With so much Twin Flame information available online, it can be overwhelming and confusing to determine the truth. We encourage you to always feel your feelings fully so that you remain deeply connected to your heart. Your heart is your Divine compass, designed to guide you forward on this journey Home to Love with your beloved Twin Flame.

To help you understand what you are currently experiencing, we have designed this quiz to help you ground into the basics of your Twin Flame journey.

Before you begin, take all the time you need to feel into your heart as you read each question. Pay attention to how you feel. Allow your heart to indicate to you whether the question feels true or false. Do you feel the softness and openness of love? Or do you notice a tension and constriction that indicates a fear and a block? This quiz will help you to reconnect with yourself and discover what has been holding you back from your deepest desire, your Twin Flame Union.

We hope you enjoy this quiz and may it help to empower you in making the most loving choices for your Twin Flame Union.



#1. Do you instantly recognize your Twin Flame when you meet them?

This is false. Some Twin Flames will recognize each other straight away and may easily begin a friendship, work partnership or romantic relationship. But others may need to heal before they can recognize their Twin Flame. Both scenarios are normal. Your Twin Flame could be right in front of you and you may not even realize it yet!


#2. Does everyone have a Twin Flame?

This is true. Twin Flames are not special or rare. This is simply the way we were created; with a Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is your Divine Complement and we were all created to have a Divine partner to life our lives with.


#3. Are Twin Flames always meant to be together in a romantic relationship?

This is true. Twin Flames were created to be best friends, partners and lovers. You never have to compromise with your Twin Flame because they are your perfect match for eternity.


#4. Is there anything preventing you and your Twin Flame from being together in this lifetime?

This is false. Although there can be many reasons that appear to prevent your Union from happening, you can trust there is a Divine and perfect journey of healing for you to take which will lovingly dissolve all the blocks to your Union.


#5. If you or your Twin Flame is married to another person, does this mean it’s all over and you can’t be together?

This is false. We may find that we made choices of separation before, during or after meeting our Twin Flame. This occurs when we believe in the ego-illusion and don’t believe we can have Divine Love. Don’t worry! All choices rooted in fear can be undone. You have the healing power to make choices in alignment with Divine Love, and you can manifest your Twin Flame Union in this lifetime.


#6. If you or your Twin Flame are in a 3rd party relationship, is there a soul contract that needs to play out before you can have your Union?

This is false. A contract is really only an agreement or a choice that was made. There is nothing that can stand in the way of Divine Love. Only true Twin Flames are designed to be with each other romantically. Releasing an existing 3rd party relationship enables that person to be free to be with their own Twin Flame if that is what they choose. You have no obligation to stay in a 3rd party relationship.


#7. If your Twin Flame says they don’t want to be with you, do you have to give up on the Twin Flame journey?

This is false. Your Twin Flame loves you above all others. They will simply reflect to you your own feelings about being with Divine Love. As you heal the blocks to your Union, your Twin Flame will reflect that healing to you.


#8. Do you and your Twin Flame share the same consciousness?

This is true. You and your Twin Flame were created for each other as Divine Complements. They are your perfect match and share all of your core values because you share one consciousness. You will both have the same blocks to love, though they may appear to be different externally. But you will also both heal together. It only takes one Twin Flame to do the healing for the Union. You are never separate.


#9. Is it best to give up and walk away when you experience painful triggers and upsets with your Twin Flame?

This is false. Although it can be challenging to experience triggers and painful patterns with your Twin Flame, knowing how to heal is what makes all the difference. When you understand how to move through the upsets easily, you will recognize that the triggers are actually guiding you into deeper love. Never give up on your Union because it’s the same as giving up on yourself. You deserve to be loved.


#10. If hurtful things have been said or done in your Union, does this mean your Union is ruined and cannot be put right?

This is false. Your Twin Flame is you. This means that all the hurtful things that may have happened are occurring because you are giving power to the ego/illusion in your shared consciousness. As you heal you will realize that giving yourself compassion and forgiveness is what heals your Union. Unconditional love means loving without conditions. This is not the same as allowing yourself to be disrespected. Loving unconditionally also means having good boundaries and self-respect.


#11. If your Twin Flame doesn’t agree that you are Twin Flames, are they the unawakened Twin?

