Do you have a codependent relationship with your Twin Flame? Codependency can greatly impact your Union in a very negative way. Being able to identify this pattern in your Union, or life, is a great start and there is a way to heal it. Healing codependency in your Union is important for a healthy and balanced relationship with your Twin Flame.

How do you recognize a codependent relationship? How does that affect your Twin Flame Union? Is there any coming back from a codependent relationship with your Twin Flame and how do you heal it?

Understanding Codependency in Twin Flame Relationships

Codependency is the tendency to look for Love outside yourself in another person. Essentially, that person becomes “god” to a codependent.

There are many causes for codependency but at the root of it all is addiction and/or trauma. Some experiences you may have had as a child could lead to codependency, such as: abandonment, being told you are not valuable or worthy of Love, judgment, or receiving inconsistent love from your caregivers as a child.

A codependent relationship can be experienced with anyone, however, it is very common in romantic relationships. Some signs of codependency you could be experiencing with your Twin Flame are: the need for approval, believing self-care is selfish, needing to save them, difficultly in making decisions for yourself, can’t say “No,” difficulty spending time alone, feeling lost when you’re not with your person, lack of healthy boundaries, feeling trapped in the relationship, and anxiety when you don’t hear from them.

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Codependency is detrimental to your life’s journey, regardless of who your are experiencing this pattern with. A codependent relationship is unhealthy and is not the Divine relationship you desire to have with your Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror and if codependency isn’t healed, it will continue to be reflected to you. Codependency doesn’t feel peaceful.

If any of this resonates with you don’t worry it can be healed and you can have a healthy relationship with your Twin Flame and others in your life.

The Importance of Self-Love in Healing Codependent Relationships

Giving yourself the Love you need is key to healing codependent relationships. Understanding that this love comes from God will allow you to relax and feel fulfilled. God is always here and His love is infinite. If you’re experiencing a codependent relationship it can feel difficult to prioritize yourself, maybe even selfish. There’s a people-pleasing energy based in fear that can make it feel that if you don’t do what the other person wants you’ll lose Love. However, this is not true because you cannot lose Love.

So, how do you practice self-love? A great place to start is with the Mirror Exercise. Healing with the Mirror Exercise, will not only help you love yourself but will also heal the pattern of codependency completely. It’s crucial to prioritize yourself and to ensure your needs are met first. You cannot give from an empty cup. Everything you’re experiencing is a result of a choice you’ve made. However, don’t criticize yourself for a choice you’ve made in the past. You can always make a new choice and forgive yourself for any choices you’ve made that were out of alignment with Love. You are innocent.

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Valuing Yourself in Twin Flame Relationships

Someone who is codependent, gauges their self-worth based on the responses of the other person and they believe they will only feel good about themselves by making sacrifices for them. When you put yourself last you’re devaluing yourself. This is repulsive to your Twin Flame. Don’t put anyone above you. Not even your Twin Flame. God, you, your Twin Flame, then everyone else. This is the Divine order.

Putting your Twin Flame on a pedestal is very repulsive to them. When you’re not valuing yourself they will reflect this back to you. Have you ever felt like you’re the one doing everything with your Twin Flame. You reach out first and are constantly going out of your way for them. Are you valuing yourself by doing this? No, you’re not and that’s why your Twin Flame seems uninterested, running away, and just not wanting anything to do with you. Putting all your focus and energy into getting into Union is not actually how you achieve it. You must love and value yourself to raise your vibration to that of your Union in order to manifest it.

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Society has a misunderstanding of what being selfish actually means. We’re taught to put others first. Their feelings, needs, etc. That putting yourself last is what’s appropriate. If this is what you’ve learned it’s okay and you can make a new choice here.

Selfishness isn’t putting yourself first. Selfishness is manipulating others into putting themselves above you. Selfish people are dependent on others to make them feel valuable because they don’t value themselves.

Your self-worth doesn’t come from someone else and Love doesn’t either. God is your Source of Love.

When you focus on you and give yourself what you need, this attracts your Twin Flame because you are allowing God to fulfill you rather than putting that on your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is your perfect mirror and they will reflect you in every way. When you value yourself they will reflect this back to you. When you choose yourself and when you love yourself they will reflect this back to you.

Claiming Back Your Power

A great step to claiming your power in a codependent relationship is to begin setting boundaries. This can feel very difficult at first but it’s important to remember that boundaries are loving. Healing codependency requires support and a great way to claim your support and accelerate your healing is to get an Ascension Coach. An Ascension Coach will help you move through the Mirror Exercise and find even the most hidden places within you that need Love.

Reclaiming your power is very attractive to your Twin Flame because when you are loving yourself, you are not dependent on them for Love. How would it feel to know in your heart that God is your Source and that there is nothing you need from anyone else, including your Twin Flame? This is very freeing because it allows both of you to just be yourselves and enjoy each other.

Finding Healing in God

God is your Source. This truth will bring you great peace and fulfillment. Everything you need is within you and all the Love you need and desire is in God, within you. Claim it and receive it.

The Mirror Exercise is the only tool you need to heal codependency and experience deeper Love in your life. Of course there are many other supportive resources to help you on your journey, one being Twin Flame Ascension School.

When you heal a codependent relationship with your Twin Flame it allows for great love and peace in your Union. You don’t need or expect anything from each other because you are completely fulfilled with God.

Doesn’t that sound juicy and Divine? The key to healing codependent relationships is self-love and knowing God is your Source. With God, you give yourself everything you need. You are powerful and valuable. No one else needs to provide you with anything.

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Codependency is often rooted in childhood trauma and can manifest in your Twin Flame Union as well as in many other relationships in your life. Loving yourself is the key to healing this pattern and realizing that everything you need comes from God. Loving yourself is valuing yourself and it’s not at all selfish, in fact it’s highly magnetic to your Twin Flame.

Codependency can feel like a mess to wade through which is why practicing the Mirror Exercise and claiming your support is essential to healing. In God, all of your needs and desires are fulfilled. This allows for a deeply loving and healthy relationship with your Twin Flame to unfold and grow. For a deeper look at the Twin Flame journey check out our free Twin Flame Introductory Course.

Written by Abbey Campbell

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