So you’ve gone to a psychic for answers about your Twin Flame journey, especially the one and only question: “Is this person my Twin Flame?” 

A card reader or psychic may have told you the person you’re thinking about isn’t your Twin Flame, even though you feel a strong connection to them. And this experience can feel very painful and confusing. 

But are psychics truly the way to confirm if someone is your Twin Flame or not? Are readings supportive on the Twin Flame journey?

Psychics Only Read Your Current Energy

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Card readings are a wonderful method of connection with Source and revealing blocks within yourself, as the search for answers and the truth can be full of intense emotions and great confusion.

It is very helpful, and fun, to learn how to do readings for yourself. A card reading isn’t the only method of communication with your Twin Flame. You can communicate and connect with your Twin Flame in your heart at any moment, because you are One with them.

We are going to be straightforward here: card readers and psychics can only read your current energy. Card readings do not predict the future. They only show you the present. They can bring clarity on the current blocks in your Union and possible steps forward.

It’s also important to keep in mind that most card readers might not be in tune with the vibration of Twin Flame Union. If they experience separation from their Twin Flame, their readings will show that. In order for a person to recognize your true Twin Flame they must be perfectly aligned to Divine Love with God. Which brings us to our next point…

Only You Can Confirm Your Twin Flame

Can a reader confirm your Twin Flame? The short and sweet answer is: No, they can’t.

Having your Twin Flame revealed to you is a sacred process. Recognizing your true Twin Flame can only be revealed through and by the Divine. Only you can confirm your Twin Flame, because only you know the truth of them deep in your heart.

Tools exist to help you recognize your Twin Flame. For example, Jeff and Shaleia’s book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, in which they channel the nine signs of a true Twin Flame directly from the Divine.

These signs help us understand what our Twin Flame means to us. Your Twin Flame will feel familiar to you and values the same things as you. They will share the same vision for their life and desire the same things as you. Your true Twin Flame will always love you and enjoy your company. The list goes on…

Making A Love List Can Help You Confirm Your Twin Flame

It’s important to be clear on what you desire in a partner and lover so that you can recignize your true Twin Flame; and this is done by making a Love list. 

In a Love list, you are writing out everything you want in your partner. Now, this isn’t about their physical appearance or how they dress! You can feel into your heart to find your Twin Flame’s vibration and energy. From this place, you create your love list. 

A Love list is about describing your heart’s deepest desires, your core values, your vision for the future, and it introduces you to your Twin Flame through this detailed view of your shared soul design. 

You can find the detailed explanation on how to create a Love list in the Dreams Coming True e-Course.

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Getting clear on the desires for your love life begins the process of attracting specifically what you are asking for. If you don’t have much clarity on these things, that’s okay! It’s never too late to begin exploring what you want in life with your Twin Flame. 

Without inner exploration of the self, it’s difficult to receive clarity and without clarity, it’s hard to make choices that are aligned with your best interest, or even recognize your true Twin Flame.

Your heart knows your Twin Flame. All you need to do is connect with it.

Revealing Your Twin Flame Is A Process

The Twin Flame journey is a revealing process that you must experience with the Divine. There are no shortcuts. Embracing this journey of spiritual self-discovery is actually the shortcut.

God/Source will reveal your Twin Flame to you as you work the process on this journey.

And it is okay to take your time with this process.

There may be times you feel this person you love so much isn’t your Twin Flame, and that’s okay. Your Twin Flame triggers you to highlight all the unaligned choices you make. There is a way to heal these upsets and get closer to your Twin Flame, one step at a time. It’s called the Mirror Exercise.

The deeper you move into love the more the truth of your relationships will be revealed to you. Your Twin Flame is no exception as they are your perfect mirror and your Ultimate Lover. Working the process will eventually make your Twin Flame come closer. If you discover you were having a false Twin Flame experience, that relationship will eventually and naturally fall away.

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There’s nothing wrong with getting a card reading or asking for clarity on your Twin Flame journey. However, no one outside of you can confirm your Twin Flame for you. It is a revealing process you must go through and experience yourself. 

You are One with your Twin Flame and this means you are always together. You can always connect with them in your heart. You are always in communication with each other there. Connecting in your heart is a beautiful, Divine gift that can help guide you into Union with them.

Creating a Love list will help you get very clear on what you desire and attract it to you. That is why you can create a Love list on anything you desire so that you can attract it, including your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Get our free Introductory Twin Flame Course today to master the inner work and get into Union.

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