When your Divine Masculine tells you not to contact them, or that they don’t want a relationship with you, it can feel very confusing. Especially because your heart is so certain that they love you too. So why does this happen? And what can you do about it? When your Divine Masculine says he doesn’t want to connect with you in the way you want, he’s actually setting a boundary with you.

Let’s look at 5 reasons why the Divine Masculine might set a boundary with you. Note: You might want to treat this as an exercise, so grab a pen and paper and you can write out your own situation as we go through the information. Let’s get right into it.

Reason #1 Why the Divine Masculine Runs – Codependency

The first reason why your Divine Masculine sets a boundary with you, is codependency. The Divine Masculine can often find that his Divine Feminine is really needy or really codependent. She might be seeing her Divine Masculine as the Source of Love and trying to get things from him. He finds this really unattractive. A lot of times, he is either going to distance himself or he will set a boundary to limit contact. He is communicating:

“Hey, I’m not your Source of Love.”

Your Divine Masculine is encouraging you to love yourself and to do your own thing. He doesn’t want to be your center of attention. That’s not what he wants. He wants you to be your own center of attention. He wants you to focus on yourself and your goals and your own happiness. And then from that place, that’s how you can have a relationship with each other.

divine feminine healing why the divine masculine runs

Because if you’re trying to make your Divine Masculine the center of your attention, it’s not going to really work out for you. It’s going to feel really bad in your relationship. You’re going to feel a lot of tension, maybe a lot of strain on your relationship because there’s some expectation of…

“Hey, you’re supposed to give me Love.”
“You’re supposed to give me this.”

And so that’s going to be one reason why he will set a boundary with you, because he’s communicating:

“Hey, no… you’ve got to focus on yourself.”
“You’ve got to love yourself.”
“You’ve got to be your Source of Love.”

Because to your Divine Masculine, it feels kind of icky. It doesn’t really feel that good. It feels more like:

“Hey… back up a little bit.”
“I love you.”
“I think you’re amazing.”
“But codependency is not going to work in our relationship here, right?”

So that’s the first reason.

Reason #2 Why the Divine Masculine Runs – Respect

Let’s get on to the second reason why your Divine Masculine sets a boundary with you. You’re not respecting him, and so he’s going to set a boundary so he can respect himself.

There may be things that have happened where the Divine Masculine doesn’t feel respected in his relationship with his Divine Feminine, or doesn’t like the way he is being treated, he is feeling:

“Hey, this is not okay.”
“It’s not okay with me.”
“You have to sort yourself out, and then we can have a proper relationship.”

This indicates there is healing both of you need to do. Ultimately your Divine Masculine is allowing this behavior. And because you are his Twin Flame, you’re going to mirror all those things to him. But if you’re not respecting him and you’re not seeing him for who he truly is, as your Twin Flame, as your Divine Masculine, he’s going to say:

“Hey, this isn’t really going to work here.”
“I value myself.”
“And you need to value yourself, too.”
“And if you’re not valuing us and our relationship, it’s not really going to work here.”

So the best way that you can respect him is by also respecting yourself and realizing that, he’s the Divine Masculine. He’s your Twin Flame. He loves you but it doesn’t really feel good if you go to him when you need something. This includes if you’re just texting him because you’re feeling lonely:

“Hey, I’m going to text my Divine Masculine because I know that he loves me.”
“I know that he feels all these things for me, and I want him to come over because I feel lonely.”

why the divine masculine runs then comes back

It’s not going to feel good to your Divine Masculine, and it ultimately doesn’t really feel good to you either on the inside. So just be mindful of that. And if you’re not respecting him, it’s okay. Make a new choice there. Respect yourself. Respect him, and you’ll find that your relationship will be much more harmonious, easy and light. Respecting and trusting each other happens when you allow your Divine Masculine to communicate honestly:

“Hey, you’re not respecting me.”

It gives you the opportunity to look at yourself and see where you’re not respecting yourself and where you’re also not respecting the relationship that you have. And that’s okay. If you are working on how to be in a relationship, that’s okay. Because everybody’s on their own unique path. But you’ve also got to remember, your Twin Flame, your Divine Masculine is a person. Treat him how you would treat yourself.

Reason #3 Why the Divine Masculine Runs – Love Yourself

focusing on yourself

The third reason why your Divine Masculine is setting a boundary with you is because you need to love yourself. You need to be with yourself. You need to focus on things in your own life and not on him. Because the Divine Masculine will be able to pick up on this if you’re not. When you’re ignoring yourself or you’re putting all of your attention and all of your eggs in one basket, you’re saying:

“Here, have everything.”
“Have all my money, have all my love, have all my attention, have all my care.”

Your Divine Masculine loves that. When his woman is all about him and loving him, he loves that. But he also loves and is really attracted to her when she’s all about herself. When she’s in her groove, she’s loving herself. She is doing really well in her life. She’s happy. She looks good.

And we’re not saying you need to be looking attractive, with makeup and your hair done. No, it just means for you to feel good on the inside and then that radiates outward. You’re radiating your Divine Feminine beauty. That’s what attracts your Divine Masculine.

