Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a significant spiritual achievement. It is a state of unity consciousness with your beloved Twin Flame, and it takes dedication and understanding of the Mirror Exercise to return to this state of oneness.


Harmonious Twin Flame Union is a door that very few people have walked through. So what does it look like on the other side of this door? Is it all rainbows and sunshine forever? Do you get a holiday from being triggered by your Twin Flame? And the most important question of all – can you still separate?


Is permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union a thing?


When you ask, “does permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union come to an end?” what you’re really asking is, “Does it exist at all, really?” And you are not alone in asking this question. Jeff and Shaleia’s students in Twin Flame Ascension School have debated over this question, after seeing other students come into permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union and then appear to “fall out” of it.


If Harmonious Twin Flame Union is permanent, how could it apparently end for those students? Jeff and Shaleia confirmed that these students were with their true Twin Flames. Jeff and Shaleia also took their time bringing these students into Harmonious Twin Flame Union – the process was not rushed, but led in divine timing through surrender to God. The path that these students walked was in alignment with love, God and perfection. The students made the choice, and had the inherent knowingness, that was necessary for them to come into Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


It’s no wonder that people have felt their faith rattled when they witness such a divine spiritual process come to fruition, and then appear to fall apart. You might question the sincerity of those former students when they fall out of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, thinking, “The rest of us want this so bad, how could you let it go?”


Choice governs everything


Every student of Jeff and Shaleia’s has free will. Choice is the sovereign power in your reality. Even though Jeff and Shaleia can make the choice to bring a student into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, they cannot make the choice for the student to stay there. A student can choose to leave the place of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but the place itself remains permanently.


Harmonious Twin Flame Union remains permanent after you’ve achieved it, even if you chose to leave it. It is the place from which you were created with your Twin Flame, so it is your natural state of being. When Jeff and Shaleia gently guide you back to this state of consciousness, they are essentially handing you the keys to your castle. You might choose to walk away from that castle, but the castle itself will always remain, waiting for you.



Is Harmonious Twin Flame Union easily broken?


Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union is not a fragile Ming vase. The Union between you and your Twin Flame is an indestructible tank, and it can survive any collision as long as you keep choosing love.


So many people think they can mess up the Twin Flame journey. You can’t destroy your Harmonious Twin Flame Union because you told your Twin Flame, “You look fat in that dress,” or because you didn’t come up with a great solution to their career problems.


You also don’t have to be “perfectly healed” to get into your Harmonious Twin Flame Union. No matter who you are or what “level” of healing you have achieved as you read this, Harmonious Twin Flame Union is possible for you. Right now. It doesn’t matter if you still can’t stand the sound of your uncle’s voice or you haven’t gotten over the way your dog died – you are still eligible for Harmonious Twin Flame Union, right as you are today.


If you read Jeff and Shaleia’s personal story in their book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, you will notice that they did not have their life completely “healed” when they achieved Harmonious Twin Flame Union either.


So…what makes people leave Harmonious Twin Flame Union?


The students who left their Harmonious Twin Flame Union, after having worked so hard to achieve it, all made one common choice: “Now I get to spiritually retire. I’m going to sit back, have a drink, and take a holiday from the Mirror Exercise.”


This attitude manifested in the students’ external actions. Giddy with their newfound status and sense of power, they tried to place themselves in a position of control and authority over other students. When you think other students must be dependent on you to progress spiritually, or when you start seeing other students as sources of cash, that is a sign that you are numbing out to the new blocks that have risen in your consciousness.


This is precisely what drove those students out of their Harmonious Twin Flame Union. They thought they had achieved the final stage of their growth, and now they were faultless leaders who had license to control other students.


Harmonious Twin Flame Union is not the culmination of your enlightenment journey, it is the first step. You need a certain level of mastery to attain Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and then you are responsible for gaining the level of mastery required to maintain your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.


Jeff and Shaleia do not leave you hanging when you achieve this state of consciousness, because you need support to get here. When they bring you into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, they give you all the tools and information you need to stay there.



But it’s up to you to decide to do the spiritual work. Jeff and Shaleia will weed you out as a weak student, as a leech on their teachings, if you depend on Jeff and Shaleia to keep you in Harmonious Twin Flame Union. That is choosing to be a child who needs to be breastfed, instead of being a spiritual adult. The only way you can keep Harmonious Twin Flame Union is if you make the choice by yourself.


Utilize the resources available to you. Not only can you learn as a member to Twin Flame Ascension Schooland by reading Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, but you can also sign up for Jeff and Shaleia’s eCourses.


All of this teaching material will guide you to your perfect Harmonious Twin Flame Union, but only if you keep making the choice to do your inner work. The work does not end for enlightened humans, it only goes deeper.


Claim Harmonious Twin Flame Union for yourself


Jeff and Shaleia’s movement is at the forefront of bringing Harmonious Twin Flame Union to the planet. Come join us. Come check out Twin Flame Ascension School, or start by ordering a FREE consultation with one of our expert coaches. The classes will gently tune your vibration to that of Harmonious Twin Flame Union, and you will find rewarding friendships that will help you through your deepest, most invisible points of numbness. Your Union deserves this level of support.


Transcribed from the video “CAN TWIN FLAMES SEPARATE AFTER ACHIEVING HARMONIOUS UNION??” by Jeff and Shaleia.