Capricorn season means new beginnings for Twin Flames.It starts on December the 21st, the shortest day of the year and the longest night. Look no further than Love, because love signifies the rebirth of all things. Capricorn season will be a time for shedding old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us for our souls’ growth and purpose. A reconnection so to speak, to one’s Higher Self and to the Universe.It’s time to write new pages in our spiritual notebook, as this, dear Twin Flames is the time.

As Capricorn season is a time for re-birth. It’s the season for you. Your greatest accomplishments are waiting. Your heart and soul are coming together for great expansion. Time to claim yourself and your Twin Flame and bring forth all the goodness of the season.

 The power of Capricorn season

 Twin Flames it is a time for reflection, planning, and setting intentions for the new year. It is also a time to celebrate the return of the light, and to honor the darkness that came before it. To let all that darkness go. A new world is opening up in front of you. You may see snow. Each one is created uniquely, as every snowflake is different, Every little one. That icicle frozen in time is a memory of its beauty. See it in you. The reflection of light. The snow will fall, freeze and melt, but it is always recreating itself. Remember that part of you is always changing, always growing. 

Capricorn season leads to creative expressions

Honor your creative expression Twin Flames and see that the light has always been there. Your time is now. Spend quiet moments in contemplation or celebrate with friends and family. Do what feels good to you. Choose to light candles or make bonfires, a time of awakening. You may prefer to meditate or practice yoga. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it honors you and the love for yourself. Do it for you and see the whole world change. Laid out like the fresh snow. Believe in the miracle of new life. Time to open up to the new possibilities for profound healing.

Beautiful Capricorn

Their hardworking habits of Capricorns make success look effortless at times. Skilled in self-control and having good management skills. They are loyal, persistent and ambitious. They are also team players, classy and wise. Capricorns prefer to have a clear structure and plan. Valuing family, tradition, music and how they are crafted together are important to them. Capricorns believe in a fresh perspective, but this can be seen in all signs as higher timelines accent new ideas for a New Earth.

Here are some suggestions for how each sign can celebrate the Capricorn Twin Flame season in 2023

  • Aries: Take some time to reflect on your goals for the coming year.
  • Taurus: Spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
  • Gemini: Try something new, and embrace the unknown.
  • Cancer: Take some time to nurture yourself, and focus on self-care.
  • Leo: Celebrate with friends and family, and enjoy the warmth of the fire.
  • Virgo: Spend time in quiet contemplation, and focus on your inner world.
  • Libra: Celebrate with friends and family, and enjoy the beauty of the season.
  • Scorpio: Take some time to reflect on your deepest desires, and set intentions for the coming year.
  • Sagittarius: Embrace the unknown, and try something new
  • Capricorn: Spend time in quiet contemplation, and focus on your goals for the coming year.
  • Aquarius: Celebrate with friends and family, and enjoy the beauty of the season.
  • Pisces: Take some time to reflect on your spiritual journey, and set intentions for the coming year.

Capricorn season reminds us to…

…feel all of the love inside of you and give that love to you. That’s all we ask. Remember it all began with love. This Twin Flame journey is about you. Let Capricorn season guide your way right now, claim you good. Everything given to you by God. Inspire to reflect on your inner light and potential. Write down your goals and plans for Capricorn season. Be grateful for what you have. and show kindness to yourself based on compassion. Please forgive yourself for any misalignments with love. Time to focus on the challenges you may have put on the back burner. Practice self-care rituals that nourish your soul and bring you a sense of peace and relaxation.

Who is Capricorn’s Twin Flame?

If we look up the most compatible signs with Capricorn it is said to be either a Cancer, Taurus, or Virgo. However, Capricorns can have a Twin Flame relationship with any sign, as long as they have a strong connection and a common purpose. The Twin Flame connection is more about a feeling, rather than what zodiac signs are compatible. Look no further than the 8 Keys for Harmonious Union and how it can bring you closer to your true Twin Flame.

Why is emotional vulnerability important?

Feeling good, bad, and indifferent are all normal emotions that we experience in different situations on our spiritual journey.They are not necessarily good or bad in themselves, but they can affect how we cope with them. Emotional vulnerability is the willingness to acknowledge your emotions. It is a natural part of being human and can be a source of strength and connection on your Twin Flame journey. Emotional vulnerability is important. Face all of your emotions with care.

When you are calling in your Twin Flame, you are calling in all of who you are.”

– Jeff and Shaleia Divine, Twin Flame Ascension School Class S7-18

During Capricorn Season, ask yourself why you feel a certain way and go deeper? Do you like doing this? How does this make you feel? Recognize all parts of you. Face all your feelings with courage. Get to the root of the feeling. Allow your emotional expression to be authentic now. It is all a part of your spiritual healing.

What about feeling indifferent? It is perfectly fine if you are not sure why you are feeling a certain way. It may be like an onion, waiting for the layers to be peeled back. Allow yourself to accept all your feelings as they come to the surface. Share your feelings with others that you trust. Feelings can be a great start to building a trust within ourselves and showing us how to heal and love ourselves.

Romance is sparked when we reveal our soul to another human being.

– Jeff and Shaleia Divine, Romance Attraction, Lesson 5: Becoming Highly Magnetic

Meditation and manifesting

Meditation and manifesting are simple but powerful practices that anyone can do. They require no special equipment or skills. All you need is a quiet place to relax.

The Truth is both spiritual and simple: manifesting your Twin Flame connection in the 3D can be an easy and peaceful journey and the work of Twin Flames Universe proves just that. Capricorn season is a great time to meditate. It can boost your creativity and improve sleep. During this time, you may want to go deeper on your journey and see what messages come in for you at this time.

Manifesting is the idea that, through the power of belief, we can effectively “think” a goal into becoming reality. Through using visualization, affirmations, and gratitude a deeper clarity on our Twin Flame journey can be established. These things can help us bring our dreams to reality.

Believing in love

Twin Flames Capricorn season is asking you to believe in love. The power to move mountains and experience miracles on your spiritual journey. Nothing is more valuable. Believing in love fosters everything. The essence of human nature. Choose for it to be easy. Laugh, be kind, generous, and forgive yourself and others.The world needs you. Open your heart to it all Twin Flames. Capricorn season asks you to do nothing less, but to genuinely love yourself. This is your greatest gift.

Nothing can prevent you from your Harmonious Twin Flame Union because you are a Twin Flame; it’s the most natural thing in the world.

– Jeff and Shaleia Divine, Twin Flame Ascension School Class

Capricorn Season

Written by Jenny Jenkins