So if your Divine Masculine is saying:

“Hey, there’s a boundary here.”
“There’s no relationship here.”

He could very well mean:

“Hey, you need to go and love yourself.”
“You need to go and take care of yourself.”
“You need to go and focus on things in your life.”

Because if not, your Divine Masculine will pick up on these things. He is very sensitive to you and very in tune with you. That’s actually one of the myths, right? One of the myths is:

“Hey, the Divine Masculine is not really in tune.”
They’re unawakened.”
“They don’t really know what they’re doing.”

It’s not true. Your Divine Masculine is very in tune and he’s very in tune with you because he’s very in tune with himself. So keep that in mind. Your Divine Masculine feels as much as you do. He knows just as much as you do.

Reason #4 Why the Divine Masculine Runs – Put Yourself First

The fourth reason on why he might set a boundary with you, this kind of goes hand in hand with the third reason, but it’s a little different. The fourth reason is that you’re not putting yourself first. And this is absolutely a key thing. You want to put yourself first over everybody.

So if you’re putting your children before yourself, if you have children. Or if you’re putting your job before yourself. If you’re putting your family, your coworkers, your friends, your Twin Flame, your Divine Masculine before your needs. If you’re putting all of these people before you, that is not really attractive to your Divine Masculine. Because your Divine Masculine can feel that. And if you’re leaking your energy into all of these people instead of giving your energy back to yourself, it’s not going to be good for your relationship with yourself or your Divine Masculine.

So your Divine Masculine is basically saying:

“You’ve got to love yourself here.”
“And this is how I’m going to help you.”
“I’m going to set a boundary here.”

why the divine masculine sets a boundary: he loves you

So he’s kind of encouraging you to focus on yourself. Your Divine Masculine wants you to love yourself as much as he loves you. He wants you to see how amazing and how perfect and how awesome you are. He can’t give that to you. He can’t give you that satisfaction. That validation. You have to learn to give that to yourself. You have to see yourself how he sees you. And that is a process.

That’s not something that you’re going to come to really fast. And you know what? You may actually come to that conclusion very fast. That you’re awesome and you’re valuable and you’re perfect and you’re attractive. And for others, it may take a little while and that’s okay. And the tool that you can use for learning self-focus and healing, is the Mirror Exercise. Go watch the video. It’s a great self-love tool.

So put yourself first. Remember, you are your most important person in your life. Your energy is important to you. You need to fill yourself up. You’ve got to give everything you want to give your Divine Masculine, to yourself first. This is what makes you highly attractive. It’s so highly magnetic to your Divine Masculine when you are loving yourself up and you are giving yourself all that Love. It makes them want to be with you more and give to you more. And love on you more. So do that.

Reason #5 Why the Divine Masculine Runs – Obsession

And the last and final reason number five, why your Divine Masculine is putting up a boundary is, the word obsession. You’re obsessing over him. You’re texting him all the time, you’re coming to his house or place of work. You’re being very needy. It’s kind of hand-in-hand with codependency. But this is a more more extreme version.

putting a boundary and loving yourself

Your Divine Masculine can feel when you’re obsessing about him and being very clingy and very needy. And it’s okay if you are. It’s okay if you’re doing this and you’re at this stage in your Union. There’s nothing wrong with it. Everybody goes through it. So if you’re doing this, it’s okay. Just make sure your behaviour and actions are kept within the parameters of the law. But if you do obsess, he’s going to say:

“Hey, this energy in our relationship, this obsession energy, is not okay.”

If you’re pouring all this energy into your Divine Masculine, you’re kind of wasting your energy in a sense, because that energy that you have is really just for you. It’s for you and for your Life Purpose and for what you’re doing in your life. So it’s okay to love your Divine Masculine. It’s okay to love him and want to be with him and to want to text him. It’s totally okay. But it’s not okay when it turns into obsession and the only thing that you can think about is your Divine Masculine and how to get your Divine Masculine to love you.

Obsessing is when you do this:

“Do I text them this?”
“Do I text them that?
“What are they doing?”
“Who are they with? Are they here? Are they there?”

That’s not attractive to him. So if you’re obsessing, maybe there’s a fear there. Maybe there’s something that you’re scared of. It might show up like this:

“Oh, if he’s out here, he’s going to be with another person.”
“If he’s not texting me, he doesn’t like me.”

If you do find your behavior and feelings are coming from a place of fear. Stop. Give yourself all the Love you need. Do the Mirror Exercise and come back to a place of peace in your heart. That’s where your Union will flourish.

free after the divine masculine loved her


If your Divine Masculine is not texting you, it’s more than likely for one of these five reasons. There will always be a very good reason why he’s not texting you. And again, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t love you. It doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want to be with you. It just means that there’s something more important that you need to be looking at. If you would like help to work through this particular pattern, all the support you could ever need is available to you. Take a look at our Free Twin Flame Intro Course to help you get into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame.

Transcription of Youtube Video 5 Reasons Your Divine Masculine Sets A Boundary by Drake Minore

Edited by Julia Martin- Woodbridge

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