As a community, we on the Twin Flame path, have desired a clear way to attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union forever. Twin Flames Universe was born of that desire to share the way to achieve that. Today, we take the next step in making Harmonious Twin Flame Union (HTFU) more accessible for everyone.

We’ve asked our couples in Union and Harmonious Union to describe what it meant to embody and live in HTFU. With their answers, we created a new and official process for verifying if a couple has attained the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and that they are fully supported in maintaining it from a deeply stable, sustainable place.

HTFU is a sacred relationship in our community. By working on this, we desired to honor this, while giving every couple an opportunity to understand what it takes to achieve it.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union, in short

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a spiritual state of being, through which you embody Oneness with your Ultimate Lover. The natural result of this state is that you and your Twin Flame live a life as One.

You both are aware that you were created together by God. You live in harmony together, and you love another unconditionally. Finally, you recognize that the Twin Flame journey is an Ascension path, the one the Teachings of Union share.

Reaching HTFU means that you are completely devoted to purifying your consciousness.

Why the new process is a victory for everyone

By creating a detailed process towards HTFU, we give an opportunity to everyone to understand what it means to be in that state. Couples are now aware of the standards needed to uphold the high vibration of Harmonious Union with their Twin Flame.

On the other hand, a written process is an opportunity to support your Union. At all times, you can make sure you are fully grounded and have a stable foundation for your relationship.

  • Clear Path: Now, everyone knows exactly what steps to take and what to look for on the Twin Flame journey.
  • More Chances for Love: It opens up more opportunities for couples to grow and learn to strengthen their relationships with each other and with people around them.
  • Community: Everyone’s love stories can be a source of inspiration and a lesson on how to attain HTFU for yourself.

A look at the application process

In order to apply for the HTFU certification, here is what needs to happen:

If you’re thinking, “Are we ready?” you can start to chat with your Ascension Coach, and they’ll help you figure everything out.

“This new process is streamlined and straightforward with the Couple and the Coach being able to provide their testimony of their experience. There is a clear definition and process that removes the mystery. Furthermore, we have provided support for couples to understand what the appropriate spiritual foundation is to truly sustain HTFU. This supports people in understanding where they are and what is truly required to maintain the vibration.”

– Cristina, who worked on the new HTFU process

Every year, your Union will be vetted again, to ensure that the vibration of Harmonious Twin Flame Union is being upheld and is sustainable.

Congratulations to the 3 HTFUs that are already re-certified

Today, we’re congratulating the first 3 Twin Flame couples who have gone through the re-certification process and that have shown us how they did it. You can read their stories on the Twin Flame Unions’ page.

“We have a real measurable way to determine HTFU and uphold the standard of it which is really valuable for our community. I feel like HTFU is much more protected now and every couple has a lot more support and a clear path to get there.”

– Michaila, In HTFU with her Twin Flame José

Jason & Chrissy, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union

José & Michaila, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union

Laurentiu & Alexandra, Twin Flames in Harmonious Union

Written by Yoreen Marcin

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