You may have heard the concept that you and your Twin Flame are one. This is true, but your Twin Flame is also a perfect mirror to the blocks and barriers to love within you. This means your Twin Flame can infuriate you and frustrate you like nobody else can.

What do you do if your Twin Flame is being a psychopath, and you can’t seem to get them away from you? Sometimes it is necessary to set Twin Flame boundaries.

How do you set Twin Flame boundaries?

How do you get space from your Twin Flame if they need a boundary? Do you scream and shout, or block them on social media?

When Shaleia needs some quiet alone time in her Union, she tells Jeff that she needs some space. Sometimes this is enough. In the case of deep upsets, however, asserting your need for a boundary just invites more deeply triggering behavior from your Twin Flame.

Jeff and Shaleia experienced their boundaries being disrespected before they came into Harmonious Union. One day Jeff and Shaleia were having a big upset and Jeff needed to get some space from Shaleia, so he retreated into his office. This did not give him the quiet time he was looking for, because Shaleia promptly climbed through the window and into his office!

Jeff realized he was not going to be able get space from her until he resolved the upset within. By doing the Mirror Exercise, Jeff found that his upset was rooted in some childhood traumas. The only way he could set a boundary with Shaleia was by choosing to release resistance and doing the Mirror Exercise immediately.

You can learn more about Jeff and Shaleia’s story in their book!

Boundaries are an inside job

Does it feel disappointing to hear that all you need to set a boundary is the power of choice and the Mirror Exercise? If you have been following this blog for some time, you might have noticed that we use the Mirror Exercise like duct tape. The fridge won’t work? Duct tape. Your Twin Flame has a loud mouth? Duct tape. Your shoes are falling apart? Duct tape!

The Mirror Exercise is a universal solution to all of your problems. Why? Because it causes you to choose divinely, because God is the universal solution to all problems. If you do it correctly, the Mirror Exercise leads you to the God within every single time. When you make choices with God, they become more powerful, and choice is the only way a boundary is set.

There is no external action that you can take to set boundaries if you are not utilizing the power of choice and the Mirror Exercise.  For example, Shaleia did not solve her upset by climbing through Jeff’s office window, but Jeff resolved his upset by doing the Mirror Exercise in response to her external action. Notice that Jeff did not care what Shaleia’s upset was, he only cared about what upset she was reflecting to him.

This is another example of Twin Flame boundaries. Jeff set Twin Flame boundaries with Shaleia when he refused to get involved in the upset that triggered Shaleia into climbing through his window. He recognized that he was only responsible for his emotions, not hers. When Shaleia has a problem Jeff is there to support her, but he is not there to turn Shaleia’s problem into his problem.

Twin Flame boundaries are a form of love

If this sounds cold to you, then maybe this is an opportunity for you to learn about how Twin Flames heal co-dependent patterns. This is discussed extensively in Twin Flame Ascension School. Members who subscribe to the classes can heal alongside the live students as they process the guilt and shame that causes co-dependent behavior.

There is a difference between holding space for your Twin Flame and giving them supportive advice, and letting them drain your energy. Your Twin Flame is not allowed to dump on you. If you start to feel grouchy when your Twin Flame constantly yammers about their problems and sits in their upset instead of resolving it, then you know it is time to set a boundary.

It is okay to tell them, “You know, I think you need to go to God and heal this, because this is starting to really stress me out.” This is the loving thing to say, because you are enabling them to take responsibility and heal.

Healthy Twin Flame boundaries mean that you hold your Twin Flame responsible for their emotions. You are only responsible for how you feel. If your Twin Flame is harassing you, nagging you, or generally stressing you out, your job is to recognize the anger and anxiety that are triggered within you, and use the Mirror Exercise to resolve it. But you are not responsible for whatever anger your Twin Flame is feeling that causes them to nag you.

Shame blocks the power of choice

Choose Twin Flame boundaries from a place of peaceful love, not shame. You can’t set a boundary if you are feeling ashamed about how undignified or how crazy your upsets with your Twin Flame “look” from the outside.

Jeff and Shaleia can relate to whatever upsets you are going through, no matter how embarrassing these upsets might seem. You will also see live students going through deep, challenging upsets when you subscribe to Twin Flame Ascension School. Everyone goes through this shitstorm before Harmonious Union, even Jeff and Shaleia. These upsets are nothing to be embarrassed about. They are just opportunities for deeply rooted blocks to be permanently released from your system.

The price of peace and Harmonious Union is alignment with your Source, which provides you with everything. When you are in this state of loving alignment, Source gives everything to you freely and generously.

Twin Flame Boundaries can’t be enforced with anger

Just as you cannot choose Twin Flame boundaries from a place of shame, you also can’t choose Twin Flame boundaries from a place of anger. Does it disappoint you that you can’t set a boundary with angry, expletive-laden texts? This might be because ego wants to feel justified in being angry.

You might argue, “If he did some shit, then I’m going to let him know how bad he should feel for treating me that way. I am a queen!” This is drama, a blame game, and it is not going to change your Twin Flame’s behavior.

Laying on the guilt and shame is what the ego loves. By contrast, the power of choice and the Mirror Exercise might sound too simple to be true. While the ego likes complicated games, Love is always simple and direct. Twin Flame boundaries are simple and loving, not a form of angry punishment.

Let it be easy

Twin Flame boundaries bring balance within your Union. If your Twin Flame gets upset that you’re setting a boundary, then you know a deep pattern is coming up to be healed.

You will begin setting Twin Flame boundaries by making clear choices within. And if your external reality does not reflect that choice, then you just need to go deeper. As you continue to do the Mirror Exercise, co-dependent patterns will start to fall away more quickly.

The Mirror Exercise is aligned with today’s society and today’s consciousness, and it is the easiest spiritual method to heal your inner blocks. It aligns with science, psychology, NLP, ho’oponopono, and all other psycho-spiritual healing and discourse. The Mirror Exercise aligns you with the voice of your Creator and this is literally the key to your Harmonious Union and all of your dreams.

One of Jeff and Shaleia’s students got into Harmonious Union after only six sessions, using the Mirror Exercise. Other students went from not knowing their Twin Flame to being in Union with their Twin Flame in just a matter of months, all because they did the Mirror Exercise daily.

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Transcribed from the video “HOW TO SET A BOUNDARY WITH YOUR TWIN FLAME!! (why it can be necessary)” by Jeff and Shaleia.