This is false. Your Twin Flame will simply reflect to you your own blocks to Divine Love. You can use the Mirror Exercise to heal the upset around seeing yourself as your own Ultimate Lover. As you heal this block, you will begin to see your true Twin Flame reflect all the love you have given yourself. In truth, you are both as awakened as each other.


#12. Does your Twin Flame love you by mirroring all the upsets you have to loving yourself?

This is true. Your Twin Flame loves you by mirroring all your blocks to Divine Love. You can make a choice to heal all the upsets they are showing you. You can learn to use the Mirror Exercise to heal and you will see how perfectly they are loving you. When you learn to see your Twin Flame as your guru and teacher, you will feel more at peace on your Twin Flame journey.


#13. Does healing with the Mirror Exercise dissolve the blocks to Divine Love and Union with your Twin Flame permanently?

This is true. The Mirror Exercise is the perfect tool for healing Twin Flame upsets and blocks. Identifying and healing your blocks is what will manifest your Twin Flame Union. This is the path of Ascension. Continuing to choose your Harmonious Union and receiving the support you need will guide you along the journey.


#14. Do you have to change to be with your Twin Flame?

This is false. Your Twin Flame loves you exactly as you are right now. You are already perfect for each other. What you have the power to change is your beliefs about having true love and being together. This change happens when you make a new choice. You can choose today to heal and claim your Union. As you do, your Twin Flame will choose the same in their heart.


#15. The more you heal, the more your Twin Flame will reflect back to you the love you have given yourself. Is this true?

This is true. Choosing to heal your own blocks to Divine Love is the same as healing your Union. Your Twin Flame reflects to you all the blocks to Divine Love and all of the healing you have done too. The more you heal, the more love will be reflected back to you.


#16. If your Twin Flame ignores you or doesn’t want to communicate with you, does it mean they don’t care?

This is false. Your Twin Flame will mirror all of your upsets and blocks to Divine Love, including communication. They do this to help you identify what to heal. When the block is healed, your Twin Flame can reflect more love to you. So, if your true Twin Flame doesn’t answer your text message, it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Communication breakthroughs happen all the time just by healing the block.


#17. Does the pull towards your Twin Flame in your heart ever go away?

This is false. You can never really extinguish the attraction to your true Twin Flame. It is your choice as to whether you are ready to claim your Union and heal all of your blocks. Until then, you will continue to experience that call in your heart until one day you choose to answer it.


#18. Are there only a lucky few Twin Flames that are meant to come together in this lifetime?

This is false. In Divine Truth, everyone is created with a Twin Flame and so everyone is one choice away from choosing their Harmonious Twin Flame Union. The power lies within you.


#19. Do you need to convince your Twin Flame that you are Twin Flames so that they can choose you?

This is false. Your Twin Flame is you! This means that if your Twin Flame doesn’t believe you are Twin Flames, then they are reflecting a block within your shared consciousness to this Divine Love. You can use the Mirror Exercise to heal this pattern and choose yourself. When you do, you will find your Twin Flame will reflect the new aligned belief to you.


#20. Do you have to meet or be in a relationship with your Twin Flame to begin the Twin Flame journey?

This is false. You don’t need to have met your Twin Flame to begin your Twin Flame journey. However, you have, most likely, felt a call in your heart to be with your Divine Counterpart otherwise you would not be reading this quiz. Some people will know their Twin Flame but not necessarily have begun a relationship with them. It is safe to allow the feelings in your heart to guide you because you are being Divinely led. Your true Twin Flame will be revealed to you through this journey.


#21. Is the purpose of the Twin Flame journey to ascend?

This is true. Healing into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is the path to Ascension. Ascension is the process of releasing all beliefs in separation and pain and living a life built on a Divine foundation. Separation is an ego/illusion. Heaven on Earth is real and it is for you.


#22. Can you have your own Harmonious Twin Flame Union in this lifetime no matter what the external reality is showing you?

This is true. In Divine Truth, there is nothing holding you back from your Harmonious Twin Flame Union other than the power you have given to patterns and beliefs in separation. These beliefs can be healed easily using the Mirror Exercise and the Teachings of Union here at Twin Flames Universe. Many students have attained Harmonious Union and this is for you too. You don’t have to walk this journey alone. All the help you need is here for you.


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