From attaining Harmonious Union with her Twin Flame, Charles, to having a baby and getting married at the Romance in Sedona workshop, Oceana has had a lot of beautiful successes on her Twin Flame Ascension journey. Now, she’s reached a major milestone in her Life Purpose: reaching over 7 million views on her solar eclipse-themed reel on Instagram and getting interactions from several A-list celebrities.

Dreams Coming True

Oceana has long dreamed of helping a lot of people find love. “I feel like just connecting with the world in a really big way is part of my purpose in life,” she says. “This is what I have thought all my life and in my heart, you know, because I have so much love that I want to share and give to the world through this work.”

The day after posting her eclipse reel, Ocean woke up to see it had gone viral. “It was more than just exciting because I was like, ‘oh my God, this is so cool because I’ve been trying to manifest this for a while.’ It felt like a big wink from God.”

She had set a fun goal for herself of getting over a million views. “I kept imagining that it would happen. I felt my feelings around it happening, and that’s what led me there. So, claiming your desires in your heart is such a big piece on this journey,” she says. She smashed her goal, exceeding it by 6 million views!

The Path to Success

Even though Oceana exudes confidence in her content, she didn’t always feel that way. “It would take me like an hour just to do one reel [when I first started]. I would have to rephrase and say things over and over again. But I was determined to just get through it so I could learn how to be in front of a camera and share my content.”

After a lot of healing and growth over the years, she feels “so much safer to express myself, and I don’t really care what anybody thinks. I feel like I’ve worked so hard to get to that point, just feeling safe to be my authentic self.”

Authenticity is a universal theme on our journeys, but for Oceana it’s been an especially powerful lesson. In fact, the week before the solar eclipse, Oceana was completely rethinking her brand, choosing to create content that she loved without comparing herself to others. “[I was] realizing who I think I am and how I want the world to perceive me. And really choosing to be more of myself, my authentic self. And it was a big shift. It was like pulling a mask off.”

Mastering Your Life Purpose

If you’re on your Life Purpose journey, it’s important to keep investing into your purpose work with a lot of self-love. Ocean says, “my biggest key advice is just having a good time and allowing yourself [to express yourself] and just knowing that that success will happen for you as you keep showing up for yourself consistently in this way.”

A year ago, Oceana’s Instagram reels were usually getting between 10,000 and 20,000 views. Now, she has 3 at over 1 million, including her solar eclipse reel at over 7.1 million thanks to persisting in love and believing in herself. The promise of dreams is that they come true. Here’s to many more successes for Oceana! We all can’t wait to see the joy she’ll feel and the impact she’ll have as her Life Purpose continues to grow.

Interview by Sage Woodward

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