Is the Twin Flame journey really more difficult for Divine Feminines? It is a common assumption that we often see throughout the Internet: the Divine Feminines on the Twin Flame journey are the ones who do all the work.

So, is this a myth or a reality? Why would the Divine Feminine have to work more than the Divine Masculine?

In order to understand the dynamics at play here, we have to understand the Twin Flame polarities and how they work.

What Are The Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies?

Think of the Twin Flame connection as the yin and yang symbol, as explained in Jeff and Shaleia’s book Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover

The Divine Feminine is the Yin side of the Union. She is meant to radiate her beauty. She is the tender, protected inner core. The Divine Masculine is the Yang energy, the outer shell of the Union, that protects and appreciates the Divine Feminine’s radiant energy.

All in all, it means that Twin Flames are two individuals connected as one consciousness. Made from the same fabric, created. There is no real separation between them. The only separation they experience is an illusion; the fears or the perceived absence of love. Because of that, the Divine Masculine is always as spiritually aware as the Divine Feminine.

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“Why Do I Seem More Awakened To The Twin Flame Journey?”

Oftentimes, only one of the two Twin Flames seem to take on the spiritual work, especially at the beginning of the journey. That is why it sometimes looks like Divine Feminines are the ones who understand the spiritual journey more. But the truth is, your Divine Masculine is doing his own part to prepare for Harmonious Twin Flame Union. And the part he is able to manage and heal is equally Divine and important for the foundation of your Union.

You are always doing 100% of the work. Your Twin Flame is always doing 100% of the work to get into Union. This is the equation of true Divine lovers, because of how they are created as One.

The Ultimate Divine Feminine Superpower

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Because you are the leader of your own spiritual path, you, Divine Feminine, have an incredible power in your hands (and in your heart)! Healing yourself and loving yourself.

It may not seem like much, but the inner spiritual work is the core of the Twin Flame relationship.

Here’s how the Twin Flame dynamic works:

Your Twin Flame is first and foremost . .

They reflect to you everything that is out of alignment with your Divine Self.

If they are ignoring you, not treating you right, it means that somewhere within yourself, you are not treating yourself right.

Value & Self-Respect

This is something that all Divine Feminines on the planet are healing today. The feminine energy is one that has been oppressed or not treated fairly throughout history and in many cultures. It only makes sense that value and self-respect would be high on the list of triggers that we may experience on the journey.

Valuing and respecting yourself means to value your own love and never take from yourself by giving away your energy.

This also applies to your sexual energy. The Divine Feminine’s sexual energy is incredibly sacred. However, in today’s world, it is hard to keep it protected as we are constantly asked to give it away. Shaleia shares her experience and healing, and how having healthy boundaries there attracted her Divine Masculine.

Feeling Safe To Open Up

Because of these cultural and historical wounds, it can be difficult and sensitive for Divine Feminines to open up. However, true strength lies in vulnerability. When you are honest and open to how you feel in each moment, especially the hurtful feelings, you always accept all of yourself and acknowledge what is going on in all situations.

When a Divine Feminine feels safe to be vulnerable and open up, she flows through life with grace, her love knows no bounds but also never leaks any energy. And this is very attractive to the Divine Masculine.

Making Herself The Priority

The Divine Feminine is sometimes expected to be the one to give love and care all the time. Although feminine energy is nurturing in nature, all the care she could give starts with loving herself. 

The love of a Divine Feminine can only be whole and fulfilling when she is willing to invest all the love into her life. When she starts to appreciate her own worth and beauty unconditionally, her love for others naturally happens without effort. And when she is really open to what she needs in all aspects of her life, she gives love easily through everything she does, just by being herself.

The saying is true, you can’t love another without loving yourself first. You cannot truly give love to others by abandoning your own needs.

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Expressing Her Truth

When the Divine Feminine stands in her own truth and power, she loves without fear. She exudes power, not by being harsh and unyielding, but simply by being herself. We often teach Divine Feminines to toughen up, to build an armor around themselves. But in reality, a healthy boundary is about self-respect, not building a wall against others.

Being confident and standing in power and truth really means to be aligned with the Divine. 

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The Divine Feminine superpower is actually such a simple recipe for success. Focusing on herself, feeling better and radiant, shining her light on the world… All of these things amount to living a healthy life and attracting Union with our perfect lover; a complete win-win!

The more we honor our feminine energy, the more we reveal our true Divine Self.

Healing the upsets related to our feminity, cultivating our Divine life; it is all very magnetic to our Twin Flame. The Divine Masculine can only align with the real love you give to yourself. Self-love is therefore, your greatest Twin Flame magnet!

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