When I was young, I used to watch car plate numbers with my Dad, it was our favorite activity when we got back from school/work. Once, I saw the number 888 on a car plate and told him, “That’s pretty cool.”

He said, “Yes, it is. Do you know that in chinese culture, it is considered the number of good luck and abundance?”

I was awe-struck at this new information! Fast forward to my adult years, when I started the Twin Flame journey and saw repeated numbers, I learned that the 888 angel number is considered the number of physical manifestation and abundance (in finances or in love). I felt happy to see that my Dad was right, and that 888 is generally considered a very positive sign. Just as I’m writing it, I have a receipt with “88” written in bold on my phone. I love a good confirmation!

Have you ever noticed the number 888 popping up in your life, perhaps on a digital clock, a license plate, or even a receipt? If you have, you might be receiving a special message from the angelic realm. If you, like me, are on the Twin Flame journey, I’m going to give you the full meaning of the angel number 888 in love. Let’s start!

What’s an angel number, and how does it affect Twin Flames?

Angel numbers are basically signs from the Universe. It attracts your attention to something. For love and Twin Flames, it doesn’t exactly predict when Twin Flame Union is going to happen. However, it may show you the actions you can take to manifest it. This number is not just about financial prosperity; it’s also a signal to align to the vibration of Union in your life.

We are collectively heading toward a big breakthrough right now. One that will lead many Twin Flames home to Love. If you are reading this, it is a reminder that you are nearing a phase in your life where the love you have been hoping for is about to manifest. It’s a reminder to stay open and positive, as your energy is attracting your perfect partner.

Why am I seeing the 888 Angel Number?

If you find yourself noticing the 888 angel number frequently, consider it an invitation to examine your current relationships and your readiness for a deep connection. Your Twin Flame is the person with whom you’re meant to share your love, intimacy, life goals and values. They are your best friend, it’s like they’re literally you! And because you’re One, they show the patterns to change in your life. They guide to greater love within yourself and with them. It’s important to:

  • Learn to heal your blocks: Feeling a sentiment of lack? This is pointing to where your old beliefs are blocking the love you deserve to receive. You deserve Twin Flame Union, you just need to learn how to actually claim it.
  • Learn to romance yourself: Once you know how to romance yourself, the law of attraction will have no secret for you. Fill your cup up with good energy, so that your reality can reflect that to you.
  • Align your actions: Align your daily actions with what you desire in a relationship. Your Twin Flame is the perfect mirror of your inner beliefs. This means that if you desire a partner that is present for you, practice presence with yourself, in your heart and mind.

You are approaching Union

888 angel number is there to show you that through your spiritual work, you are approaching Twin Flame Union. More than abundance and wealth, the number is a sign of physical manifestation. The inner work is now transforming into physical reality.

Abundance and expansion are also part of the Twin Flame journey. The more you follow your dreams and Life Purpose, the more attracted your Twin Flame is to you.

This is the side of manifestation that people don’t often talk about. First comes the affirmation, or the Love List. Then comes the spiritual healing to lift the blocks to all the things you deserve. And then, when you feel at peace inside, comes the part where you take action (send a text, go job searching,…).

If you never give up, you will have everything you desire. Your Twin Flame will show you how much they love you, you’ll be able to start a life together, projects, work,…

Enjoy a live Twin Flame wedding

The life you can have with your Twin Flame is amazing. It is beyond anything you experience with other romantic partners. If you have not experienced it yet, you have the opportunity to feel the Union energies at a live Twin Flame wedding!

Daniel and Cristina are getting married this June, in the presence of all their friends and family. And you’re invited too. We’d love to have you at the Spiritual Life Summit. Live Twin Flame events are filled with so many breakthroughs, you wouldn’t want to miss it. We’re looking forward to having you.

Written by Yoreen Marcin