You’re on a quest to discover the rare Twin Flame signs you may not have thought about. You’ve gone through a spiritual awakening, you’ve seen signs like 1111, had telepathy with your Twin Flame,… but you’ve also experienced the upsetting part of the Twin Flame journey, the separation. Right now, you’re looking to know whether your Twin Flame is a true or false Twin Flame.

You know the signs and synchronicities may not be enough anymore. If you feel like you’ve tried everything and are looking for a last solution, we have for you the real answer to all of your questions here. We’re going to list the signs that nobody thinks about when thinking about Twin Flames, and we’re going to go into if these rare Twin Flame signs are actually rare. Read until the end, because what we’re about to divulge may shock you!

Recognizing the rare Twin Flame signs

We’ve said it in the introduction; looking for synchronicities to reveal your Twin Flame isn’t enough anymore. In order to 100% identify them, you have to be ready to heal through the illusions that are keeping you separated. You also have to look at signs of Oneness with your Twin Flame that have nothing to do with very spiritual stuff, but more with building a foundation for Divine marriage with them. You’ll see what we mean when you look at the signs.

The most “common” Twin Flame signs, or what people think Twin Flames are about

  • Seeing synchronicities and signs everywhere. Seeing 1111 is pretty common on the journey. It is THE Twin Flame Angel Number after all. Other synchronicities may appear. Feather, spirit animal. Sometimes very personal things like a name or a city, initials. All these signs, while potent, are actually there to bring your attention to your feelings. It means it is entirely possible for the Universe to use your exploration of a relationship with a true or a false Twin Flame to send messages to you.
  • Having telepathic communication and dreams. Dreams and telepathy are so powerful on the Twin Flame journey. It’s a nice thing to have sometimes when you’re in separation with your Twin Flame. However, telepathy is only a confirmation that you’re on the journey. The true messages of telepathy do not reside in seeing the physical traits of your Twin Flame, but in the feeling. The Twin Flame journey shows you that your true Twin Flame isn’t a specific person named “Robert” or “Emma.” Your true Twin Flames resides in your heart first.
  • Having similar facial features or similar physical reality traits. It expands on the point about physical appearance. It doesn’t mean anything if you’re the same zodiac sign or not, if you live in the same city, have the same amount of kids, have the same life path number. All of these physical and astrological characteristics help you heal the challenges between the two of you. They do not, however, confirm a true Twin Flame.

The “uncommon,” rare Twin Flame signs, or the true signs no one talks about

  • Having the same core values. This one is pretty important. Core values can be honesty, love of nature or any traits that feel like you can’t go without within your romantic relationship. The core values are a Twin Flame sign, but they also show you that you’re done with compromise in your relationship, no matter who your Twin Flame ends up being.
  • Having the same life vision and desires for the future. It’s important to have the same life vision. Only your true Twin Flame will have a vision and desires that entirely complementary to you. Just like your core values, you will need to get very clear on what these are. If you’re unclear, your Twin Flame will automatically mirror this to you (through running, evading, being unclear himself).
  • A 100% match of your Twin Flame love list. All these traits end up being a part of the love list. The love list is a simple, yet powerful tool to use in order to identify clearly your Twin Flame. By choosing to do a love list, you choose to leave no room for doubt about the standards your perfect person must meet. This is so magnetic to your Twin Flame!

Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, details all the traits of a false or true Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Zodiac Signs: What do the stars say?

In the end, zodiac signs are just an extension of the healing you do on your Twin Flame journey. The challenges and incompatibilities serve as a way to heal and evolve in your Twin Flame Union. This should come as a relief to you, because “incompatible” zodiac signs don’t mean you are not Twin Flames. It is more complex than that.

rare Twin Flame signs

Fake Twin Flame signs? True Twin Flame signs?

Another misconceptions about Twin Flames is that a person having toxic traits is automatically not a Twin Flame. This is, again, more complex than that.

First of all, all people have a Twin Flame. It means that toxic people are Twin Flames. Not everyone is awakened to the Twin Flame journey just yet.

If your “Twin Flame person” is displaying toxic behavior, the rare Twin Flame signs mentioned above can help in noticing two things:

  • Does your Twin Flame seem to heal with you? It means that there’s a bit of spiritual work you need to do to end separation and they need lots of clear boundaries from you, but they will definitely heal through it. This is only temporary.
  • Is the bad behavior coupled with other false Twin Flames signs? Then it may be a false Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame separation phenomenon

This is probably the most triggering part of the Twin Flame journey. How can your perfect lover make you feel such pain and upsets?

Well, you have to know that your Twin Flame is never upsetting you in a way that is personal. They would never do that because they love you. They love you because there’s mirroring separation to you and showing you where you need to choose love.

We live in a society that has accustomed us to being miserable, to settling. It feels bad and it creates more separation and less harmony. That is why Twin Flames are an Ascension path. They bring us back Home to Love, and they build Heaven on Earth on the base of romance. This is not a fairytale (and the journey isn’t always sunshine and rainbows), but it is the proof that true love is real and it is for you too!

rare Twin Flame signs

Dispelling the myth: Are Twin Flames truly rare?

A lot of the information online is built on the notion that Twin Flames are “special,” “lightworkers” or rare. But they’re not. They’re not rare at all. They’re the norm. And we make it our mission to share it so that the world can have a foundation of Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

We’re here to tell you that your happily ever after is entirely possible. That is what Jeff and Shaleia and their many students prove, time and again. We want to tell that this joy is for you too. Are you ready to claim it?

rare Twin Flame signs

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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