Are you about to physically meet your beloved Twin Flame for the first time? If you’re overcome with butterflies, then you’re in good company. That is exactly how Jeff and Shaleia felt when they first physically met each other in person!

Jeff and Shaleia’s beautiful Harmonious Twin Flame Union began as a long distance relationship. Jeff was in Hawaii, and Shaleia was in Sedona, Arizona. After four months of online dating, they finally met each other physically when Jeff visited Shaleia in Sedona. You can read the full, in-depth story of this meeting, which happened in the most magical of ways, in their book.

Anticipation and insecurity in a Twin Flame Union

Meeting an online romantic partner can be nerve-wracking even for the most mindful, conscious people. It can be really hard not to have certain expectations based off of one’s online relationship, because sometimes you don’t know what you’re going to get. You can talk online and share your most intimate feelings, your innermost thoughts, but it’s not until you’re actually present with each other in person that you have new realizations about your biochemistry and the energy between you two.

Jeff and Shaleia, despite their conscious choice to do their spiritual work, were no exception to this fluttery build up to their meeting in Sedona. And although they eagerly looked forward to this meeting, neither of them knew quite what to expect. They definitely weren’t prepared for how blown away they would be by their Twin Flame’s physical presence.

In the days leading up to their first meeting, Shaleia was in preparation mode. She was preparing her house, and preparing herself mentally for what she knew was the next stage of her life. Whenever fear and insecurity came up, she was gentle with herself and took rest and relaxation so that she could process her feelings.

In a long distance relationship it can be difficult to feel self-assured. It requires a lot of trust. Without that physical component, there are a lot of things your mind and body will do to you to direct you away from the relationship, like trying to get your sexual needs met elsewhere.

Jeff and Shaleia committed to each other while dating online, because they knew in their heart of hearts that this was a relationship worth investing in. For Shaleia, that meant not dati