How is Twin Flame love different from all the other loves I have experienced? Is it safe? Could it ever be toxic?

These are real questions that you can ask yourself on the Twin Flame journey. But you don’t need to worry; because Twin Flame love is the healthiest, most healing romantic love there is.

It’s deep, it’s rich, and it’s worth all of the deep inner work and support you’ll need to have it and maintain it.

This makes it starkly different from the soulmate and karmic relationships we so often see in today’s world.

So, how can you tell the difference between a healthy relationship and an unhealthy one?

How can you learn to differentiate a toxic relationship from a loving one?

Let’s put Twin Flames aside for now to address the question about toxicity.

Toxic Or Unhealthy Relationships

There is an extremely significant difference between a low-vibrational relationship and a high-vibrational relationship, and it mainly boils down to one powerful question:

What is the relationship’s purpose?

In a low-vibrational relationship, the relationship’s purpose is to serve sickness.

In a high-vibrational relationship, the relationship’s purpose is to serve Love.

With the low-vibrational relationship, some emotional addiction is being fulfilled by both parties.

With the high vibrational relationship, respect and appreciation are the core tenets between both parties.

Recovering From Toxicity

Your relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship you have.

British Psychologist, Robert Holden

When healing from emotional sickness, you can use your intuition and strong sense of self to feel into whether someone or something in your life is trying to hold on to sickness, and by extension, involve you in their sickness.

Oftentimes in these codependent relationships, one person is fulfilling their own “neediness,” while the other is fulfilling a “Savior complex.”

You can feel pretty quickly how the basis of this relationship won’t stand the test of time! Something like this will leave you feeling pretty sad and drained inside.

A healthy-minded individual will find no purpose in a codependent relationship, where one party seeks to “get something” from the other person.

With a loving, healthy relationship, both parties have taken the time to heal and work on themselves. They each offer something to the relationship, and that offering is vibrationally clear and purpose-based. Simply put, the relationship just feels good.

Who could offer a healthy relationship to someone without first committing to having a healthy relationship with oneself?

With one’s own commitment to maturity and inner well-being, healthy, spiritually clear relationships are the automatic result.

twin flames dancing

Loving God Is The Same As Loving Yourself

To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”

Oscar Wilde

When a person turns away from codependency and sickness and instead chooses love, they are prioritizing their emotional, mental, and physical health and well-being.

They are cultivating deep inner self-love, and inevitably returning to the state within them where they feel the most Oneness with the Divine.

As you begin to receive God as your Source, you begin the healing process of understanding and loving yourself in a seriously intimate way.

Your soul is now being loved and cared for on the deepest possible level. Being fed by Love instead of sickness, you will immediately begin to change for the better.

With Love as the primary center of your life, all your relationships will either upgrade with you or fall away.

This is because Love is the most powerful choice of all.

You will feel any games of sickness or codependency withering up and dying, as new life blooms within you.

And any toxic or sick relationships in your life?

twin flames on a private shore

They will either transform into healthy ones or whither away as they will no longer have a god of sickness to serve.

You’ll notice your standards naturally rising and find old addictive habits no longer satisfying.

You’ll feel more clear within yourself, and find it much easier to set healthy boundaries that honor you and your energy, cultivating the proper foundation for a proper relationship.

Being this more loved version of yourself will prepare you for the love of your Twin Flame Union, and in fact, your Twin Flame actually can’t help but be magnetized to you as you radiate self-love and humility!

What Are Twin Flames? What Will My Life Be Like With Mine?

Back to Twin Flames!

Twin Flames were created by the Divine as One, meaning, in the very moment your soul was created, you were also created with a Divine counterpart. Two wings of the same bird, two expressions of the same soul blueprint, Twin Flames are two whole, individual people by themselves, but even more complete when they’re together.

If you’ve met yours, you already know what I’m talking about!

Because your Twin Flame is made of the same “stuff” as you, they will always lean towards triggering beliefs or experiences in your shared consciousness that are out of alignment with your Divinity.

This is not because they want to hurt you; (oftentimes, they have no idea how deeply they may be triggering you!), but because they love you, and their presence in your life is designed to spark radical transformation.

Who else could do that for you but your Ultimate Lover!

Say Yes To True Love

If you don’t let your Twin Flame in and allow them to change you in a fundamental way, they really have no purpose in your life.


twin flames sitting forehead to forehead

If you do not commit to healing what your Twin Flame is showing you, their purpose in your life will quickly dwindle away and they will be repelled away from you. This is the true nature of Twin Flames; their presence brings you directly to God!

Thankfully, you can always heal what your Twin Flame is showing you and clear it using the Mirror Exercise and Teachings of Jeff and Shaleia

As you heal each upset presented by your Twin Flame person, you’ll find your vibration being raised much higher and more quickly than ever before.

Life becomes much easier and more enjoyable together, and dissolving upsets becomes a natural aspect of your beloved Union. 

Time and time again deeper love and romance will be experienced together and in the most beautiful and breathtaking ways!

Final Thoughts

The differences between a loving, yet challenging relationship and a toxic one may seem clearer now.

One is based on fear, the other is based on Love.

One has a very weak sense of purpose and meaning, while the other has a very strong sense of purpose and meaning.

One is ultimately not very enjoyable, while the other is rich with satisfaction and enjoyment for you and your partner to cherish for lifetimes.

Because you and your Twin Flame are truly One at the core, you’re never ahead of or behind one another.

You’re always moving in perfect step with one another spiritually, even if it doesn’t look like it on the outside.

Choose love, again and again, above all else, and you’ll find your Twin Flame vibing right alongside you in no time at all. Sign up for our free Twin Flame Ascension Intro Course to get help in claiming your Twin Flame Union.

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