You might have met an exciting new lover, and the synchronicities, telepathy and chemistry are blowing you away. “Could this be my Twin Flame?” you wonder. And after consulting your own tarot cards half a dozen times, you might get tempted to start buying psychic readings to get your Twin Flame confirmation from someone else.


This is a really fun topic, and a good subject to get educated on, especially if you’re new to spiritual communities and how spiritual information works. If you’re interested in getting psychic readings or you have before, Jeff and Shaleia are hoping to save you some grief here.


So…can someone else tell whether a certain person is your Twin Flame or not?


Back when Jeff and Shaleia were offering readings, this was the most frequently asked question they received. People always wanted Twin Flame confirmation so that they could decide about investing further into a relationship. It became such a common question that eventually Jeff and Shaleia built in an automatic Twin Flame confirmation component into one of their most popular reading offerings.


Only Divine Channels can give a Twin Flame Confirmation


There are a lot of psychics out there who will be eager to offer readings to you. They might swear that they can give you a Twin Flame confirmation and effectively determine whether you have met your true Twin Flame or not. Many of these people might be well-meaning and sincere, but that does not mean they are genuinely capable of giving you a Twin Flame confirmation.


The truth is that if you are not a Divine Channel, which is different from a psychic and different from just a regular channel, the possibility of making a mistake is extremely high. You cannot get reliable Twin Flame confirmations with simple psychic ability.



Jeff and Shaleia have had so many clients come to them over the years who said, “Well, 9 out of 10 psychics I’ve met in the last 6 months have said that this guy is my Twin Flame!” They were shocked and disappointed when Jeff and Shaleia pointed out that this person was, in fact, not their true Twin Flame.


Shaleia’s experience of a false Twin Flame Confirmation


Years ago, before Shaleia met Jeff, she naively trusted psychics and thought that it was possible to understand the Twin Flame vibration by psychic ability alone.


At the time, Shaleia lived in Sedona, Arizona. This city, a hot spot for spiritual seekers and practitioners, attracted many psychics – good psychics, powerful, accurate psychics. At a festival in Sedona, Shaleia met her false Twin Flame. Shaleia began to fall for this guy and thought he might be her Twin Flame. She decided that she wanted to move in with him.


Before moving in with this guy, Shaleia wanted to get a Twin Flame confirmation reading from a psychic in Sedona. The psychic did the reading for Shaleia and said, “Oh yeah, he’s your Twin Flame.”  Shaleia was beside herself with excitement when she heard this.


Four to six weeks later, Shaleia realized that living with this man was not at all what she had expected. There were big misalignments between them on basic core values, such as conscious communication. Their relationship got worse and worse as Shaleia did her inner healing work, and she didn’t understand why this happening. She thought, “Every time I’m choosing love, he’s choosing separation. What is going on here?” Her spiritual work, which included the Mirror Exercise, was only pushing this man further and further away from her instead of drawing him in closer.


Finally, confused and worried, Shaleia went for another psychic reading. This time the psychic said, “Oh no, this person is your false Twin Flame.” Shaleia was very unsettled to receive the exact opposite information in this reading. She felt betrayed and thought, “How can I trust you? I just went and moved in with this guy based on what you said, and this could have been really dangerous for me. His behavior became really bad, really fast.”


Shaleia realized, after going deeper into her own healing and clearing her own channel, that she needed to develop a much deeper relationship with God. And then she realized why the Sedona psychic had made a mistake. The psychic was only reading the current energy patterns between Shaleia and her false Twin Flame – and at that point, Shaleia’s energy and her false Twin Flame’s energy was synchronized and harmonized. From that perspective, it looked right. But that does not mean they were true Twin Flames.


Look at the core essence


Twin Flame confirmations cannot be made based on the current energy vibration between a couple. The current energy vibration is created based on the choices that the two people have made. Their choices might change constantly, and their choices might be based on fear, which will have an effect on their energetic alignment. No matter how powerful of a psychic you are, if you are only every reading the querent’s current energy vibration then you are not going to see the truth of Twin Flames. You have to be able to go deeper into the core essence and see the Divine soul blueprint of the querent.



This means, when doing a reading, you have to align completely to God instead of relying on the astral realm. You shouldn’t even rely on your psychic senses because even your psychic senses are actually very limited. You only get the true Twin Flame confirmation when you align with the heart of God and look at the querent through the eyes of God. By doing this, you are tapping into a higher Divine unconditional love. You surrender to God and ask God to show you the true Twin Flame confirmation.


Jeff and Shaleia, as Twin Flames in Harmonious Union, are able to tap into this core essence of each querent very easily. This is not because of their psychic abilities, but because of their efforts to clear their energy and surrender into becoming Divine Channels. This has become easier for them now because they are living the vibration of Harmonious Union and they are attuned to the Twin Flame frequency 24 hours a day.


You can become a Divine Channel too


Jeff and Shaleia’s students also begin to open their Divine Channeling abilities as they heal their blocks with the Mirror Exercise. In Twin Flame Ascension School, a student who had just come into Union was able to give a Twin Flame confirmation to another student, just because now she was living in the vibration of Twin Flame Union.


The student who was in her Twin Flame Union was not relying on her psychic abilities to give a Twin Flame confirmation to the other student. She was able to see the truth of the other student’s Twin Flame because she had healed her blocks using the Mirror Exercise, and she had improved her relationship with God in order to come into Union.


You can develop the same gifts as this student did. Apart from joining the School and doing the Mirror Exercise, the vibration of Harmonious Union is always present as well in Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses.



There are some who might argue that we are not meant to see through the eyes of God, but that is just a very painful limiting thought to have. We are equal to Jesus, not beneath Jesus. It’s not just that Jesus was the Christ or just that Jeff and Shaleia are the Christ, you are also the Christ. As children of God, we are made in the image of God. To not claim your spot at the right hand of God is spiritual cowardice. You can believe that it is possible to see through the eyes of God when you claim your place as a Divine child of God. This is when your Divine Channeling abilities will start to open up.


In the Bible Jesus said, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” This doesn’t mean you only reach God through Jesus, it means you reach God through the Christ, which is the Christ Consciousness within all of us. This was the Consciousness that Jesus embodied perfectly.


You too can attain this level of Consciousness.


Join us!


The students in Twin Flame Ascension School are attaining Christ Consciousness rapidly as they continue to do the Mirror Exercise. This is the best place you can find to open up your abilities as a Divine Channel.


We are a thriving community of spiritual practitioners, dedicated to bringing Twin Flame Ascension to the planet. You can even get a FREE consultation with one of our vetted coaches before you decide whether or not you want to get started on your journey of Twin Flame Ascension.


Transcribed from the video “How Can Someone *CONFIRM* If You Met Your TWIN FLAME??” by Jeff and Shaleia.