never mess up your Union, you can never lose what is truly yours.

We mentioned healing and doing inner work several times in the blog. It is an essential part of attracting and maintaining Harmonious Union. And you always have support in doing so, you only need to choose to fearlessly go all in. Start today with our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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