Are you about to physically meet your beloved Twin Flame for the first time? If you’re overcome with butterflies, then you’re in good company. That is exactly how Jeff and Shaleia felt when they first physically met each other in person!


Jeff and Shaleia’s beautiful Harmonious Twin Flame Union began as a long distance relationship. Jeff was in Hawaii, and Shaleia was in Sedona, Arizona. After four months of online dating, they finally met each other physically when Jeff visited Shaleia in Sedona. You can read the full, in-depth story of this meeting, which happened in the most magical of ways, in their book.


Anticipation and insecurity in a Twin Flame Union


Meeting an online romantic partner can be nerve-wracking even for the most mindful, conscious people. It can be really hard not to have certain expectations based off of one’s online relationship, because sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get. You can talk online and share your most intimate feelings, your innermost thoughts, but it’s not until you’re actually present with each other in person that you have new realizations about your biochemistry and the energy between you two.


Jeff and Shaleia, despite their conscious choice to do their spiritual work, were no exception to this fluttery build up to their meeting in Sedona. And although they eagerly looked forward to this meeting, neither of them knew quite what to expect. They definitely weren’t prepared for how blown away they would be by their Twin Flame’s physical presence.



In the days leading up to their first meeting, Shaleia was in preparation mode. She was preparing her house, and preparing herself mentally for what she knew was the next stage of her life. Whenever fear and insecurity came up, she was gentle with herself and took rest and relaxation so that she could process her feelings.


In a long distance relationship it can be difficult to feel self-assured. It requires a lot of trust. Without that physical component, there are a lot of things your mind and body will do to you to direct you away from the relationship, like trying to get your sexual needs met elsewhere.


Jeff and Shaleia committed to each other while dating online, because they knew in their heart of hearts that this was a relationship worth investing in. For Shaleia, that meant not dating other men and allocating a minimum of two hours every evening to talk to Jeff on Skype, Facebook or on the phone (though this often ended up being five or six hours every evening). Jeff and Shaleia both committed to keeping the connection alive. For Shaleia, meeting Jeff online was the best way to meet him because they got to lay out the groundwork for their Union in a very focused way.


The last two weeks leading up to Jeff and Shaleia’s first physical meeting was very difficult for both of them. The anticipation keep building, and Shaleia felt like her life was on hold in many ways. Their Skype chats had topped out and could not take their Union further without a physical meeting. They had both wondered, “How much deeper can we go without being in person?”


Jeff and Shaleia had enjoyed rich online interactions over Skype. When they weren’t having nine-hour conversations and sharing their deepest thoughts and dreams, they were reading books and watching TV shows together. Doing these online activities together fostered a more powerful connection between them, but even this level of interaction couldn’t continue online. Their Twin Flame Union finally needed that physical component in order for both Jeff and Shaleia to feel good about continuing their deep talks about their plans, dreams and businesses.


The Meeting



Shaleia was calm and collected up until thirty minutes before Jeff arrived, and then suddenly she became really nervous. That’s when the butterflies hit, and Shaleia began to feel anxiety about what to wear. She found herself picking out a red top and black pants because her friend told her that men were more psychologically attracted to women who wear red. Even though she knew the eternal depth of her Twin Flame Union, she couldn’t help herself in this moment.


Then Jeff texted her that he was five minutes away, and she saw the shuttle pull up to the parking lot outside the motel, where Shaleia’s car was parked. Shaleia waited a few seconds for Jeff to get his luggage. Then Shaleia walked around the shuttle and saw that Jeff’s back was towards her. She called out his name.


Jeff turned around, threw off his hat, shoes and glasses, and came running towards Shaleia even as she was still walking towards him. When they came together they hugged tightly, their hearts both pounding hard, and Shaleia felt that it was the best hug she had ever received. Both Jeff and Shaleia were overwhelmed with emotion in that moment. Neither of them could really believe this was happening and neither of them wanted to end the hug, but Shaleia kept thinking, “I want to see his face again.”


They broke apart so that they could finally gaze at each other in person, and sat on a bench. Jeff and Shaleia found themselves tearing up as they looked at each other. It was as if their hearts were greeting each other for the first time, even though they had already been dating online. Shaleia felt like she was finally physically meeting the man she had already known at the higher planes of existence. No words could describe what passed between them as they sat on the bench together.


Jeff’s perspective


Jeff had taken a 22-hour, triple plane ride, with long layovers and then a bus ride, to get to Sedona. And before his trip he had been busy as well, packing and getting ready. He was pretty burned out on arrival and he hadn’t gotten enough sleep. Jeff thought he would keep it cool and laidback when he met Shaleia and just let her run into his arms. He knew that if he thought about even one moment in the future, he would get anxious, so he tried to stay in the present moment.


But as soon as the bus reached Sedona, Jeff couldn’t help but grow excited. He felt a great deal of emotion moving in his lower chakras, but it wasn’t until the bus stopped that Jeff realized, “Oh, I’m a little nervous right now.” He didn’t know if Shaleia would come up while he was getting his luggage out, or whether the bus driver would get in the way, so he really appreciated that Shaleia waited for him to get his bags before coming up.


He couldn’t see her in the parking lot and was just deciding to walk around the building to look for her, when he heard Shaleia’s voice. The moment Jeff saw Shaleia, he tossed his glasses, shoes and hat aside, forgot his initial plans to remain cool and suave, and ran straight to her. It was as if Jeff had been in a oxygen-deprived environment his whole life, and and then suddenly oxygen began flooding his body, making him light-headed.


Physical attraction at the first meeting


Jeff also wasn’t sure how attractive Shaleia would be to him in person. She was cute on Facebook, and then she was really cute on Skype. And then in person, Jeff felt like he had won the jackpot, like he was the nerdy kid who won the cutest girl in school. He felt so blessed, honored and lucky that he got to be with this woman.



Shaleia had the same experience. Jeff was attractive to her online, and he became more attractive to her when they met up physically. There was more intimacy in their eye contact, she felt that his voice was different when they met in person, and she was able to read his body language more clearly. It was like the difference between listening to an album on your computer versus going to see the band live.


Twin Flames are meant to be as magnetically attracted to each other as Jeff and Shaleia were in this first meeting. Your Twin Flame is you, so in any moment if you don’t feel attracted to them, that just means you are not attracted to yourself. This can always be resolved by doing the Mirror Exercise.


Ready for that magical first meeting?


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Transcribed from the video “TWIN FLAMES ~ OUR FIRST EVER MEETING STORY!” by Jeff and Shaleia.